• Yes y’right , how to execute external command with powershell.

  • Dear Mr Machael,

    We need your support how we can prepare script command to work through powershell.


  • Dear Michael,

    Just came in  mind to this way however, we can go with another way please guide us sir.



  • HI Mr Michel,


    Actually our entrance door equipped with access control system which we used mi-fare card to inter our office, once you open open the door by ID card at the same time your computer will be unlocked without entering user name & password of the computer by how once you swipe ID access control system will send email to you with unique email ID in your running outlook. once your computer received email and system will recognize and will validate to login auto.

  • Dears,

    We want to implement Auto Login method to computer by email instead of  adding manually Username/pass to windows.

    For example i will used this email  (yaspal_sharma2000@yahoo.com) to send from mobile to the target computer where Outlook  received  this email and system will recognize and validate for auto login.

  • Yaspal posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    Dear All,
    We need your assistance that i want implement my computer log in automatically by sending email ( recognize Email ID ) from my mobile to computer which revived by running outlook and will validate for the login.

    Best Regards

    • Hello,
      Please create a new topic in either the IT Administration forum or the PowerShell forum and describe step by step what you want to do.

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