• is there a way to find out what RSOP is applied on a Service Account?

  • We’re stuck in a scenario with a single VCSA that was named to match our AD domain due to an original misunderstanding. We’d like to rename it to something more appropriate, such as the default vsphere.local, but these instructions rely on us repointing it to an existing SSO domain already used by another VCSA. When I attempt to use them, I receive an error that repointing to the same VCSA is not supported. Is there a known way to rename within a single VCSA? We’re on 7.x, FYI.

  • Hi, thanks for the info.
    What happen if you define an anti-affinity rule for 5 vms to run in different hosts but you have only 3 hosts? it’s considered a conflict, doesn’t apply DRS at all or HA take precedence depending of available resources.

  • Hi,
    Is there any option to move data from source to destination such that source will have only last 30 days data and others are moved to new destination? Keeping folder structure in Source also.

  • I have one AD user which is keeps on locking multiple times a day after changing the password, I know the hostaname of the source where user is getting locked but unable to find the reason, I have done the following but still the same issue
    1. Cleared all the passwords from Credn. Manager of the clinet device
    2. Clear all the browser saved passwords
    3. Delete and create again the User Profile on the end user device
    4. Change the password to the same old password
    5. I have done gpupdate /force on the device

    But account is still locking how I can check which application is locking the account

  • Hello Jorgen,
    I have been using your Proactive Remediation for many months. Microsoft has been trying to determine why over 40% of our corporate systems stop sync’ing with Intune and drop from ENT to PRO. We’ve bypassed certain M365 apps from MFA, but it comes down to users not clicking “Fix Work or School Account” when prompted to. I was hoping to create a dynamic group that when a computer drops from ENT to PRO, a PS script could run a process to resolve the issue…..but unfortunately, dynamic groups don’t have a filter expression for Pro, from what I see. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for all you do!

  • This is good, but how do we query for package – version, and delete using the REST api?

    What are the URL’s that we would use? I have tried a few different ways and none work yet.

    http://myserver.mycompany.com/MYREPO/nuget/Packages, etc. Nothing seems to work.

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi, I’m dealing with this especifc problem on my master images. I tested on other computers and I have no issue. VHDX mounts fine is just on those computer compactation is not working

    Failed to query minimum supported size, Message: Timeout, Path: shareserveruserfolderuser.vhdx, ExtendedMessage: (The wait operation timed out.)

  • pro tip : you can easily do this by holding shift and then restart the computer.. you going to the recovery options press “troubleshoot” and reset the computer… choose the option “keep files” so you can keep the files and it will reset the system easily and it will reinstall all windows files…. thats it you just fix it easily

  • for days now i have been trying, using android 13, windows 11, everything is up to date, using onedrive same file and get 2 different sets of data, the windows app does not talk to the android app, from either direction, they have to be loading from each of the devices storage

  • The requirements to log off users after a specific amount of time idle, deployed across a domain with managed parameters would take a while to script and troubleshoot. Alternatively, you can use LithNet Idle-Logoff which is open source, configurable in Group Policy and easily deployed. I’ve been using it for a year now at a 24×7 facility without issue.
    “Probably a powershell command” did occur to us.

  • instead of using the program that’s 3rd party and marked heuristically as a virus, there’s probably a powershell command to log a user off.

  • Hello.

    Thank-you for your response. The actual command syntax that I used is the following:

    powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass C:ScriptsGetDiskReport.ps1 -ComputerName mghromatlab1 -ServerName ‘MATLAB License Server’ -Path C:PSServicematlab.txt -FromAddress rowatchman@partners.org -ToAddress ahkaplan@partners.org -SmtpServer smtp.partners.org

    When I ran the above command again, the following error messages appeared on-screen:

    At C:ScriptsGetDiskReport.ps1:1 char:599
    + … ´TËnÂ0¼Wê?D¾V‰¡‡ªú8¶H¥`ì
    + ~
    Missing closing ‘)’ in expression.
    At C:ScriptsGetDiskReport.ps1:2 char:17
    + XõKöòúûnDUA*å)YïÌììăÑÚšl 1iïJÖ/z,’½ÒnV²ÉK~ϲ„Â)a¼ƒ’m ±Ñðúj0Ù …
    + ~
    Unexpected token ‘)’ in expression or statement.
    At C:ScriptsGetDiskReport.ps1:4 char:32
    + ¤×8ãAÈO1~ÛëÝqé‚Ãk6<A%³ç5}Þ*‰`Ë·k®’‰Œ–I)_:õƒ%ß1ÔÙœIsÒ
    + ~
    Unexpected token '}' in expression or statement.
    At C:ScriptsGetDiskReport.ps1:7 char:65
    + "ÒÙÞH¡w"ë„™ìw̤ھ½£ ºPÛ^æôçËOÖ›ƒ›Ô;§ž»vøéˆÀoñÀˆP//=+¡G*~§¨§ì’ƒ¼BYL|¡˜î¤¬&¼#‘+çXB#)׊ZÑÊ*Ö …
    + ~
    Unexpected token ‘)’ in expression or statement.
    At C:ScriptsGetDiskReport.ps1:15 char:404
    + … à+qp5µQÙ1Žk«›dµ¿²è³Ð²g;øµéâi¸P(mgël/yÂjŸ¸Zª{y,™«|“&awSôslI …
    + ~
    The ampersand (&) character is not allowed. The & operator is reserved for future use; wrap an ampersand in double quotation marks (“&”) to pass it as part of a string.
    Not all parse errors were reported. Correct the reported errors and try again.
    + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:) [], ParseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingEndParenthesisInExpression

  • I want to enable handwriting in Arabic language( as a writing language only, windows is in ENG) in Windows 11, can you please share how I can do that?

  • Hello.

    I am trying to get the script to operate, but without success. The command syntax that I am using is the following:

    powershell -executionpolicy bypass -File C:ScriptsGet-PSServiceStatus.ps1 -ComputerName mghromatlab1 -ServiceName ‘MATLAB License Server’ -Path C:PSServicematlab.txt -FromAddress -ToAddress -SmtpServer

    However, I am not receiving emails after running the script. What am I doing wrong?

  • Nice summary. I was glad to see the use of “gi” suffix to replace all occurrences. It was missing from table of contents as a specific example, and it is #1 use of sed for me when doing data cleansing activities. Suggest showing example on how to replace value in json file, and adjust configuration i yaml ( such as value for hosts or gather_facts in ansible playbook.



    does the trick for Azure AD domain join of on-prem WIndows 2022 servers.

  • Thank you so much for the article – it helpled very much!!!


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