• I got to know Robocopy years ago from a colleague in I.T.

    It didn’t take me long to realize I hate creating batch files so I did a google search for a Robocopy GUI

    and I found these There are these:

    Gs Richcopy 360

    Some are free but the pay versions are reasonably priced.

    SyncToy is free and does not use Robocopy but it is pretty decent and was developed by a man from Microsoft.

    Gs Richcopy 360 and Syncback are fantastic and able to replace Robocopy , and are easy to use,full_featured, and can solve the issues that robocopy can’t handle.
    A quick Google search will yield results so I won’t post any URLs here.

    I am a GUI lover so I love these options.

  • Hello ! I am trying to use the script, but I am getting an error:

    –> Line has invalid autocommand “show run”

    Not really sure where this goes wrong, or how to debug…do you have any ideas ?

  • Or simply:

    $session = New-PSSession $computername
    Import-Module -PSSession $session $ModuleNameGoesHere

    That is it 🙂

  • They just keep making it worse, don’t they. Not really an enterprise software anymore.

  • Dear I want to completely avoid the trust the publisher popup when user will open.rdp file accessing from RDWeb access over public internet. How I can achieve..I tried many ways above noted but not yet fixing.


  • Mystery Solved. This laptop runs Windows 11 HOME which does not support Bitlocker. The confusion was caused by the tech leaving and giving my friend instructions about re-enabling “Bitlocker”. What’s really sad is that over the past 3 weeks this has gone up the support chain to a regional manager. The actual problem is that TPM was not enabled on the new system board so device encryption cannot work. I figured this out today when I was able to examine the laptop myself for the first time. Problem solved.

  • My friend has a laptop that developed a problem with one of the USB-C ports. It had a maintenance contract so the manufacturer sent out a support tech to swap out the system board. BitLocker was running so the tech appropriately disabled BitLocker to move the existing disk drive to the new system board. It seems the tech did not wait for the BitLocker Disable to complete before powering down to remove the disk and move it. Now in the refurbished laptop with the new system board Windows seems to run OK but BitLocker is “broken”. It will not complete the Disable and it will not Enable. The manufacturer is at a loss. Is there any hope? Thanks for your help.

  • Wonderful tool – allowed me to fix a vexing problem caused by me having forgotten to assign the account to a computer. The GUI tool made this difference literally jump out at me within the first moments of using it for the first time.

    What would be a very useful addition would be a “script out the PowerShell commands” so that I could improve and fix some of my scripts I use to manage AD in my company’s estate.

  • Since Ansible does not run on Windows, I want to containerize it to run it on Windows so that I can use Ansible from my Windows PC to manage routers.

  • Good to know, thank you.

    I was in the case where I couldn’t vmotion the vCLS no matter what I did. So I started to look into the retreat mode of the cluster and found your article. I’m running 7.0U3g and all my vCLS were located on the same lun, aka the biggest one somehow? Not sure about the anti-afinity rules in 7.02 but it didn’t seem to work properly in my environment.
    I ended up not using the cluster retreat mode after all. A better and simplest solution if you are in 7.03 is to go on the cluster, go on the configure Tab and click on the Datastores. Then you can select on which datastores the vCLS are allowed to reside. When I selected the datastores I wanted, the cluster did an automatic vMotion of the vCLS and I was able to put my datastore in maintenance mode while not disturbing HA and DRS. Hope that helps others as an alternative.

  • Thanks for that.
    I just did it the old fashioned way and manually typed them all in.
    I know A sucker is born every minute, but it’s done.

  • Apparently it uses eval and thus Bug 1772378 “broke” it. If you must import some passwords, you can temporarily enable eval in the main process by setting security.allow_eval_in_parent_process to true. Import the file you need and return the pref to false afterwards. Then, file a bug and share the link to your report.

    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/vzq8fj/comment/igg0plb/

  • Thanks very much for this great info! Helped me a bunch!

  • How would I handle if the user decides to click “cancel” on the open file dialog box? I’m guessing some kind of If / Else statement – but what condition can I check for?

    Right now, my code is expecting a valid file to be selected, and when I hit cancel, it tries to run off a $null expressioned Filebrowser.filename.

  • A solution we’ve used here for years is DameWare Remote Access, as well as LogMeIn – though that’s getting ridiculously expensive.

  • if the device can not join is server Microsoft Exchange 2013. is manage to fix problem can do with the above solution ?

    is there any solution above affected to that server Microsoft Exchange

  • I went through the process, got the import option, I invoked “import from a file” and Selected the logins.csv file and clicked open and nothing happened.
    The dialog window closed and no logins were imported.
    Did it several times. Einstein – – Madness, I know . Still no import.

  • What is the reasoning or motivation behind the hindering of the import functionality of login credentials?
    It already doesn’t work in my Firefox (104.0 (64-bit)).
    It seems like it is there but it does not work.

  • At least Firefox ESR 102 can import passwords, but if ESR 113/114/115 will arrive, it’s game over.

  • Will the “New-PSSession -Authentication NegotiateWithImplicitCredential”-method be possible to use with the Connect-AIPService?

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