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    IBM: Mac users are happier and more productive | Computerworld
    IBM, which has embraced Apple hardware in a big way, says the employees who use Macs are more likely to stay at the company and are more productive. The insights came at this weeks Jamf Nation User Conference.
    • I can absolutely confirm this. When I dumped Windows a few years ago my productivity skyrocketed. Until today it is such a joy to work on a Mac. Having been a Windows lover for many years, I know that this is hard to understand for people who don’t know the difference. You really have to try it for some time until you get used to the different UI philosophy. Most important is that the applications available for macOS are so much better than their Windows counterparts. Thus, the main reason why you want to move to macOS are the available third-party applications. The higher price for Macs is absolutely negligible because the much better productivity will save your company a lot of money. This is exactly what the PC inventor IBM discovered.

      • I had to adopt Mac to help users who ran into trouble due to incompatible apps! Loved the UNIX behind – getting rid of stubborn applications was piece of a cake. No registry keys to worry about. Found the the directory structure is “script friendly”. For example, “C:\Program Files (x86)” in Windows could not find a proper way to access it in a PowerShell script!

        • Yeah, one of the best “features” of macOS is that you don’t have to deal with the Registry mess of Windows. Imagine, I am using the same Mac for 5 years and it boots up and performs just like on the first day. If this was a Windows machine, I probably would have reinstalled Windows several times just to get normal speed back again. Getting rid of rogue apps (which rarely happens on a Mac if the manufacturer is not Microsoft) is super easy. Because there is no Registry, you simply have to delete all files. This is a system administrator’s heaven!

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