• Michael Pietroforte posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    It seems the times of strong growth in Azure are coming to an end. In the last decade Azure has been catching up on Amazon AWS. However, since Q1 2021 this trend has stopped, that is, Microsoft’s market share (21%) in cloud computing did no longer grow. Amazon AWS market share is stable for quite a while now (33%). Most of Microsoft’s cloud business comes from conventional brick and mortar business and the need for computing in general grows comparably slow in these businesses. AWS, on the other hand, runs the digital industry which will probably grow faster in the years to come. If you only worked in Azure so far, I recommend checking out AWS because Amazon’s cloud will stay the #1 for many years to come.

    Opinion: Microsoft gave Wall Street hope, but then the cloud forecast turned dark - MarketWatch
    Microsoft Corp. sparked a relief rally for the cloud Tuesday, then rained on that parade after less than two hours of joy.
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