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Network Admin for a Small – Mid sized Bank with 20+ Branches. I have 3 + years experience. I wear many different hats in my role. I regularly work with a wide array of technologies including Routing and Switching, Backup and Replication, AD, Citrix, Group Policy, Security Information and Event Management, IP and analog Telephony and more. I plan, design and implement changes, lead projects, teach, keep software and firmware up to date on a variety of applications and network devices, refresh hardware, manage all Windows and Linux patching and simply solve a ton of problems.

After a hectic childhood and teenage years filled with poverty, drugs and negativity I got kicked out of high school. I went to job corps and got my GED however and started College; soon after both of my parents passed away. I did not finish school and kind of spiraled downward.

In my 30s I decided to go back to College. I fell into IT by chance after taking a Cisco class, loving it and excelling. I earned a 4.0 every semester and graduated with honors. I went to Community College for the first 2 years and University for the second 2. I called around to many local businesses to see if they were taking interns. I landed a paid internship at a Hospital……… and shortly after this I was hired by the Bank.

I love my job and IT in general. I found something I love and I am good at that not everyone can do. This allowed me to create a good career and build a decent life.

My goal is to eventually teach Tech at the Community college level.


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