• Thanks Mike and Luc for your input,I got the problem resolved by resetting my Hyper-V External Virtual Switch.I did this by first converting the Switch to Internal Type then Converting the Switch back External Type.After that it displayed the usual DNS cannot be found error the first time I tried to join the PC’s to the domain and then the second time it went through well.This happened on all the clients.

  • Yes I have the clients setup to use the AD Domain’s DNS server ip address via the config utility.


  • Everything seems pretty Okay,I also have all the Windows firewall rules/ports enabled to Allow both inbound and Outbound on the servers and clients.

  • I have an Issue joining all my computers to the domain.This is what I have done in my troubleshooting so far.
    1.Disabled the Windows firewall on all the computers
    2. Restarted the TCP/IP Net Bios Helper service and Remote Registry Service.
    I’am thinking it’s a problem with my DNS server but I can successfully remote into the PC’s and also perform successfully the nslookup functions – “I dont have a reverse lookup zone setup.”
    When I create file shares I cannot access them.
    The way my Infrastructure is set up is that I have a Hyper-V host providing One External Virtual Switch and this is the same switch my Domain controller connects to as well as one SCCM server.
    The Other clients are Hosted on a VMware workstation using Bridged network adapter connecting directly to a D-Link dummy switch.
    All of them cannot join the Domain to this lab I have setup
    Clients are running Windows 10 1803.
    And Servers running Windows Server 2016.


    Network Path Not Found

  • Hi,this something i have wanted to ask on the forum over the past days.Is there a way in windows server 2012r2 that can enable users to change their passwords themselves ”after” they have expired without contacting the administrator to reset for them. (Not the users change the password on next login setting.)

    Thinking of trying to use manageengine’s ad selfservice password reset tool,but maybe anyone could enlighten me on a better way.A powershell equivalent is also welcome.

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