• I believe Google has such a set up for their own system.

  • It happened to Microsoft and ISP worldwide not long ago as well.

    I believe the expectation are unrealistic regarding availability.

  • Hello,

    If I remember correctly, the application will take the settings from Windows. You can have a look at the setting:

    Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.

    I am not sure if that answers your question though.


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  • I am curious to know, what command have you tried on the TS Cluster?
    If you put your username, do you get some results?

  • I was looking for that Power User when I started my research, and I realize it must be deprecated.


    Thanks a lot, Paolo and Leos for the answers. I now have a better view of my option !

  • I am late to the party, but I wanted to contribute.

    I worry a lot about automation and the cloud destroying or removing all the sysadmin jobs out there…

    I had the same concern a while back when I started studying. Cloud and automation will not destroy future SysAdmin jobs. Cloud providers offer you the ability to scale your project without the need to have physical hardware.

    What’s the best way to learn Azure (or AWS) for a guy alone with a single computer in a bedroom?

    This is quite an easy answer. You can learn Azure and AWS for free. If you spend more than 30$/month on your stack while learning, you aren't doing the right thing. The concept in Azure and AWS stay the same as if you were local. They haven't reinvented the wheel. If you have some knowledge of virtualization with VMware and Hyper-V, you have the basics. I spoke with two folks at Microsoft that are working in Azure (they have over 20+ years of knowledge each if you are asking) and they told me to focus on the same thing: Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and Azure Network. They also told me to watch YouTube videos on Azure that are less than a year old to get the closest up-to-date knowledge.

    My goal is to be solid in the latest Windows Server (with PowerShell, Exchange, Hyper-V, System Center) AND Linux near intermediate to senior level (in both) and learn a little Cisco on the side just Routing and Switching… AFTER learn Azure…

    In a year or two, you will not achieve that goal, or, we do not have the same definition of solid knowledge. Reality will make you grow way faster than you think. You are picking on subjects that require knowledge AND experience combined to be solid.

  • Hello folks,

    Goal: give permission installation permission to a given user on his machine.

    I aim to give some permissions to a few specific users that I know will not go loosey goosey. It will prevent waiting time for some clients for updates on software like Java.

    I have done some reading and I wanted to challenge my idea here as I can miss key points. After a few readings, I saw that you have to add the user to the local administrator group. I am trying to see if that is the only way to give users that kind of permission without opening too many doors.


  • I am 100% with you on that Leos.

    My point was more for IT department and their plans with network security and such. I think you have come across multiples businesses with no or with unclear reactions to breaches. That will either show major flaws that were there before but never taken care of.

  • Hello Deon,


    Have you tried anything yet? Could you provide code that was not successful?



  • Hello Leos,

    Your point 2. seems useless to me because you can use one of their machine to do that task and because you are looking at the server later on your list, so you are doing the same job twice. A majority of the time, they have a configuration of one server that does everything, a switch that is most-likely not configured and non-manageable and the ISP router. SMB are rarely investing right of the bat in IT equipment.

    Like Michael said, take the information you really need. Having all the hardware and software information will serve what purpose? If I were to take over a company IT department, I'd ask my customer if he has other paid support like Xerox. That helps to draw a line on what's your responsibility.



  • Am I ready to work from home? Yes I am. However, some companies like VFX are bound to strict laws that are really hard to match with working remotely such has not having internet on the device itself, how to access data internally that are highly sensitive and so on.


    I think what we are facing is just the tippity top of the iceberg. Yes you have planned the working remotely part, but what about DR? Compromised user's network? You guys have way more experience than I do, but my first though was: what about the network security? This changed the game for us on another level.

  • May I ask, why would you have machines with the same SID in your network ? I am curious because I have never experienced that so I do not know the real impact that would cause.

  • Hello Folks,

    Hope you guys had an amazing holidays, happy new year !


    On another note, I am looking towards certifications for Azure. I have basics knowledge of Cloud computing and I want to get certified and get more knowledge. I would like to have some insights as if it's a good projection or if I should change some of them. My plan is to complete them within 2020 in the following order. Also, is the Microsoft Learn enough to prepare for those certif or should I also plan for more online/in-person content ?

    1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

    2. Microsoft Azure Administrator

    3. Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack




  • OH ! Now I get it. I thought about it too but I wasn't sure. I think I will do it eventually if I do use it more often since you have so few words to name your function. Thanks though, it's a valid point.

  • @MikeJ: Thanks for the advise. I did the modification, it makes more sens. I do added more login type as I face new ones. Yes it may takes triple the time, but just today, I had to create 6 new user, used the script and worked like a charm !

    @PowerMe! : I am not sure to understand you " I tend not use the “xx-yyy” as function names. " I checked my functions and they are all verb-noun.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your train of thought on this issue and how you would tackle it. It does help to have other point of view.

  • Hello folks,


    So multiple error on my part. First one is sAMAccount parameter is wrong, it should be sAMAccountName. Also, you cannot select special characters in the parameter, therefore my structure was not right (($net + '' + $login)).


    Thanks for reviewing.


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