• Many thanks, much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    I'm totally new to the 4SysOps Forum for Powershell.

    I am unable to figure out for myself how to enclose a block of Powershell code inside a post.

    I am sure it involves one of the buttons and some markup syntax but I can't seem to find the right combination.

    Would be grateful for some guidance.



  • Many thanks Mr Pietroforte, your earlier article on using VS Code with multiple shells was very informative and helpful.  Best,

  • I am beginning to use VS Code (in conjunction with Powershell 1.9.0 extension).

    I also installed Powershell Core 6.1 -- on the understanding (please correct if

    this is wrong!) that VS Code will use Powershell Core 6.1 by default.

    In Powershell ISE, I had a simple "Login script" file named:


    which automatically runs a few lines of PS code such as Set-Location,

    Set-RemoteExecutonPolicy, Get-content env:Psmodulepath, etc.. for my "environment".

    My question is:

    Where would I put such a Login script in the VS Code/Powershell 1.9.0?

    I notice that Vs Code created two separate folders in my Documents folder:

    .VS Code Powershell and .VS Code Javascript.

    And what file name should I use?

    Would be grateful for any advice, tips or references.  Thanks in advance.

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