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  • Cameron,

    I ended up writing extensively about customizing your PowerShell command prompt at my site. The reason for this is that the post is very detailed and longer than the posts we usually do on 4sysops. If you would like to know more check out my article here:

  • Hi Gokul,

    The tool in this article does not accept pipeline input because i did not include the parameter to do so. This required to be able to pass a list to the function. Take a look at my website https://www.commandline.ninja . I'll write up a newer version of this tool on my site this week. 

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  • The ImportExcel is a PowerShell module that allows you import to or export data directly from Excel spreadsheets without having Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to work with Import-Excel and Export-Excel. The ImportExcel module runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac and now can be used in Azure functions and GitHub Actions. Simply put, if you need to generate reports for work, you must learn this module.

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  • PSReadLine is a module created by Microsoft to customize the command line editing environment in PowerShell. It offers numerous customizations that can change how your command line editor presents data in many ways.

  • Hi CB

    You can add HTML to the body of the email and embed a logo. I’ll see if I can find a working example for you.

  • Hi Kevin,


    I too still use Send-mailmessage. There is a .net alternative but i need to do some research into that before i can share how to use that code. 

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  • I don't think I quite understand your setup, so more info is needed but ultimately your issue may be past the scope of this forum. 

    • If you have your printers setup to use print queues from network servers, then the printers are not available to print if the print queues are not online. 
    • If you are saying that your DC is down, well…. that's a bigger problem.

    Otherwise, the conversation between client and printer should not be reliant on the GPO settings after the printer is configured via GPO. 

  • don't want to prompt user from time to time for the master password. 

    Hi Sylvia,

    This is probably the most common question I get with secrets mgmt. 

    Short Answer:
    Yes! There are options to solve your issue but they come with a serious reduction in security

    Long Answer:
    You can configure the local vault to have no master password and you can also configure the vault to not be stored in the AllUsers profile instead of inside a specific user profile. Those two settings are not coupled together, meaning you can do one, or the other, or both. However, you are seriously reducing the security when you enable these options. 

    Some extra info to consider…

    This solution from Microsoft has an intended use: password mgmt for a user. If you need more options to support things like automating scripts without user interaction, then the long term answer is a 3rd party vault or AZ KeyVault, which have better authentication methods.

    The SecretStore vault was built to fill a need for users who are struggling managing passwords on their local systems. A cloud based vault will have better options and choices. That is why there are multiple vaults available that work with the SecretManagement module. Pick the right one for the task, instead of trying to bend the SecretStore vault to your needs.. 

    One last point… 
    There is talk in the community of using a certificate as the AUTH method for a local password vault. This would solve your problem AND ALSO maintain a high level of security but it doesn't exist as of the time of this comment… 

    Hoped that helps!


  • Hi Tiziao,

    Group Policy handles getting the printer to appear on your machine. Once that occurs, GPO is not involved in printing anymore except for refreshing the printer on your machine.

    Printing works directly between client (computer) and print queue or client (computer) and Printer (direct IP printing) depending on your config. 

  • Hey BigBear!

    So a few things to keep in mind. This article was written for preview6 and now the module is a release candidate. When it was preview version you would need to search with a special tag in order to find the prerelease versions. That’s no longer necessary. Here’s some commands you can use to help you along.

    Finding modules to install:

    find-module -tag "secretManagement"

    Set Default Vault (only can be run after the credman vault module is installed:

    Set-DefaultVault -Name CredMan

    If you have more questions, reply here. Also, I did a live demo of these modules a few weeks ago. If you would like to watch the video, then visit this link:

  • I haven’t tried the Bitwarden module yet but looking at the maintainers github site, it says you need to  install the BitWarden-CLI for the extension to work properly. 

    Did you install the Bitwarden CLI ? 

  • Hi Cameron. Sure I can point you in the right direction!

    My customized cmd prompt will be the next set of articles on 4sysops. I am finalizing the write-up but right now it is a long article (almost 3000 words), so we'l probably split it up into a series of smaller reads. 

    So, just hang tight and you should see the articles in the next week or two (depending on holiday posting schedule). 

  • Hi Wena,

    I think you may be talking about Credential Manager in GUI. This is different than credential mgr and the secrets saved through this module wont appear in the Credential Mgr in the Windows GUI. 

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