The list below covers all point types that 4sysops members can acquire for community activities. To gain points, you have to log in first. Note that the point system is subject to change. Please post a comment below if a point type is unclear. To find out more about how you can contribute to the 4sysops community, please read this article.

The member who receives the most points at the end of a particular month will get US$100, the runner-up $50, and the third place finisher $25.

  • Posting a forum topic: 60 points
  • Replying to a forum topic: 20 points
  • Creating or updating a wiki doc: 1-1000 points (manually awarded depending on the extent of the contribution)
  • Posting a news link in the activity stream: 5 points (maximum 20 points per day)
  • If a news post has to be deleted: -10 points
  • Posting a comment in the activity stream: 10 points
  • Posting a blog comment: 10 points
  • Updating your avatar: 1 point (maximum 1 point per month)
  • Adding a friend: 2 points (maximum 6 points per week)
  • Liking content: 1 point (maximum 3 points per day)
  • Receiving a like: 10 points
  • Taking part in a poll: 2 points
  • Visiting 4sysops: 1 point (maximum 1 point per day)
  • Viewing a blog post: 1 point (maximum 1 point per day)
  • Viewing a forum topic: 1 point (maximum 1 point per day)
  • Viewing a wiki doc: 1 point (maximum 1 point per day)

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