• This work for me after hours of no success. Thankssmiley

  • Hi

    I wish to connect from an old MACOS 9.5 to a PC machine with WINDOWS10. The Mac has a Microsoft Remote desktop 2.1.1. application. I tried to install a newer version but the macos is too obselete for those versions.

    When I try to connect, via VPN, to the Windows machine I get this error:

    Remote desktop connection cannot verify the identity of the computer that you want to connect to. I checked into the preferences Always connect even if authentication fails, but it still cannot get through.

    Could you please give me any suggestions ?


    Hi I am looking for resolution on below error

    !! Failed to connect to WMI namespace "rootCIMV2" on (host.com). Error 462 (The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable)


    Any idea what this error is ?

  • Hi Michael,

    I think it would be better change disable the firewall exeptions from language dependent to more universial by using -Name instead -DisplayName.

    #Disable the firewall exceptions
        Set-NetFirewallRule -Name 'WINRM-HTTP-Compat-In-TCP' -Enabled False -PassThru | Select -Property DisplayName, Profile, Enabled

     Set-NetFirewallRule -Name 'WINRM-HTTP-Compat-In-TCP' -Enabled False -PassThru | Select -Property DisplayName, Profile, Enabled

    What do you think ? 

  • Leos, sorry for confusing you 🙂 The module WindowsUpdate doesn't contain the cmdlets described in the article. You need WindowsUpdateProvider which is not available in server 2016 but in 2019

  • This is a great article and had helped me. But I need to also gather details on patch information on ym VMs, namely: when patches were last installed, what the last critical patch was, when the last update scan was, and what patches available for install.

    My issue is I won't always know which log analytics workspace each vm is connected to, so having to try to work back from using search-azgraph queries in powershell across all my subs.

  • Paolo, that's correct!

    Get-Module -Name *Update* -ListAvailable

    will only show the Module WindowsUpdate on Server 2016

  • Hi, you need to fill the contents of your LanguageList object first.

    You do it with this line: $LanguageList = Get-WinUserLanguageList

    Then you can remove or add as many languages to that object, and after you're done, you can replace your current object with the one you created, like this:

    Set-WinUserLanguageList $LanguageList

  • What would I need to add an email address for the users based on firstname.lastname@domain.local. Also would like to add prompts for user account name, first Name, last name, Description, groups to add account to etc.. 

  • Can you delete the erroneous drive you created in this? or should you leave it in tact?

  • Just out of curiosity , how did you find these things out?  
    I can only do it because of this blog.

  • Hello sir, thank you for this walkthroug, very nice.
    I loosed the root password of the Vsphere Vcenter Server appliance ( photon VM ) and it get me crazy so i proceed this way.

    1. Boot in rescue mode with a live CD
    2. Mount the system directory in /mnt/tmp
    3. Chroot to the new direction
    4. Proceed to passwd
    5. Replace the password ( this is directly the root one )
    6. Reboot

    Easy and straight forward 😉


  • @Bartek & Omar

    Note: The script must be executed in System context.

    Download: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/psexec

    Start "cmd" and type psexec.exe -i -s cmd

    after that type start powershell and execute the script above

    you have to set-executionpolicy unrestricted before you can run the script


  • Thank you. That helped me complete my script!

  • Great post.

    That 5 second delay code saved me when I was trying to deploy applications too soon after a reboot in my Task Sequence.


  • Hi,

    I know this is an old topic.

    We installed Office 2016 Professional Plus with the OCT.

    But now I have to remove the Skype for Business Components. Is there a way how to remove just that feature with a command line option, XML or MSP config? without reinstalling the whole office package?

  • hello,

    I have Office 365, and I wanna upgrade the licenses of the student from A1 to A3 for the whole students is there a way to do it as bulk smoothly  please help

  • @Mr.Mohamed A. Waly you given solution is proper usable...

    Thanks a lot...

  • I'm reading this article now six years later and just amazing how far out this article is then and now. As a Windows infrastructure guy for over 20 years working with web design from 1996 and windows automation in Windows servers and domains for operations, platform solutions (CRM, SharePoint, Biztalk, Activ Directory, File migration etc), web programming and now working in devops environment for Azure, GCP, I completely disagree then and I do now. Developers has a lower understanding on automation in envinroments and has no need to know either. The survey should include operators and as developers. I believed in automation for 15 years ago and still do but by using the tool that has best coverage on platforms both onpremise and in the Cloud. The winners and future are Powerwall, HCL, JavaScript/HTML5 and Java. Microsoft has done a fantastic job in making PowerShell a great shell, a scripting language and .Net system wrapper language on Windows, MAC, Linux and in Azure. In fact, without PowerShell (and Exchange) Microsoft wouldn't be the second greatest Cloud provider in the world. Because of PowerShell and Microsoft smart move of making PowerShell opensource, learning and attracting the Linux developer community for 2-3 years, introducing Windows Systems for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10 ( and now 2019), introducing the latest Windows Terminal that will blow your mind and now launching PowerShell 7 which is breathtaking, it is unbeatable in the cloud devops environments and automation i general, especially in cloud migrations. The future is CLI and shell tools that are platform independent. The reason of why Powershell it’s not on the list is because of developers has no use of infrastructure automation, operators aren't part of the survey and web developers has mostly been Linux fanatics. The developers won’t have no choice now in DevOps teams since PowerShell works on all images in cloud, operators are now working aside with shell and scripting and Microsoft has Azure. Powershell 7 is what Perl wanted to be but will never had the chance since PHP and Python stopped its growth.

    I am also impressed by HashiCorp language which this has created a cloud standardizing using HCL in products Cloud like Terraform/Vault.

    Most important languages
    1. SQL
    2. Javascript / HTML
    3. Java

    Best Shell on all OS platforms
    1. PowerShell
    2. Bash (not on Wndows)

    Best Web language
    1. JavaScript
    2. Python (is dependent on JavaScript)
    3. PHP (is dependent on JavaScript)

    Best system language
    1. Java
    2. C
    3. C++

    Best Cloud language

    1. HCL
    2. YAML
    3. JSON (= JavaScript object)

    Best scientific language
    1. ADA
    2. Matlab
    3. Python

  • Hi
    Now we have a feature called "vm monitoring", what is watchdog timer difference with it?

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