• To connect to Skype For Business Online I have been using:

    Import-Module SkypeOnlineConnector
    New-CsOnlineSession -OverrideAdminDomain $AzureDomain -Credential $AZCredential

    Where $AzureDomain is my Azure domain and $AZCredential my Azure admin credential. The OverrideAdminDomain is used as the setup is hybrid.

    This fails for the modern authentication that uses OAuth.

    When I use New-CsOnlineSession it asks me my username (email). But does not authenticate with 403 error (Forbidden). I wonder if any one has been able to use New-CSOnlineSession with MFA

  • Thank you- that’s what I looking for- lost the reference to it! Would you mind explaining a bit more on that syntax? Is there a reference  can follow?


    @{…} you define an indexed array

    • I presume “l” is label
    • what’s “e” – I see that it has the property

    I ended up doing a similar but somewhat elaborate way by defining a custom array as below.

    foreach($int in (get-netipconfiguration -All)){
    $arr = @()
    $arr = [PSCustomObject]@{
    IntID = $int.InterfaceIndex
    IntAlias = $int.InterfaceAlias
    IntIP4 = ($int.IPv4Address).ipAddress
    IntDNS = ($int.DNSServer).ServerAddresses
    IntDescr =$int.InterfaceDescription
    #Store output in a variable that writes to a debug file along with some other info.
    $str2Write = $str2Write + $arr | Out-String

    This generates a bit of compact output but serves my purpose.

    C:UsersRatandesktop> $str2Write
    @{IntID=26; IntAlias=Ethernet 5; IntIP4=; IntDNS=System.Object[]; IntDescr=N........}
    @{IntID=37; IntAlias=vEthernet (dmz); IntIP4=; IntDNS=System.Object[]; IntDescr=Hyper-V Virtual .....}
    @{IntID=48; IntAlias=vEthernet (Default Switch) 2; IntIP4=; IntDNS=System.Object[]; IntDescr=H..........}
    @{IntID=55; IntAlias=vEthernet (nat); IntIP4=; IntDNS=System.Object[]; IntDescr=H..........}
    @{IntID=8; IntAlias=Wi-Fi; IntIP4=; IntDNS=; IntDescr=Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260}
    @{IntID=22; IntAlias=Bluetooth Network Connection 2; IntIP4=; IntDNS=System.Object[]; IntDescr=Blue.......}
    @{IntID=32; IntAlias=Local Area Connection* 2; IntIP4=; IntDNS=System.Object[]; IntDescr=Microsoft....}
    @{IntID=11; IntAlias=Local Area Connection* 17; IntIP4=; IntDNS=System.Object[]; IntDescr=Microsoft .........}

    In any case, this is part of a script that I made to dump basic information from a computer to text file which is used for troubleshooting AD, networking and application errors.

  • I am trying to output basic IP config data for different interfaces on a host by

    Get-NetIPConfiguration | select InterfaceAlias, IPv4Address, DNSServer,IPv4DefaultGateway
    Get-NetIPConfiguration | ft -property ("InterfaceAlias", "IPv4Address", "DNSServer","IPv4DefaultGateway")

    It outputs the IP info not in the form I want – just IP addresses. My understanding is that it is outputting the relevant Objects as defined in the Select. I am missing a way to extract the strings from the above objects. Would appreciate an explanation on how to deal with it.

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