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  1. #1 Surender Kumar, Points: 5,387
    Surender Kumar has more than twelve years of experience in server and network administration. His fields of interest are Windows Servers, Active Directory, PowerShell, web servers, networking, Linux, virtualization, and...

  2. #2 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 4,757
    IT systems administrator server infrastructures (Windows,VMware)

  3. #3 Michael Pietroforte, Points: 2,018
    Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor in chief of 4sysops. He has more than 35 years of experience in IT management and system administration.

  4. #4 Wolfgang Sommergut, Points: 830
    Wolfgang Sommergut has over 20 years of experience in IT journalism. He has also worked as a system administrator and as a tech consultant. Today he runs the German publication

  5. #5 David Figueroa, Points: 735
    I've worked on everything from IBM mainframes back in the day to SQL Server to Exchange, etc.  The last 20+ years of my career have been focused primarily on Citrix..

  6. #6 Leos Marek, Points: 713
    Leos has started in the IT industry in 1995. For the past 15+ years he focused on Windows Server, VMware administration and security. Recently, Leos is focusing on automation via Ansible. He is also a Certified Ethical Hacker.

  7. #7 Brandon Lee, Points: 540
    Brandon Lee has been in the IT industry 15+ years and focuses on networking and virtualization. He contributes to the community through various blog posts and technical documentation primarily at

  8. #8 IT Consultant, Points: 395
    I'm VMware engineer

  9. #9 Timothy Warner, Points: 360
    Timothy Warner is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who is based in Nashville, TN. Check out his Azure and Windows Server video training at Pluralsight, and feel free to reach out to...

  10. #10 Andrew Brehm, Points: 344
    Windows Server and OpenVMS system administrator working for a bank in Switzerland. Somewhat familiar with .NET, Win32, C, C#, PowerShell and DCL.

  11. #11 AlexTLS, Points: 308
    IT operation

  12. #12 Juna, Points: 225
    Beginner System Administrator

  13. #13 Welf Alberts, Points: 208
    Welf has been working as a system administrator since the year 2000. He focuses on IT security for the Windows platform.

  14. #14 Robert Pearman, Points: 185
    Robert is a small business specialist from the UK and currently works as a system administrator. He was a Microsoft MVP for eight years and has worked as a technical reviewer for Microsoft Press. You can follow Robert on...

  15. #15 Edem Afenyo, Points: 168
    Edem works as a consulting sysadmin for SMEs, where he primarily focuses on Windows, Linux, VMware, and KVM virtualization environments. He has experience with Python and the container ecosystem. As a DevSecOps professional,...

  16. #16 James Wallin, Points: 152
    Infrastructure Development and Support Tier II Selkirk College Information and Technology Services Castlegar, BC I have been with Selkirk College for 20 years starting as a front line helpdesk technician and moving up as my...

  17. #17 Bogdan Florin, Points: 141
    Network Admin, Firewalls, Wireless, Auto Tunning, Health Devices

  18. #18 KayEss, Points: 134

  19. #19 Frederico Rodrigues, Points: 122
    Working with Cloud improving security posture

  20. #20 Jasmin Kahriman, Points: 121
    Jasmin Kahriman is an IT Pro with 15 years of experience. He is deep into data center monitoring, product and customer advocacy, training, and blogging. Check out his blog, and feel free to connect with...

  21. #21 Marcus, Points: 107
    20-year veteran of SQL Server BI.  New to PowerShell.

  22. #22 bazz, Points: 101

  23. #23 Adam Bertram, Points: 100
    Adam Bertram is a 20-year IT veteran, Microsoft MVP, blogger, and trainer.

  24. #24 Sponsor, Points: 91
    Want to become a 4sysops sponsor? Please contact us for more information.

  25. #25 Riccardo Bicelli, Points: 83
    Riccardo is a system administrator and software developer for small and mid-size businesses in Italy.

  26. #26 Troy Jessee, Points: 82
    30 + years of IT experience. Currently manage over 30K devices from workstations to servers.

  27. #27 Hooman, Points: 81
    To the Cloud!

  28. #28 Anil Erduran, Points: 80
    Anil Erduran is a principal consultant and subject matter expert for Hitachi Data Systems EMEA, based in London, UK. He is also a dual category Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Cloud and Datacenter Management and...

