• I wanted to make a quick update before the end of the year rolls around… I’ve been making a series of videos on my youtube channel where I discuss what I am learning as I go, on top of showcasing what I do to implement cool functional graphical user interfaces (since I have formal Graphic Design experience… for instance, going back to my own mapping site on PlanetQuake … I digress…

    Last year I saw a video that resulted in this wanton desire to learn how to do the things I already knew how to do… but now…? With PowerShell. Wouldn’t you know? It’s about a year later and I have this video that shows some killer tools I managed to build.

    Has it been easy? No it has not. In fact, I would wager that the dance with Recursion alone … ‘sent me off in some totally unwanted direction…’Was it worth the effort I made? Absolutely.

    This is the video I made back in May, I was still getting to know PowerShell and how to do things with the GUI.

    I’m in the process of reallocating my email server, for now my github repositories should be a viable way to communicate if you have some questions or overlapping ideas. I know that PSWindowsUpdate would be ‘awesome’ to learn, in fact it would expedite where i’ve been at with Mr Niehaus’s scripts for the PSD Master project ( I have not touched those scripts for some time so I started a new repository for now…

    Video from May

    I’ll have a new video soon of a fully 100% server install, configuration, to them fully prepare future child items/machines. Cause PowerShell is a pretty top notch tool like that.

    – MC

  • I’m making some radical updates to this project ‘Hybrid – Desired State Controller’, wanted to showcase this GUI/networking module that will integrate the MDT/Image Factory/PSD Master project in addition to automating the configuration of IIS, DNS, DHCP, and Certificate based services.

    It’s still a long way from being complete, however, you can scope out the tool I made for Active Directory Domain Controller Promotion ( DCPromo ).

    Project is located here.

    This is as PowerShell based/focused as it is a System Administration and Network Security Engineering. (putting my old school MCSE stuff to the test…)

    Will have my website relaunched soon, probably with Blazor. If you haven’t heard of Blazor… well, it’s sort of like if a ninja had a baby with a viking. Takes 2 cool things like ASP.Net and Razor/WebAssembly, and makes it possible to do C# instead of Javascript. And… I think it’s cool cause I don’t like JS.

    – MC

  • Hey everybody! It has been a while since my last update. Over the last 8 months, I’ve been ‘catching up’ on all of the training I had for my MCSE/MCSA tracks from 10 years ago, in addition to learning some new tricks that I think everybody will find useful in being able to combine and deliver a ‘very powerful GUI design process’ , ‘very powerful system administration’, ‘very powerful security engineering’, by using some ‘very powerful abstract approaches to mathematics and logic’… using ‘a very powerful programming language … called PowerShell.

    Hope people like what they see!

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    Fair enough, I can do that. Thank you sir.

  • I ran across “Prateek Singh”‘s PowerShell FTP Provisioning script the other day. I’ve been working more with IIS and BITS for the PSD-Remaster project, and I was attempting to upload my image files to the internet to Invoke-WebRequest them into memory without using an outfile, and for whatever reason, my traffic kept getting redirected in another direction. At any rate…

    I’m completely revamped Prateek’s script and used some of the manners and methods that I have been implementing in my scripts, ways of using more GCI and a lot less statically written strings, redundant code and commands thrown into multidimensional loop in ways that probably seem a little daunting at first.

    Here is a link to that script I have rebuilt, it now allows for the installation to a local server or a domain controller through Active Directory. I haven’t tested it with longer domain names, but it should work just fine as is since “I try to be considerate of the people that would use the tools I have been building… Not a quality you get when Microsoft has their staff rush the scripts to completion.

    At any rate, feel free to check out the script and use at your discretion.


    I’ll have an update for the PSD-Remaster process by the end of the month. It is now fully deploying an IIS Website with BITS fully configured and also includes the image-provisioning process… and it uses the GUI methods I have been creating dynamically. If you want to check out where that project is at? It’s on that same repository under /Install/Initialize-Hybrid.ps1