• This is exactly the reason why I keep my business clients on Win7.

    My clients use computers to run their business operations.  They are not interested in debugging Microsoft’s Latest and Greatest attempts to look like a cell phone.

    It is said that Win10 is like your favorite hardware store:  everything is still there, but the doors, shelves, and labels are constantly rearranged.

    IMO, there is no compelling reason to tolerate the non-removable UAC nanny, the constant in-your-face Windows Store and all the rest of the marketing crap present in Win10.

    Microsoft continues to miss the boat by ignoring the flexibility of Linux.
    Users who want the fru-fru stuff, games, etc can configure it.
    Those who want a pure business machine without the nanny and bundled baloney, can configure that as well.

    My efforts to disable the nanny and remove the tracking and marketing devices was mostly futile.  These are embedded very deep in Win10, and disabling or uninstalling them breaks Win10 in strange ways.

    I found the easiest way to get around all this bother is by ditching Win10 and going back to Win7.  My clients agree.

    Do not forget, Microsoft is first and foremost a marketing machine.  They (and Adobe) have rediscovered the old IBM “leased product” revenue stream concept.  They count on fanboys needing the “latest and greatest” and their willingness to subscribe and pay for this.

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