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    Thank you all for contributing to this post your help is invaluable. Yes I know mostly about all this, what to learn on Azure and what’s the study path with Windows Server and Linux etc but the trouble is where I live in north Quebec. It’s a remote place with small towns there is no use of Azure or any of the advanced stuffs  there is no infrastructure jobs here or anything advanced that’s why I am thinking about going back to programming and being 100% remote pushing some Javascript/React etc talked with some guys earning over 200k US a year full remote with a few contract a year and that converted back to canadians is a big big salary. Anyways my love always been with sysadmin, I will take a decision before christmas waiting to buy this big 2tb M2 drive the Mp600 from Corsair or the new Samsung 980 pro coming out in a few weeks 6500/5000 megs/s… working on a normal hard drive is too slow and impossible mostly.

    Yes I am active on Reddit and talked with some senior guys in the USA doing sysadmin stuffs and they worry about automation a lot or some of the skills becoming useless or less needed … you can code infrastructure now and they say the best path is becoming a devops for senior position because you can automate mostly everything in the cloud or have many different iso’s pre configured so the OS matters less and less each days (for very big business) or small things like specialized knowledge like advanced Linux scripting (Puppet Chef Bash/Python) or on the windows side can be all done in the cloud in pre configured iso’s in vm’s… also many of theses senior guy have no knowledge outside of their specialized field for example a guy I talked with John Savill he’s a Microsofties who’s good with Azure but with no knowledge of Linux and never touched Cisco etc
    I have hard time considering a guy “senior” sysadmin with 0 knowledge of Linux when it’s 70% of the market share etc… and I love both side windows and linux and im not religious about it etc

    So I’ll study hard for a few more months and take a decision if I go back to programming, I think im doing too much spreading though in many fields. Will see I’ll comeback here for sure though if I stick with Sysadmin. One of the best website I’ve found.

  • @LEOS :   “Start by things like AD, DHCP, DNS… ”  yes I mostly have all that now in VM’s, studying it, I am playing with it and improving my knowledge… but I am running a Ryzen 3600x with 32gb ddr4 ram, all the vm’s (20) are on a normal hdd which is too slow my ssd is full so I am buying a 2TB Corsair Mp600 pcie 4.0 M2 (4950 MBps) in the comings weeks to transfer all that into it so I can start to really work… ya ive heard theses courses are expensive and a bit empty

    after that I want to dive a little in Exchange and System Center after Azure and Linux.. study the RHCE since Linux is very popular… the way Azure is priced not many business around here, will run a Office 365/ Intune setup anytime soon but I could be wrong…

    How good you guys are with Linux and Cisco ?


    @PAOLO yeah I know but there is some senior admin on reddit (at least they say) they recommended me to start straight with Azure after I have the basics of Server and forget about all the rest like system center exchange etc because everything is in the cloud now and they think I’ll have legacy knowledge compared to a Azure specialist etc but I think its important to have the broader picture and vast knowledge… Powershell shouldn’t be too hard/long for me to learn since I’ll already programmed in C++/C# a little so max 3 months full time… so my learning path was mostly this, get solid with Server and Linux after learn Cloud etc but what worry me is even if I have all that where will I work with it ? I am a bit afraid of automation and sysadmin becoming obsolete… why pay admin if they can go full cloud and contact MS support ? so I ponder learning Javascript and going for Frontend programming with React/JS sometimes etc



    @PAUL yes, I wonder too sometimes if running a big domain with DC is getting a bit outdated in this cloud world etc… I’ve read market research study and talked with some folks in sysadmin reddit both windows and linux side and they mostly all run a hybrid configure of public and private cloud with some on premise but it’s getting automated a lot with scripts and AWS ansible/puppett config.. the linux admins are telling me its like 70% linux server side and 30% windows for marketshare but I wonder if its still true because Azure is getting very popular so is AWS

    Thank you for the links I’ll read them.

  • Paolo : Microsoft recommended me to be solid in Windows Server 2016 & 2019 before starting to learn Azure full time or else I will burn tru my freetime on my free learning Azure account (I don’t remember the name of it) What’s the things I can do once I decided to spend a little for building different scenario on Azure like 100-200$ a month do you know ? I mean building different solutions for study without using much bandwidth …

  • I am not a student… not a kid like 20 years old or younger either etc I have some experience on Windows Server and a bit on Linux..

    What I am asking mostly is what’s the most efficient study path to learn this stuffs the best way possible like a order of things to master don’t worry about the speed I will learn things on and also don’t forget there is many admins who do things the old way and refuse or are stuborn about learning the new stuffs etc and there is religious ppl who do just Linux and think Linux is best and others just Windows and think Windows is best etc I am not like that.


    What I am asking mostly is a order like I Want to be very solid with everything locally like you said Windows Server after start learning the Cloud … but I Want to know if it’s too much to learn the 2 stack and be deep in both Windows and Linux if you don’t know the answer to that its ok but don’t tell me it’s impossible etc I want to know how broad is Exchange and System Center because I know a lot of them aren’t run by small business on premise they prefer online services to that cause it cost less and its easier to maintain and the cloud is making System Center a bit obsolete in different scenario not all of them (from what some senior Linux admin told me)

    So I am looking for experts advices on theses things not if its possible or not or I can’t do it since I am in my home and not in a business etc this isn’t constructive

  • (excuse my english I am french)

    Hi I am a french man from Quebec Canada, I live in a small town like less than 5000 ppl and the biggest city around here is like 40 000 ppl…  I am studying Windows Server with a big Mark Minasi book of over 2000 pages explaining everything about Windows Server 2012 R2 how to run domain, active directory (locally) etc etc I have books and evaluation software about everything and for WinServer 2016, 2019 and I run VMware workstation for creating different scenario. I can study 8-10hr’s a day if I want but I need a good study path and advices to point me in the right direction and to tell me if I am doing this the right way…My goal is to be solid in the latest Windows Server (with PowerShell, Exchange, Hyper-V, System Center) AND Linux near intermediate to senior level (in both) and learn a little Cisco on the side just Routing and Switching… AFTER learn Azure… but I wonder if I am wasting my time because Microsoft just retired all the MCSE cert mostly…my questions are :

    1) Is it a realistic goal or I am trying to learn too much ? should I specialize in 1 tech stack like Windows OR Linux ?

    2) Should I learn how to do things the “old way” BEFORE jumping to Azure or start to learn Azure right away and forget about everything locally on premise ? Should I jump to Server 2019 right now and forget about the old one ? (old AD domain, Exhange server on premise)

    3) What’s the best way to learn Azure (or AWS) for a guy alone with a single computer in a bedroom ? I can’t spend thousands and thousands of dollars for learning it.. I know about free learning account and all but should I wait for activating it and learn a book so I can maximize my free Azure stuffs while it will be activated ? (I can’t spend more than 100-150$ a month on azure)

    4) I worry a lot about automation and the cloud destroying or removing all the sysadmin jobs out there… so I ponder about going back to programming… (I know a little C++) so scripting for me shouldn’t be too long to learn since I already know a bit of C++ and C#… What you guys think about automation / Cloud for local network or datacenter on premise in company ?

    My goal is to learn as much as possible in the next 1 or 2 years full time and when I’ll be employed I’ll be able to solve and build many different scenario… I am interested in Office 365 and Intune etc but since most company here aren’t very big my biggest worries are none would be able to afford Azure if it’s too expensive ? so what a sysadmin got to do ?


    Thank you very much for your time it’s greatly appreciated, tried to find help on reddit but it’s mostly young kids who aren’t very knowledgeable or know just 1 tech stack not both

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