• Hi,

    thanks for this very helpful article. I used an immediate scheduled task to deploy a task with a powershell script which personalizes the template paths of Office 2013 for our users. The task runs in the user's context to be able to write to HKCU. It all worked well but every time the policy was pulled, the script window popped up and flashed for a second for every user, every 90 minutes. I tried “powershell.exe -WindowStyle Hidden”, “| Out-Null”, “>$nul 2&>1” and the task's hidden flag but none worked.

    Reason is that powershell.exe has a parameter -WindowStyle with a possible value Hidden which obviously doesn’t work as expected / is broken. The official issue: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/issues/3028

    The workaround I found while reading the Github thread is:

    Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
    Set args = Wscript.Arguments
    For Each arg In args
    	objShell.Run("powershell -windowstyle hidden -executionpolicy bypass -noninteractive ""&"" ""'" & arg & "'"""),0

    … and then call the powershell script you want to execute like this:

    wscript "C:PathTops-run.vbs" "C:OtherPathToyour-script.ps1"

    Now I can run my script using the immediate scheduled task in my GPO without disturbing any user and config their session settings. Yay! Tested with Win10 x64 Build 1809, Win7 x86, Win7 x64.


  • Hi Baki,

    Is there any way we can assign permissions per service? Example, if i want to assign a role for a specific user to have access only to either DataBricks/ADLSV2 like that.

  • Hi, I have forgotten the local account (admin) windows sign in password and my system having in built windows 10. Trying a troubleshoot through safe mode following above steps, its still asking to sign in local account password. Please help, how reset/recover the password then.

  • Is it possible to list the date when each profile was created?

    I need a script that will identify profiles that were created after a certain date so that I can then remove them.

    (For OS rollback)

  • This is an awesome add on. I'm testing it now to see how it compares to sapien powershell studio.

  • Aaaaand with 1909 it's changed again. Errors and resets on login with new profile after preferences imported. We imported 1709 settings, and get errors. We are now in the process of attempting to get 1903 preferences and getting less than expected results when exporting preferences. Nothing listed for Office, PDF's are still pointing to Edge even after we change the user default to Adobe etc etc.

    Why is this STILL so painful for such a small simple seeming issue?!

  • How can I import a KB update to WSUS in a windows core?

  • "If we use WhatIf when calling this function, this method will return $true." Isn't the opposite true? Using WhatIf should prevent the critical block from executing.

  • Brilliant and oh so helpful!  Thank you!

    One question:  When using the GUI, one can add a custom permission for the Private Key.  While I can do this after the key is installed, is there a way to add READ permission for "mydomainNETWORK SERVICE" account in the request?

  • Awesome blog!!! thanks for the detailed information, this clear instructions helps a lot . I am also looking for option to import signed certificate via command line and after that export it with key and make .pfx file

    it would be nice to get that option if you have one ready or thoughts.

  • Thank you for your reply but I just use another setup and it's also working fine. I just remove the restart switch of FLASH BIOS step and use task sequence 'restart computer' instead of that. I also add return code 2 as a success code of FLASH BIOS step.

  • Agreed, George. angry A bunch of.... 

  • Thank for the article , can you please help to create a custom role access where user need to view only access to exchange online transport rules ?



  • Thank you Miguel!

    Microsoft told me it cant be done, i have to reinstall OS with different ISO. what a bunch......

    thanks again!

  • I used that powershell script no problem with Skype for business 'lync.exe' but it will not work with Teams (Teams.exe) I even decrypted the iconstreams to ensure that Teams was in the list but I still get a message that it's not found. Sort of out of luck.

  • Can you further elaborate?

  • Is there are way to included updates that are listed as "needed" - current script doesn't seem to allow for this.

  • Hi,

    I successfully established cluster to cluster sychronous storage replica. In time of creation it looks like that all is ok, but if I look into events, I can see events 10448 - Storage Replica has failed an application IO. 

    Can you help me on this problem?

    Thank you.

  • revised 2

  • Worked perfectly for me this evening.  Turns out the device was running BitDefender for its AV, so no problem mucking about with the Utilman.exe.  Device running Win 10 Home, v1809 (build 17763.805).

    Thanks for the post - still working 5+ years later! Kudos!

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