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  • I am forwarding a question by our Infosec group. The local user account we are using for LAPS, User1, has a setting checked where the password never expires. Can this be unchecked? It is coming up on a report. I am trying to recall the specific settings.

    Thank you

  • I have configured an Exchange 2010 journaling mailbox. for 3 users. They would like to search on this journal mailbox. However, regulations requirements are that they cannot edit, delete or add to the journal mailbox. It appears that they have full access. How can I edit the permissions to follow the regulations?



  • I have installed this and the expiration seems to work but only if the machine is powered down and restarted.  I used the LAPS GUI to set an expiration time and performed a re-logon. The password doesn’t reset or prompt for a reset. Yet, the Password Expires date is showing a new expiration time. The expiration time has passed and yet the password remains the same.

    Have I forgotten a step?


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