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This document is intended to list the compatibility state with PowerShell 6 of the most used or popular modules.
The data is based on the user's experience or official announcements. Thus feel free to update this document or to add a comment when you find a new compatible version or a compatibility issue.


Data guidelines

Modules eligible to be listed in the table

Only Microsoft native modules or popular third party modules for the Windows platform are intended to be listed here.
Native modules are those shipped directly with an operating system, like the ActiveDirectory module.
Other modules must be officially published on PowerShellGallery.
A popular module has at least a few thousand downloads.
You can check the popularity of a module directly on PowerShellGallery.


The compatibility is established on the Windows platform and between:

  • The latest generally available version of PowerShell 6.x.
  • The latest version of the concerned module

The compatibility status can be:

  • Native which means the module is natively compatible without the need of using the WindowsCompatibility module
  • Compatibility module which means the module is compatible only via the WindowsCompatibility module
  • Not compatible

The "Other information" column

This column is intended to provide information about the compatibility:

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  • Github link about compatibility issues
  • Official compatibility announcement
  • Other useful information about the compatibility

Compatibility matrix

ModuleModule versionCompatibility with PowerShell 6Other information
(Replaces AzureRM)
0.7.0NativeAzure PowerShell – Cross-platform "Az" module replacing "AzureRM"
ActiveDirectoryCompatibility module
VMware.PowerCLI11.0.0.10380590Not compatibleCompatibility Matrixes for VMware PowerCLI 10.0.0
PSPKI3.4.1.0Not compatible
PSWindowsUpdate2.3.1.6Compatibility module



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