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  • Hi Michael,


    Yes, I have done that and tried other processes, the thing is when I run the gpupdate and check the registry all the value are applied my problem is when I do a query on the configuration, it stays in local clock and the type is NT5DS but in the registry, it is already NTP.

  • Hi Michael,

    Primary DC

    w32tm /query /source  : Free-running System Clock

    w32tm /query /peers : "Secondary DC"


    Secondary DC

    w32tm /query /source  : Free-running System Clock

    w32tm /query /peers : "Blank"

    My Primary DC parameter type is NTP and the secondary DC is set to NT5DS


  • Hi Pro, I have a problem here, I tried to set an external NTP server and followed every available process in the internet but still my domain controller is not getting its time from the external server.

    Running the w32tm /resync will give me :

    Sending resync command to the local computer
    The computer did not resync because no time data was available.

    Checking in the W32time parameters in the registry it is already set in NTP type but when doing a query on its configuration it shows NT5DS.

    I already run the gpupdate, restart the unit I even replace the cmos battery.

    Where did I go wrong?

  • Hi, Pro's Luc and Michael,


    I solved my issues after 11 days, I almost thought of resigning hahaha(kidding)

    I used the ntdsutil partition management, deleting all the domaindnszones associated on those deaddomains and all the dc that do not really exist, also I found out that there's more dead domain exist in the list, then followed it up with the metadata cleanup.

    Thanks for all the idea's from you, appreciate it.

  • Strange as it is, the object I'm trying to remove can only be found using the search function in the ADUC under entire directory tree but cannot be found in any OU's if I search it one by one in any folder, cannot remove it using the properties. The domain controller also only exist in the ADSIEDIT but unable to remove.

  • Yeah, I understand the risk and yes it should cause no problem deleting the object or dc that no longer exist, its my first problem i cannot delete the object, I can only find the object in the ADSIEDIT. Thanks by the way.

  • Thanks for the warning Michael, the problem is that there are two object inside of that domain that i need to use, a computer name that still inside the ou of that non-existing domain, we have a very strict rules in naming object in our directory due to some third party software we are using, I cannot remove the object, thru powershell because its unable to contact the domain it is under, so the only way i think it would solve my problem is to remove this two domain controller that's no longer exist.

  • Hi Luc,

    Thanks for the advise I am still Stuck with my problem.

    I am trying to remove a domain controller that no longer exist, I already tried cleaning up the metadata cleanup method but this DC's only shows in ADSIEDIT, and also I found that these DC's are installed last year as a test in a virtual environment, then they just deleted the virtual file without demoting it.


  • Hi Pro's, Im having a problem with a certain object that can only be viewed in Global Catalog. This object was a domain controller before. I tried removing the object using ntdsutil, but nothing happens. Also, there are computers on the main domain controller that are searchable using the search option, but they cant be seen in any OU. I am unable to see its properties, move or delete them.


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