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    Free Software Foundation Asks Microsoft To Release Windows 7 Code -- Redmondmag.com
    The Free Software Foundation this week announced that it has established a petition demanding that Microsoft release its proprietary Windows 7 code as free software.
    • If Microsoft does this, Windows 10 would be dead.

      • Maybe also further windows versions?

        • Windows would no longer be a Microsoft project. I doubt that Microsoft‘s engineers could compete with the open source community.

          • To be honest I don’t know if this proposal will be evaluated seriously by Microsoft. For example there are still many Windows XP computers running in middle and large organizations.

            • Paolo, really? Last time I saw that was in a PLC machine, not in standard usage.

            • Paolo, I doubt that Microsoft will seriously evaluate if they will release the Windows 7 code. This is not just about the Windows XP installations. Many businesses which run now Windows 7 would stick with the OS and rely on updates from the community. And I bet that after a while more and more businesses would migrate from Windows 10 to the open source Windows.

          • Not sure Michael. If that would be so easy, why whould not the open community have already created a valid competitor?

            • correction, 1,85%

              Operating System Share by Version

            • Leos, the open source community did create a valid competitor. It is called Linux and it rules the cloud despite all of Microsoft’s efforts to transform Windows into a cloud OS. The thing with Windows on the desktop is that Microsoft still benefits from the Gates era when the founder created a monopoly. Such monopolies are very hard to break because you don’t just compete with the OS but with an entire ecosystem. However, if there was an open source Windows that is embedded in the very same ecosystem, a Microsoft Windows would no longer stand a chance. Look what happened to Microsoft’s web browser. Once they no longer could leverage the Windows monopoly because of the EU ruling, Internet Explorer was essentially dead. Microsoft now lacks the leadership and the engineers to seriously compete without leveraging their monopoly.

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