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As a technology author and entrepreneur, I’ve been imparting knowledge and documenting my experiences while also developing software and building tech start-ups. Accumulating 50+ software development and management related certifications from Google™, Sigma™, PMEC™, Udemy™, Hubspot™, LinkedIn™, and Microsoft™, I’ve fortunate to have been able to work on thousands of projects and received hundreds of testimonials and endorsements from companies spanning all 7 continents. During my 15+ years in the industry, I’ve worked with a variety of technologies, ranging from classic server-side languages such as Python, C#, and PHP to frontend frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angular. When developing software, I employ agile methodologies and industry standards such as SOLID, DRY, and TDD. I am also an active  Democratic Alliance member, a member of the Amazon® Consumer Advisory Council, and a member of Amnesty International and dedicate much of my free time to none-profit and open-source related projects.

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