• Michael Pietroforte posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    So typical Microsoft. They know about a bug, but they are just not interested in fixing it. Deeply regret that I continued my Office 365 subscription.

    • Their strategy to fix bugs is not FIFO based but rather Based on the most reported/upvoted bug.
      This makes sense despite it’s a big frustration for minorities impacted by those bugs.
      How would you handle this situation?
        • Not fixing serious bugs for several months, sometimes years doesn’t make any sense. The bug I linked to affects all Mac and iPhone users. I doubt this is a minority. I reported a serious Outlook bug where emails and tasks disappeared almost a year ago. Microsoft’s support conformed the bug and it is still not fixed. It is hard to tell if they simply don’t care or if the Microsoft’s engineers are just not capable enough. My guess is that both is true. I can only recommend staying away from Microsoft software as much as you can. It is just a waste of time and money.
          • Just discovered another bug where I can see a contact in OWA but not in Outlook. How can you work with an email program where items randomly disappear? It is really a mess.
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