• Learn how to install and configure VMware ESXi on a Dell PowerEdge server. I will also give you a few tips on how to buy an affordable server that is capable of running ESXi. For this guide, I used a PowerEdge R620 with two Intel Xeon e5-2697 v2 and 128 GB of DDR3 for 350€. The machine is capable of hosting VMware ESXi.

  • The PowerShell module psansible.Inventory allows you to simplify the dynamic creation of your Ansible inventory with the help of an Ansible inventory script. You can retrieve data from your preferred sources, structure the data, and create a standardized Ansible inventory.

  • Constructors are important subjects in object-oriented programming. A constructor is a special method of initializing the creation of an object. The constructor is used to add (or not) an extra layer of control during the instantiation of an object.

  • An object’s methods determine its possible actions. A method is somewhat similar to a function in that it executes a procedure; the main difference is that the method is attached to the object. In contrast to m […]

  • A property is a value that adds information to an object. A PowerShell object is essentially a collection of properties and methods (discusses in my next post) which are also called the members of the […]

  • In a way, classes are the bridge between IT administration and software development. However, classes can also be useful for IT pros who want to improve their scripting skills.

    Note that this series targets the […]

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