• I don't know about anyone else's Sophos setup, but in ours Tamper Protection stops you from stopping any of those services. I had to resort to using an SCCM task sequence that restarted in WinPE, mounted the "live" registry, turned off Tamper Protection there, restarted in normal OS and reconfigured the Sophos client to point to the new estate.

  • Get-Counter -Counter 'Process(*vmms)% Private Bytes' -MaxSamples 5

    Hi guys why is the above command not working?

  • Hello, can I use the same script but using a local user account instead of a domain account? if so, what part should I modify in the script?
    Thank you!

  • Hi Ajit,
    Do you have any idea successfully automate the login Microsoft call quality dashboard pop-up using PowerShell script.

  • Learn how to perform core administrative tasks on the Azure Cosmos DB using Azure PowerShell.

  • How can I reset the status message each time the button is pressed. So when the user clicks on the button after the file is found the message will clear?

    Thank you love the guide.

  • Hello,

    Could someone tell me where to find the script Set-PrinterPermissions.ps1?

  • Just an FYI as it wasn't mentioned in the article, in order to use Terminal-Icons, you need to be using the patched Nerd Fonts (took me some troubleshooting to figure that out).

  • Hi ,
    I am using C# for running script "Get-CQDData -Dimensions 'AllStreams.Month Year' -Measures 'Measures.Audio Good Call Stream Count','Measures.Audio Poor Call Stream Count','Measures.Audio Unclassified Call Stream Count','Measures.Audio Poor Call Percentage' -OutPutType DataTable"
    Everything working fine but I am getting blank popup window for Microsoft call quality dashboard sign in.
    I am not able to see user name and password in popup window.
    Please help me.

  • Exception calling "GetUpdateServer" with "3" argument(s): "The remote name could not be resolved: 'wsus'"

  • Learn how to customize your PowerShell console to display meaningful metadata in your Windows command shell with Powerline.

  • How can I check to which folder in outlook the message was delivered?

  • My output is

    Name Value
    ---- -----
    ADGroup {System.Collections.Hashtable}
    SQLDatabase {System.Collections.Hashtable}
    ADUser {System.Collections.Hashtable}

    Why the value is {System.Collections.Hashtable} ????
    How to see "Members": [
    "Name": "jjones",
    "Type": "User",
    "DnsDomainName": "lab.local" by hashtable ?

  • Have each of you put in an enhancement request to your Microsoft account team?

    Microsoft should publish CQD data via a standard API endpoint similar to the Graph API where they host the more detailed CDR data.


  • Sure.. you just need to store a reference value of when it was run with a daily check.
    So, you'd set up your check script for the size.. Code would be something like:

    $LastUpdateParams = @{
        path = HKLM:SoftwareMyCompanyFileSizeCheck
        name = 'LastUpdateCheck'
    [datetime]$LastUpdateCheck = Get-ItemProperty @LastUpdateParams
    if ($LastUpdateCheck -lt ( [datetime]::today ) ) {
        if ($CheckedFileSize -gt (200*1kb) ) {
           $WarningEmailParams = @{
               To = 'someemail@domain.local'
                From = 'FileSizeMonitor@domain.local'
                Subject = 'File {0} is currently at {1} size' -f $file.basename, $file.length/1KB
                Body = 'the file got too big'
            Send-WarningEmail @WarningEmailParams
            $LastUpdateParams['Value'] = [datetime]::Now.ToString()
            $LastUpdateParams['Type'] = 'string'
            Set-ItemProperty @LastUpdateParams)

    And rather than having the script sleep, I would modify the scheduled task to start at 8am and repeat every hour for 9 hours, and run the whole thing daily.

    David F.

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