• Was wondering if anyone had any experience managing Printer Server that incorporated V4 print drivers. Out client supports a load balanced Windows 2016 RDP and Citrix enviornment with Windows 2016 print server. There are chronic issues with their 200+ printers mapping so we are testing using exclusively V4 print driver to alleviate the issues.

    There are about 10 Windows 2016 terminal servers and out of the 10, only 3 will successfully map a V4 printer driver. The other 7, when I try to manually add the printer via UNC path, I will receive the error

    “No Driver Found”
    Windows can’t find a driver for XXXXX V4 PCL on teh network.
    To locate one manually, clokc OK. Otherwise, click on Cancel an consult your network
    administrator or the printer manufacturer’s website.

    This same printer I can successfully add to another server. I cannot find any differences in the KB installs between the two.

    I have read a few support sites with similar issues but still can’t find the core problem

    Was wondering if anyone had any insight to this problem.

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