  29. #29 Alan Page, Points: 67
    Systems admin

  30. #30 Pablo Brincat, Points: 66
    As a technology author and entrepreneur, I've been imparting knowledge and documenting my experiences while also developing software and building tech start-ups. Accumulating 50+ software development and management related...

  31. #31 Austin Joy, Points: 62
    I am Senior technical consultant at leading USA-based MicroSoft Gold Partner company, Bitscape. With Such Highly Visionary brand, I have unified experience in designing the existing technological structure with more value...

  32. #32 Stephen Boyd, Points: 61
    Small scale IT hoping to move into a big corporate one day

  33. #33 Joseph Moody, Points: 60
    Joseph Moody is a network admin for a public school system. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management. He blogs at

  34. #34 Josh Rickard, Points: 60
    Josh Rickard is a product owner for a Washington DC based cyber-security company.  Josh's primary focus is in Windows security (Blue Team) and PowerShell automation. Additionally, Josh was a Security Analyst at a large public...

  35. #35 Baki Dayi, Points: 60
    DevOps / SysOps Engineer - Automation Powershell, Microsoft Azure, Powershell Dev.

  36. #36 Massimo Maggioni, Points: 47
    Massimo is an automation and robotics engineer who has worked in the IT industry for 16 years. He focuses on network IT infrastructure management.

  37. #37 Symon Michael, Points: 46
    I'm an IT engineer with 23 years of experience in Build Engineering / Release Management / DevOps with a specific focus on automation, reporting and direct customer support.  I'm currently living in Delaware and working in the...

  38. #38 PowerMe!, Points: 46
    I am a scripting enthusiast specializing in Network Security and automated System Administration. BASH, PowerShell, Python and PHP-MySQL based Web Development are some of my favorites. When I get lazy, I scribble VBA scripts to...

  39. #39 Andrej Radonic, Points: 44
    Andrej is as an IT-Journalist and a board member of the interSales AG. For more than 20 years he focuses IT solutions for medium-sized companies, covering virtualization, open source and e-commerce.

  40. #40 ZebraOverlords, Points: 43
    I am the Overlord of Zebra's who also works in IT.

  41. #41 Mike Kanakos, Points: 43
    Mike Kanakos is a Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, tech blogger and PowerShell community leader. He writes about infrastructure management and cloud automation. You can follow Mike on his blog...

  42. #42 Tim Jackson, Points: 42
    IT Specialist

  43. #43 Vladan Seget, Points: 41
    Vladan Seget is an independent consultant, professional blogger, vExpert 2009-2019, VCAP-DCA/DCD and MCSA. He has been working for over 20 years as a system engineer.

  44. #44 Tom K, Points: 41
    Developer background IT Infrastructure PowerShell lover

  45. #45 Haritha Kasturoji, Points: 41
    I'm a sophomore IT student interested in Robotics.

  46. #46 Mike, Points: 41
    Freelance It & MSP Support   April 2019 - Present (3yrs 10 mos)   Production Projects Management Specialist   - Toyota Motor Manufacturing June 2012 - February 2019 (6yrs 8 mos) - 501-1000...

  47. #47 Regan Smith, Points: 41
    I work in cad support group for a government entity. I use PowerShell at work most to query AD. I want to use PowerShell at home to query OMDBAPI,com to get movie and series info.

  48. #48 Baki Onur Okutucu, Points: 41
    Onur is a DevOps Engineer and Subject Matter Expert for Azure, and PowerShell. He is the founder of Clouderz Ltd, a cloud consultancy based in London. For 13 years in a row, Microsoft has recognized him as an MVP (Most Valuable...

  49. #49 Raziel, Points: 41
    IT from VN

  50. #50 Mohammed Kaif Joey, Points: 41
    Mohammed Kaif is an MCSE®, Microsoft 365, and Azure Cloud Certified IT Consultant with over 17 years of experience in enterprise client management. He is currently working as a Technical Architect, providing modern workplace...

  51. #51 Whoami Tom3, Points: 41
    As a learner I want to join a community where likeminded people discuss and find solutions to IT issues and develop strategies to develop our organization's IT strategies.

  52. #52 Tom, Points: 41
    I am a sysadmin for a small company- 60 to 80 users. I manage windows laptops and remote access for all.

