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  • I have a remote desktop service deployment consisting of 2 servers; a remote desktop gateway (with the RD gateway and RD webaccess roles), and host server (with the session host, broker, licensing, and web access roles). I am using remoteapp to publish rdp connections to specified computers. Initially, both of these servers were in our internal network and internal AD site and everything worked perfectly. I recently moved the the gateway server to our DMZ and our AD DMZ site. Now I am not longer able to configure the RD Connection Authorization Policy or the Resource Authorization Policy; I can access remote desktop management and open the CAP RAP wizard, but after I select the AD security group, it does not save into the box. The box just stays blank.
    The remoteapp solution works from within the our network (because it bypasses the gateway), but for remote users, they can navigate to the page and login. When they select one of the published RDP connections a prompt to access the Session host server appears and the username/passwords are denied.
    Looking at my firewall logs, it looks like the rd gateway is trying to connect to my internal DC’s and not my RODC in the DMZ. The server is on the DMZ subnet with a static IP and RODC’s chosen for DNS (they are the DMZ DNS servers as well). I have changed the HK local machine netlogon parameters for SiteName and DynamicSite to our DMZ site…..What am I missing here? Why is this server still trying to use my internal DC’s for the RDS deployment? Any help would be great! Thanks

  • I get the following error when running the Hybrid Configuration Wizard: Receive connector on the following Edge Transport servers needs to be manually configured: <Edge Server>
    Set-RecieveConnector -Identity <name of internet facing connector> -TlsDomainCapabilities mail.protection.outlook.com:AcceptOorgProtocol -Fqdn <fqdn>
    I ran this command on my Edge Transport server, but I still got the same error and no mail flow. I even manually created a new receive connector that listens on and accepts all remote ip ranges, and still got the same error. My on-prem environment is Exchange 2016. I have 2 barracuda spam filters that receive mail first, then sends it to a virtual nodename that resolves to both of my Mailbox servers’ ip addresses. These two Mailbox servers are also my CAS servers and are in a Database Availability Group. I would like to configure my Edge Transport server (which is currently only being used for relays) to send and receive mail flow between my on-prem and Exchange Online environments. Im not really sure why its failing. Please help!

  • I recently “inherited” a 2016 Exchange Environment. I am running into an issue with running out of disk space in my “Logs” volumes in the DAG. I have move some of these “LogFolderPath” files to another volume via the move-database powershell command (which helped for a while), but the space continues to be absorbed. I did recently have issues with backups, but backups have been running properly for over 12 hours now. Please help as I cant go another day with Databases randomly being dismounted and mailboxes being inaccessible. Thanks!

  • Hello.  I work at a university and we recently federated to O365. All of my users and groups are successfully syncing in Azure AD. This issue im having is that users who were previously using their school email address to login with Microsoft can no longer log in. Ive tried to reset their password both on the azure side and the on-prem AD side. Please Help!! Thanks

  • Michael thanks so much! You were absolutely correct.

  • Thanks. I took a look.  The Windows Server Backup feature isn’t installed on this server.

  • I have just been put in charge of a pretty complex datacenter at a University.  The issue Im having is that one of my 2016 exchange servers (I have 2, clustered) has a logfiles folder that’s filling up. I have clear our old logs and the amount of files present do not add up to the disk space used. I used WinDirStat and found that most of the space being used up is marked as “uknown space”. Im trying to figure out what is taking up so much space an how I can claim that space back. Please help!

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