• I had developed web api in ASP.NET 6.0 CORE and it is working successfully in swagger and I also published at IIS. I had also develop an razor page from where I am access my web api and it is running properly. but after multiple approx 60-70 time accessing that web api it gives HTTP Error 503.0 – Server has been shutdown. Even event log also don’t log have any. After when I restart my Web API can you please help me?

  • I always recommend rufus instead of etcher because it has a portable version and you can adjust a lot of parameters in case it won’t boot with the default.

  • Widows 11 if by7 chance you can turn off automatic updates or you have done so and no the setting app crashes it is because microsoft want you to leave auto update on and as soon as you turn it back on the setting s screen will work properly

  • Thanks a lot for this article, helped me for my purpose.

  • Windows client 10 in a domain constantly showed me _only_ the local admin account on the logon screen until I actively set “Show local accounts at logon” from “not configured” to disabled!

  • I use Etcher on Ubuntu frequently and it works well. You may have downloaded the app from the wrong website. The correct website is etcher.balena.io. The other site could be a bad actor. There, you download from a GitHub site that is not Balena.

  • I just was playing aroung with ChatGPT and asked how to preserve NTFS hardlinks when copying files from one drive to another. The answer was that the option /B of robocopy “causes the files to be copied in binary mode, so all attributes and properties, including hardlinks, are preserved.” I never used the option /B.
    It would be great if you could you say something about this option.

  • Some programs do change few bytes in files without altering the timestamps.
    Microsoft Office did so (or still does?) in files of the old DOC, XLS, PPT format. As I remember, it was enough to open and close the files to see the changes.

  • Is it possible/okay to install only the admx/l files for the feature needed into the central store, such as Windows Update and leave the rest? Basically pick and choose as needed.. Thanks for your response.

  • Hi, I was playing with the terminal and got stuck in the admin mode that you mentioned in one paragraph. How can I disabled the terminal to open always as admin using the JSON?

  • On the one hand I’ve had success using chat GPT to create basic shell Scripts and Powershell Scripts. On the other hand it has hallucinated procedures and troubleshooting steps prompting me to press buttons that do not exist. An IT pro should never forward ChatGPT responses to clients or users without first verifying the veracity of the information it produces.

  • I get all the way through to reset & then it asks me for admin password again!

  • The problem with ChatGPT & co is, that:
    1) They claim things without citing a source
    2) They just parrot what they have heard (from the Internet / Data sources).
    3) So, for example, a Russian chatGPT is quite likely to color all answers with Putin’s ideology.
    4) Because also in the democratic world extremely much sick ideology is found, therefore ChatGPT explains things for correct, which are sick with more exact / sober view.
    5) This creates a vicious circle: it won’t take long for users to declare that something must be true because ChatGPT said it. These users feed the Internet and ChatGPT then learns from it again.

    Just as liars should be held accountable (especially if they are presidents), so should ChatGPT operators be held accountable if their products lie or promulgate harmful ideologies.

    Thanks a lot, kind regards,

  • looking for a way to break the loop with “Return Key” Space or any other key.

  • I decided to use the same server name. There are added steps if you use a new server name, like changing the name in the registry. The server name may also be stored in the Schema. There is the CA name and the server name. To prevent any issues I kept them both the same. I was afraid I may have issues with the automatic renewal process.

    I have done a lot of research for this project and these instructions are the easiest to follow. Here are a couple of items I added:

    1. Stop the certificate services when backing up the database, configuration and registry. Also, when uninstalling cert services from the old server.
    2. Stopping the service is done by right clicking the CA name in the Certificate Authority MMC.
    3. When you are are done, only the default certificate templates show up. You just have to re-issue your templates (right click “certificate template” New/Certificate template to issue (so it would have been helpful if I took a screen shot of the templates I issued on the old server).
    4. Finally, it takes a few minutes before you can test the certs on a server (renew a cert/ issue a new cert) so don’t panic when it does not work right away.

    The new server is working fine, no issues.

    That was the server in the development environment, next I will be doing the production environment, Server 2012R2 to Server 2022.

  • 1) I referred the same link and installed ODBC driver 18.
    2) Cannot connect to the SQL server using SSMS. In the link it is mentioned that SSMS does not support strict encryption.
    3) Certificate is added to the Trusted Root store.
    Getting exception when _ConnectionPtr open is invoked.

  • Hey Paul,

    Did you change the server name? How did that work out for you?

    Best, N

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