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Started in I.T. in 1984 (Remember the 8088’s and 8086’s and 10Mb RLL and MFM drives? oh, and the first Apple?  yes, that’s the time period).  Started as a computer build tech for a computer repair shop when that was actually a “thing”.  After 5 years of that, I went to Help Desk support for a customer of that company and then, after a couple years, on to management of said Help Desk.  From there, at that same company, migrated to “Technology Manager” and managed support for all of their retail tech products (Mice, Keyboards, UPS’s, Cables, PDA accessories, Bluetooth devices (when it was just starting), etc…)  From there on to product development for the same company.  I earned a patent under their name (,038,664.PN.&OS=PN/7,038,664&RS=PN/7,038,664).   Yes, I invented that and still have the original artwork notebook for it.  From there went SOLO again and worked my own business for a year or so.  Made a boatload of money just doing my I.T. things all over the place.  But I had no professional ‘Consulting Chops’.

After that started working as a consultant for a well known company in the ‘Application Deployment’ field globally.  I consulted on all continents except Africa and Antarctica and in more than 25 countries.  I worked there for 8 or so years polishing my consulting chops.

Went solo again and after a couple years one of the companies I consulted for that happened to be in my own back yard made me an offer I could not refuse and I accepted.  Been there 10+ years and haven’t looked back.  I only wish they understood the scope of my experience…  Oh well…. They pay enough for me to not mind.

Looking to retire in maybe 6 or 7 years.  🙂

Sorry, no company names other than the patent thingy.  Kind of would like to retire anonymously.


App Deployment Engineer et al.  Those who know me know this short Bio.  🙂

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