• Michael C. Cook Sr. posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I'm making some radical updates to this project 'Hybrid - Desired State Controller', wanted to showcase this GUI/networking module that will integrate the MDT/Image Factory/PSD Master project in addition to automating the configuration of IIS, DNS, DHCP, and Certificate based services.

    It's still a long way from being complete, however, you can scope out the tool I made for Active Directory Domain Controller Promotion ( DCPromo ).

    Project is located here.

    This is as PowerShell based/focused as it is a System Administration and Network Security Engineering. (putting my old school MCSE stuff to the test...)

    Will have my website relaunched soon, probably with Blazor. If you haven't heard of Blazor... well, it's sort of like if a ninja had a baby with a viking. Takes 2 cool things like ASP.Net and Razor/WebAssembly, and makes it possible to do C# instead of Javascript. And... I think it's cool cause I don't like JS.

    - MC

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