• Hi,

    I’m looking for some thoughts as to backup for Office 365….. backup to the cloud…. but one that also has self-service for staff. It’s not a huge burden on the service desk team but would be great to have the self service portion. Can someone throw some names at me?



  • Hello all,
    Thank you very very much for your responses.

    We decided to use Wrike in the end. It came down to a choice between Wrike and Asana. We needed something for tasks but also something that can be used for projects and Wrike won out by a millimetre. Comprehensive enough but also simple to create, monitor and change.

    These things are not cheap but if used properly the productivity benefits are immense and we have seen that already.

    Again thanks all.


  • Hi all,

    My first post but a very very very long term reader.

    I’m trying to shortcut and find a product that allows me to track my projects, interact with vendors when required and delegate tasks from those projects. We are considering Jira but there must be hundreds of equivalents out there. Any help would be appreciated.


    Thank you


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