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    I am starting to use SCCM and wanted to automate a single app kios for our municipality.  I have read you previous post and this one and it maybe just the thing i am looking for. I have something a question on something super simple that I just don't under stand. Once the AD account is created. Where in the script do i put the information.  I pasted the top part of the code here and i am guessing that i fill the information here but i wanted to ask to make sure.  I am new to all this and trying to learn as I go.


    # Set values
    $RegKeyName = "NutanixKIOS"
    $FullRegKeyName = "HKLM:SOFTWARE" + $regkeyname 

    # Create Registry key 
    New-Item -Path $FullRegKeyName -type Directory -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

    function Set-KioskMode {

        $DomainUser = "$($Domain)$($UserName)".TrimStart('')

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