  53. #53 Robert Becker, Points: 41
    Bridged from secretarial work to IT in 1996 as a junior administrator. One year later I became the defacto senior Windows Administrator at that startup. These days I help run the infrastructure at a medium-sized city in my home...

  54. #54 Ruben Zimmermann, Points: 40
    Ruben is an infrastructure specialist who specializes in Active Directory, public key infrastructure (PKI), and System Center Operations Manager. He automates in VBS, PowerShell and C#. Ruben lives in Suzhou, China, and you can...

  55. #55 David O´Brien, Points: 40
    David has been a consultant for over 10 years and reinvented himself a couple of times, always staying up to date with the latest in technology around automation and the cloud. He is a multi-year Microsoft MVP for Azure, a...

  56. #56 Subbu, Points: 40
    System Administrator in Windows.

  57. #57 Greg Altman, Points: 36
    I've been in IT since the late 20th century, specializing in problem-solving, moving forward, and optimizing  IT via automation.

  58. #58 Ernesto Escobedo, Points: 36
    GNU / SysAdmin, FOSS, DevOps and Scout, and Good Person.. 😀 Skills, Linux, BSD, Unix.

  59. #59 Joel R Breth, Points: 31
    In the Computer/IT field since 1978, performing everything from mainframe computer operations & programming, to network design & security. Well-versed in Windows AD, VMware, Cisco routers & switches, Palto Alto...

  60. #60 Man Tran, Points: 29
    Just started sys admin job.

  61. #61 Glenn, Points: 27
    Support Technician

  62. #62 Dan O'Brien, Points: 26
    IT Manager

  63. #63 Sunny Parmar, Points: 26
    As an IT professional, I have nine years of combined experience in business information technology services. My responsibilities include managing and administering the Global Service Desk, System Administration, Network...

  64. #64 salutsn, Points: 25
    keep learning

  65. #65 Hunter Moore, Points: 24
    I went from helpdesk to senior system architect in about 10 years.

  66. #66 Gilvan Souza, Points: 24
    Suporte em TI

  67. #67 BenPalmer, Points: 23
    IT Systems Engineer at Blackhawk Technical College.

  68. #68 Wojciech Szyszlo, Points: 22
    System Administrator

  69. #69 afework kefyalew demeke, Points: 22
    information technology techncion

  70. #70 PS_Padawan, Points: 22
    Getting Started to work with excel modules in Powershell. Learning from scratch.  

  71. #71 Lacie Lassiter, Points: 22
    I'm an Endpoint Systems Administrator at a global software company.

  72. #72 Swapnil Kambli, Points: 22
    Swapnil Kambli is a Cloud Consultant & Trainer specialized in Cloud adoption, migration, support and optimization. He has 14 years of experience advising Enterprises & SMBs over domains ranging from Containers to Server...

  73. #73 Chris Jensen, Points: 22
    I have been in IT for 40+ years, starting in mainframe applications with DB2, creating and maintaining client-server apps, desktop apps, and assorted other roles. Currently, I am a SQL Server DBA, and I use Powershell for task...

  74. #74 Paul Middleton, Points: 22
    Paul Middleton has been an IT professional for the past 20 years. Starting out as an IT support analyst in the UK, he moved onto being a systems engineer specializing in Microsoft core technologies such as Active Directory and...

  75. #75 Paul Jebastin A, Points: 22
    Infrastructure Engineer

  76. #76 Kabrewer, Points: 22
    Local administrator, IT Manager ITI solution DBA and for Dyopath LLC

  77. #77 Sean Brown, Points: 21
    Cloud Consultant (AWS)

  78. #78 azirila, Points: 21
    it support manager

  79. #79 Mike ODea, Points: 21
    Strategic leader with extensive experience translating digital innovation potentials into tangible and effective tools that add proven business value through digital transformation. Work directly with the business leadership to...

  80. #80 Wilfred Carter, Points: 21
    Multi platform sysadmin with developing knowledge in windows servers, Linux and Unix servers.

  81. #81 ilya m, Points: 21
    Working as IT support specialist for over 6 years

  82. #82 Balaji, Points: 21
    Working as Azure administrator. Looking for PowerShell commands to automate day to day activities.

  83. #83 stepbysteptocloud, Points: 21
    I am an experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the service industry, specifically in the endpoint management, Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online and security spaces.

