• Thank you for your reply!  It is very secure as I encrypt the partition with AES 512 before it ever gets uploaded to my Dropbox. I should also state that it is already overkill for my needs as I manage basic websites on low resource hosts so I am just doing the best I can to offer some level of security and good practices. I do not trust Dropbox as they had breaches in the past that left every users files accessible for over 4 hours!

  • Good morning everyone,

    I was hoping I could get some guidance from you on how to solve this problem. I currently have many systems I remote into through SSH and have keys that are stored in a VeraCrypt partition that is then loaded into Dropbox. I decrypt the partition when I need it and unmount it when I am done. This has been a great system but I miss the ability to access the machines on my Android Phone using JuiceSSH. How would you approach this problem? Should I pursue a second way of encrypting to get the keys safely on my phone and to be able to use them quickly when needed? I tried to get the VeraCrypt Volume mounted using EDS Lite but it would not recognize the drive. I feel like I was close to a seemless and easy to use solution but getting access to my machines from my Android phone securely has been a little difficult. I don’t want to abandon the VeraCrypt > Dropbox solution as it fits my needs perfectly. I was thinking about getting a small usb-c flash drive to plug into my phone when needed but I cant find one that is small and unobtrusive enough that I would want to use. I came here for ideas, hope you can help. Thank you.

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