• These are not administrator accounts.  This usage is common in the military where you have someone “standing watch” and need a shared account so all have access to the same information.
    I saw this particular type of usage in a previous position where we ran training exercises over the course of several days using computers to drive the training scenario.  It was not wise to force users to logout and have another user login right in the middle of a battle.

  • Group would be the same as a shared account.  It is not tied to one person but is tied to a specific system function that cannot be tied to one person.

  • We use group logins but need a way to track what user is using the group account.  In addition to this, we need users to keep their personal accounts active despite using group accounts.  One thought was to have a login script that runs from the group account.  It would prompt the user for their personal account login information, authenticate to the domain, write the user information to file and then allow the user to login.  If the user is unable to login to their personal account it would kick them out with a message that they need to verify their personal login information.

    Is the above possible in powershell or is another scripting language better suited?  If it is possible, any assistance in how to do it would be much appreciated.  I’m a powershell novice, but I have a programming background.  I can think through the logic, just no idea how to implement it.


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