• Hi Matt, this is very helpful. What if I wanted to do this:

    Get-SmbShare | Get-SmbShareAccess | Export-Csv "temp.csv" -NoTypeInformation
    And then, if the shares get corrupted or we want to restore the permissions, how do we use the .csv to do that? I just need to know how to set up the variables so that we can run a restore script and put everything back as before.



  • Hi, I was just trying to get total numbers of files in each folder recursively. I tried

    $folders = get-childitem -recurse "mypath"
    $folders |
    foreach { $_.FullName; (get-childitem -File $_.FullName | Measure-Object) }

    It worked but then it also returned counts (always just 1) for each of the text files in each subfolder. Is there any way to just limit it to the numbers of files in the directories?

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