• Paolo Maffezzoli posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Microsoft is making it harder and harder to use a local account in Windows 10
    Microsoft has always encouraged Windows 10 users to make use of a Microsoft account rather than a local one -- and it has been piling on the pressure.
    • Obviously, Microsoft desperately tries to squeeze out some money from Windows by harvesting more personalized user data. Interestingly, when Apple introduced the Apple Watch feature that allows you to unlock your Mac with the watch, they did just the opposite. For security reasons I could no longer use my iCloud account to logon to my Mac and had to switch to a local account. Of course, the iCloud features work just like before. It is just a different account with a different password and I only need the iCloud account when I actually use the cloud. So Apple gave up the advantage of collecting user data for security reasons. You can clearly see the different philosophies of the two companies here. Whereas Apple is a customer first company, Microsoft is a Microsoft first company.

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