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  • Couple of months ago, I was facing same issues but without virtual network cards.


    As I wrote, I already faced this issues in the past on other computers when I wasn’t using virtual network.

    It is not about host machine firewall (it is turned off).

    This whole thing is annoying because it worked well after clean install of OS and VMware Workstation. It started bugging me after 3-4 weeks of happy using 🙁


    It seems that I will have to switch back to Hyper-V which is free in Windows 10 Pro 🙂

  • You say that you have 1 NIC in your computer, but then you say that you created Vmnet5 bridged and vmnet2 Bridged which is not possible. You can only bridge 1 virtual network to 1 NIC in your computer.

    Since I have Intel I217-V network card, I am using Intel PROSet Adapter Configuration Utility and I created several virtual network adapters from one physical.

    Then I created several vmnets and bridged them to those virtual network adapters 😉

    I had to use this scenario since VMware doesn’t support virtual LAN identification for management operating system like Hyper-V does:

  • Hello Leos,

    Please ignore the fact about virtual network.

    Issue is that I cannot access to VMs from host but from any other computer in the network everything is working well. Also, network communication from inside VMs is possible to everything except the host.


  • Hello everyone,

    I am facing network problems with hypervisor on Windows 10 Pro.

    I am using several VMs on VMware Workstation Pro, version 15.

    Until today, I was able to connect from hypervisor to any VM through RDP and SSH and vice versa.

    Now I can’t connect anymore 🙁

    I am using Intel I217-V network card and my computer’s ethernet port is connected on Cisco Switch configured as Trunk so I can configure any VLAN on VM.

    In Virtual Network Editor, I Bridged VMnet5 to virtual network card assigned to VLAN50, VMnet2 to virtual network card assigned to VLAN 20 and so on…

    Couple of months ago, I was facing same issues but without virtual network cards.

    After reinstalling operating system on my computer, I decided to configure virtual network cards because of network segmentation.

    btw: I am using same scenario with Hyper-V and never had similar problems but since I never worked with VMware I wanted to experience something new 🙂

    Has anyone had similar problems?

    Thanks in advance


  • Nope, it’s a fresh installed windows 10 home 1903 (never been in the domain).

    I have account with administrative rights.

  • Hello everyone,

    I am securing few workstations in workgroup (not in domain) and in windows firewall there is a rule called: DameWare Mini Remote Control Service GPO

    Description: This rule has been applied by the system administrator and cannot be modified.


    How can I delete this rule?

    Thanks in advance.


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    At last, long expected modules 🙂

    During the May 2018 Community Call and a tweet a few weeks later, we mentioned that PowerShell team was spending significant time in the Windows codebase. We even demoed using the Active Directory PowerShell Module from PowerShell Core 6 during the PowerShell Community Call.
    • This is the most interesting sentence:

      After investigation, we also deferred work on certain modules that were infeasible to port to PowerShell Core given our time frame and expertise.

      This doesn’t really sound promising. I wonder if the AD module is now working or not. The blog post doesn’t really say.

  • Since I didn’t have too much data I have re-created VHD-SET from the scratch (who said anything about Monk 🙂 )

    We can close this topic.

  • Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering if someone had an experience in renaming vhd set files.

    I have file share cluster on hyper-v cluster 🙂

    File share cluster is consisted of 2 nodes (which are VM) and I am successfully using VHD set on it for quorum disk and for disks which are assigned to FileServer roles.


    Few days ago I created new VHD set and when I finished everything I have noticed that I have misspelled name of disks. I removed disk from both nodes and renamed both files (.avhdx and .vhds) hoping that it is going to work.

    Unfortunately I receive error from the attach.

    When I turn back the original name everything works fine.


  • Problem is solved 🙂

    It was a bad configuration from MPLS provider.

    We realized that because show cdp neighbors on central switch was showing many other network devices that shouldn’t be visible on our side. When provider fixed that everything was ok.

    Thanks for everyone’s help on this.


  • Some of the clients (not everyone) are having valid IP address, subnet mask and gateway but strange 2 DNS addresses.

    On workstations on just one site. BTW this site is the only one without good network. On all other sites we have active+passive network and on this particular site we have switch on switch, on switch, on switch 🙁

  • Hello everyone.
    I have DHCP on primary site which is connected to many other sites through MPLS (L3VPN). AD functional level is 2012R2, all 5 domain controllers are on windows server 2016.
    So, this particular DHCP is supplying couple of sites with addresses without any problems.

    Today, I’ve noticed a strange problem on one site.
    Some of the clients (not everyone) are having valid IP address, subnet mask and gateway but strange 2 DNS addresses.
    Interesting part is that those two DNS addresses are public DNS servers from an internet provider (which isn’t providing internet to us 🙂 )
    Bad thing is that I have only 3 managed switches (cisco catalyst) on each floor of the building which are connected to dozens of unmanaged switches (d-link, planet etc.)
    Also, in some of the offices clients are using ADSL wireless routers (just to remind that they are not from the provider whose public DNS addresses we have on some of the clients). They are using wireless network adapter with IP address from ADSL + ethernet adapter with IP address from our windows 2016 server.

    Could it be that someone brought his own AP/router and plugged it in our network and causing these problems?
    All computers are in domain which has 2 authorized DHCP servers so I don’t understand how this could be happening?!?

    Did anyone have a similar problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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