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    Webinar: Active Directory Management  easy as that with PowerShell
    Managing Active Directory users and groups is one of the central, recurring tasks of IT administration.
    For example, new users and groups have to be created, group memberships have to be managed or reports have to be generated.
    In this webinar, we will show you how these tasks can be standardized, automated and delegated in a time-saving manner using PowerShell.
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    A comprehensive SIEM solution | ManageEngine Log360
    ManageEngine Log360 is a unified SIEM solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities that detects, prioritizes, investigates, and responds to security threats. It combines threat intelligence, machine learning-based anomaly detection, and rule-based attack detection techniques to detect sophisticated attacks, and offers an incident management console for effectively remediating detected threats. Log360 provides holistic security visibility across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid networks with its intuitive and advanced security analytics and monitoring capabilities.
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    Webinar: Unleash the power of PowerShell
    The ever-growing number of services and tasks requires IT Pros to speed up the management of Azure services, Office 365 tenants, and many more.
    PowerShell is a great technology to achieve this. However, many users find it too complex and only suitable for experts. ScriptRunner makes PowerShell a real solution for everyone by simplifying the development, management and delegation of PowerShell scripts.
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    PowerShell Security Best Practices
    Running PowerShell scripts securely is essential when it comes to administration of complex IT infrastructures. Amongst others, the necessary credentials have to be kept safe.
    PowerShell itself already comes with a lot of security features, and ScriptRunner extends these for secure delegation and central management of scripts and credentials.
    This webinar is aimed at administrators, IT and DevOps professionals, PowerShell developers and IT managers.
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  • New v10.9 Available for Download | NAKIVO
    Explore the latest 10.9 release from NAKIVO. Learn about bare-metal recovery, backup malware scan, new supported platforms and more.
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    Do you have frequently recurring tasks in the daily operation of Exchange / Exchange Online?
    These include, for example, creating new mailboxes, creating/editing out-of-office settings for ill employees, monitoring mailbox sizes or managing distribution lists.
    With PowerShell, you’re in control, as it offers good possibilities to implement these and many other tasks in an automated way.
    You can achieve it more comfortably and, above all, in a team environment with ScriptRunner. This will relieve your daily admin workload and transform your business processes with PowerShell into a real automation solution.
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    Secure and Monitor Active Directory | Webinar
    Upcoming webinar on June 6th, 10 AM PST. Join Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer and ENow CEO Jay Gundotra as they clear up common misconceptions for Active Directory admins. Get ready to learn about the intricacies of monitoring all aspects of Active Directory and gain valuable insights around detailed reporting. But more importantly, learn how to do Active Directory right, so even if it is the oldest technology in the house – you don’t have to worry about the solution suddenly dying on you.
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    Create End-User Self-Services with PowerShell in 5 steps
    PowerShell not only is a great technology to automate recurring tasks for IT Pros. Together with ScriptRunner it becomes the foundation for implementing all kinds of self-services for IT admins, help desk teams and line-of-business end-users. In this webinar we will cover use cases like “User password reset”, “Out-of-Office management” and “VM creation”.
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    All Microsoft 365 apps and services will begin to use the
    Are you trying to find the right balance between providing a seamless employee experience and maintaining security? Learn how prioritize employee experience and ensure security with UEM.

    Join our webinar featuring Phil Hochmuth from IDC and Romanus Prabhu Raymond to gain insights and learn strategies to improve productivity and optimize user experience while keeping your digital workplace secure.
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    Free Active Directory Password Auditor | Enzoic
    Run Enzoic for Active Directory Lite, a free password auditor that quickly identifies compromised and unsafe passwords. Get the most up-to-date credential-related information and reporting to ensure administrators have the most accurate and comprehensive picture in a simple clean dashboard. Uncover users with compromised, weak or common passwords, reused passwords, shared passwords, no passwords, passwords set to never expire and stale accounts for FREE.
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    Next Level Teams PowerShell Management with MVP Damian Scoles
    Managing Teams can be pretty time-consuming. Have you ever wondered how you could optimize and reduce the arising workload? The PowerShell module for Microsoft Teams lets you automate and simplify a lot of management tasks. In our webinar, Microsoft MVP Damian Scoles will take you closer to the topic and give you valuable tips!
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    Reduce downtime and set new standards for efficiency through automation. The platform built for IT Pros to do IT from anywhere with a full-function mobile app.
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  • VeeamON 2023
    Join Veeam at Veeam ON 2023 community user event built for backup and recovery professionals. From ransomware threats to cloud-first mandates, VeeamON will cover it so you can future-proof your recovery and keep your business running. Apply promo code “COMMUNITY” for a 10% discount on tickets for attending the in-person event in Miami.
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    Backup Microsoft 365 data with Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365
    NEW Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 v7 enables you to perform backup copies to any object storage with immutability. It also delivers a new integration with Veeam ONE? and a deeper integration with Veeam Service Provider Console, and enhancements for self‑service restores.

    • Immutable backup copies: leverage backup copies with  immutability enabled to get peace of mind that your Microsoft 365 data is out of reach from ransomware attacks and can be recovered with confidence. You can store immutable copies on ANY object storage repository, including Azure Blob/Archive, Amazon S3/Glacier and S3‑compatible storage.
    • Complete visibility: proactively monitor Microsoft 365 backup and storage resources on an at‑a‑glance dashboard with advanced monitoring and reporting delivered through upcoming Veeam ONE v12
    • Increased control for BaaS: your users can now choose their restore points as needed and restore SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business folders. See the demo.

    The complete user guide is on the help center page.

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    Webinar: Automate your Azure administration - it's easy!
    Would you like to simplify and speed up the management of your Azure services? PowerShell offers a lot of possibilities to achieve that.
    In this webinar, we will show you how you can use the Azure Az PowerShell module and ScriptRunner to easily and securely automate and delegate many recurring tasks (e.g. managing virtual machines and Resource Groups).
    The webinar is aimed at administrators, solution architects and IT team leaders.
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    Accelerate IT 2023 - USA | Orlando | Mar 16
    Every enterprise today is experiencing dramatic changes in IT management because of digital transformation. Keeping up doesn’t just mean investing in the latest technology. We need skilled IT specialists who can adapt and thrive in the face of change.
    Come see us at the seminar ‘Accelerate IT’ – a refreshing morning meet-up with our ITOps and endpoint security experts for a realistic, actionable discussion on recent trends, and solutions for driving business growth.
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    Webinar: Active Directory Management  Easy as that with PowerShell
    In this webinar, we will cover how to automate repetitive tasks with the Active Directory PowerShell module, implement typical use cases for Active Directory with our ready-to-use PowerShell scripts and how to securely delegate Active Directory management tasks and provide self-services for end users.
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  • Veeam Backup & Replication v12 launch event
    Ready to learn more about Veeam Backup & Replication v12? Join our product experts at our premier launch event of the year on February 14 & 15!
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    It's time to unlock the power of PowerShell
    Reliable and secure IT automation is more important than ever, and PowerShell is a great foundation to achieve this.
    In this month’s webinar you will learn how to centrally manage your scripts, modules and credentials, delegate recurring tasks to help desk teams and end-users and monitor all PowerShell activities.
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  • Active Directory Password Filter - Specops Password Policy
    Start the new year, with a fresh, custom password policy to strengthen your IT security. Specops Password Policy enables extensive password blocking across breach lists, dictionary lists and blocklists. A solution that can target any GPO level, group, user, or computer with dictionary and passphrase settings. Enforce compliance requirements, block over 3 billion compromised passwords, and help users create stronger passwords in Active Directory with dynamic end-user feedback.
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