• How to block emails in Outlook and Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

    In this article, we will discuss how to block emails in Outlook and in the Outlook Web App and in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), providing step-by-step instructions and tips for customizing your email settings to block specific senders or domains. We will also cover some tips for managing your email inbox and keeping it organized so that you can stay on top of your communications and focus on what’s important.

  • Connect to Exchange Online with PowerShell

    Learn how to connect to Exchange Online PowerShell using multifactor authentication.

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    The Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) command is a widely used command line utility that enables users to securely copy files and directories between two systems over a secure shell (SSH) connection. Let’s look at copying files and entire directories with SCP from remote to local systems.

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    Persistent volumes allow administrators to configure persistent data locations for stateful applications. They allow containerized applications to store data beyond the lifecycle of individual containers or pods. This makes it possible to retain data even after a pod restart or update. With Kubernetes, persistent volumes are storage locations provisioned by an administrator or dynamically created using StorageClasses.

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    Discover the Pulseway 9.2 update, offering enhanced IT management features, such as policy redesign, workflow automation improvements, remote control enhancements, and more.

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    ENow Active Directory Monitoring & Reporting provides quick, granular visibility into your Active Directory environment so IT pros can proactively mitigate issues before they escalate into major problems for your organization.

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    NTLM is an insecure authentication protocol that is still found in many environments. Using Group Policy and effective logging, admins can audit the environment and restrict the use of NTLM across the domain.

  • ScriptRunner provides a centralized management interface for PowerShell scripts, allowing users, even with little or no scripting experience, to automate IT tasks. The most recent release, ScriptRunner Portal Edition R5, introduces many new refinements to the platform, including the introduction of Query and Action configuration into the portal.

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    With Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 reaching their end of life at the end of 2023, organizations must consider migrating their Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployments from Windows Server 2012 to 2022. When doing so, you have to follow a distinct order to upgrade the RDS roles. By migrating the connection broker, you keep the configuration of the deployment.

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    Microsoft LAPS is a solution for centrally managing passwords for local administrator accounts in an Active Directory domain. It includes a native Windows GUI to retrieve LAPS-controlled passwords. However, the free LAPS WebUI allows you to access passwords from every browser without installing local software.

  • Group Policy admins have to deal with a lot of different ADMX templates. These templates are not limited to the operating system, but are also necessary for many applications, such as Adobe Reader, Firefox, Chrome, and OneDrive. Since they are updated on a regular basis, admins must check for new versions and copy them manually to the respective directory. EvergreenAdmx can automate this process.

  • We take a look at Uptime Kuma, an open-source, self-hosted monitoring tool for websites, APIs, and services. It allows you to keep track of the uptime, downtime, and response times of your applications. One of the recommended ways to deploy Uptime Kuma is to use Docker containers, as they allow for easy installation, scaling, and management.

  • HashiCorp Nomad is a powerful orchestration and scheduler tool that can be an easily operated Kubernetes alternative. Nomad provides an orchestrator for containers, virtual machines, and other resources. The de facto standard for a container orchestrator today is Kubernetes. However, Kubernetes is extremely challenging and complex. It requires a specialized skillset that can present a barrier to entry regarding running production workloads in self-hosted clusters.

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    You can use built-in Docker commands to commit, save, and export Docker container images and data for the Docker backup container processes.

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    Cryptomator is a free, open-source solution that allows you to encrypt Dropbox and OneDrive using strong encryption that you control.

  • If Windows doesn’t start or boot, you need a good repair tool that you allows to access the boot drive to rescue your Windows installation by recovering partitions, copying files, or resetting the admin password. SystemRescue is a collection of open-source utilities on a bootable ISO image, making it easy to download and mount directly to a virtual machine or “burn” to a USB drive. You can use them for both Linux and Windows computers, including desktops, laptops, and servers.

  • ManageEngine OpManager provides a comprehensive solution to monitor on-prem servers, networking, storage, cloud, virtualization, containers, and more.

  • K3s is a lightweight, production-grade Kubernetes distro that provides high availability. See how to install K3s using the K3sup utility.

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    VMware’s NSX Advanced Load Balancer is a rebrand of the Avi Networks load balancer, as VMware purchased Avi Networks in 2019. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer is one of the central technologies in the current VMware software-defined networking stack. It provides modern software-defined load-balancing capabilities for VMware NSX, Tanzu Kubernetes, and traditional web applications.

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    NetCrunch 13 is the latest release of AdRem Software’s flagship monitoring software, containing many new features and enhancements. The monitoring solution can monitor various physical, virtual, and network infrastructures. It provides real-time network monitoring, traffic analysis, alerts, and performance reporting.

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