  84. #84 Mel Caguingin, Points: 21
    Platform Engineer

  85. #85 Sugandha Sharma, Points: 21
    IT analyst

  86. #86 Jerome, Points: 21
    Hi ,I'm an Curious SysEngeneer !

  87. #87 Kent Miller, Points: 21
    Sysops for 8+ small to medium company's in the  South Bay  (SF). In the computer industry for 30+ years. Sysops for 14+ Also Hardware repair.

  88. #88 Johnny Kiaga, Points: 21
    IT Graduate

  89. #89 Russell, Points: 21
    IT Pro/Editor

  90. #90 Ulrich Jørgensen, Points: 21
    24 years of IT-tech and -consultancy

  91. #91 Rashid Ali, Points: 21
    Working as sys admin

  92. #92 Taha Gamil Mohamed, Points: 21
    Hello, I am Virtualization and Cloud Team Leader, I have an experience in VMware , AWS, Network and Security.

  93. #93 Nejat Günaydın, Points: 21
    Computer Scientist - Full-stack Developer

  94. #94 Anny Jones, Points: 21
    I am a technical writer at JanBask.

  95. #95 W.S. Gaw, Points: 21

  96. #96 Nikhil Sharma, Points: 21
    I am a developer and trainer, helping people learn advanced technologies and programming languages. I have 5 years of experience as a developer. Right from cyber security training consulting to learning, I have helped many...

  97. #97 Laszlo Toth, Points: 21
    System Administrator

  98. #98 Harrick Low, Points: 21
    We are doing IT Server, network, backup solutions.

  99. #99 Joe Nicke, Points: 21
    Cloud Computing and SaaS Specialist, Corent Technology, Inc.

  100. #100 John D, Points: 21
    Worked on various systems & platforms - continuous learning

  101. #101 Marcos Honorato, Points: 21
    Analista de suporte.

  102. #102 Shawn Bolan, Points: 21
    Technical Trainer with New Horizons. Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), VMware Certified Instructor (VCI), AWS Authorized Champion Instructor  

  103. #103 Clayton54432, Points: 21
    i have mid level knowledge in all parts of IT

  104. #104 Alan Dasmarinas, Points: 21
    Currently a System Administrator for Senior Healthcare Company.  (WelbeHealth)  

  105. #105 Michael Amann, Points: 21
    System Engineer based in Austria. Product Owner IAM, Scripting/Automation.

  106. #106 binesh ak, Points: 21
    IT developer

  107. #107 S Lee, Points: 21
    Technical Consultant for Modern Desktop and End-user Computing area

  108. #108 Derick Ambani, Points: 21
    Solution Architect with about 3 years' experience now

  109. #109 Michael Rafferty, Points: 21
    Director of Helpdesk - Little River Healthcare Austin, TX 78758 HELPDESK DIRECTOR/ SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR "Michael is one of the most customer-centric persons I have ever worked with." - Allen Alford ...

  110. #110 Mike Vincent, Points: 21
    IT Principal Engineer with more than 20+ years experience covering storage, virtualization, data migration. certified EMC / DELL products.

  111. #111 Phillip Mccrory, Points: 21
    I've been a network engineer and systems admin for 22 years

  112. #112 Slaw, Points: 21
    I am an administrator of IT systems in a large hospital, I am glad that I am a member of a team of people who, thanks to their work, improve the standard of living

  113. #113 Brian Henderson, Points: 21
    Graduated with a degree in AAAS PC Support and Networking in 2009. I have 25 Years in the IT field.

  114. #114 Chuck Ostlie, Points: 21
    Worked mostly in gaming industry. Been in IT for over 25yrs, working at every level from entry to management. Currently working mostly in DevOps.

  115. #115 Eric R., Points: 21
    IT experience since 1999. A Systems guy in a wide variety of experiences of administering, managing and implementing servers running on a mixed platform of Windows, Linux, Virtualization & Cloud computing. Specialized in...

  116. #116 saad, Points: 21

  117. #117 Dakota Smith, Points: 21
    Hey Everyone! My name is Dakota and I am an IT associate with a small firm based out of the Midwest. I have been working in IT for about 5 years now, but am just moving into a role where enhancing my scripting/programming...

  118. #118 Patrick Thompson, Points: 21
    My name is Patrick Thompson. I am an IT Professional at a Governmet Financial institution. I have been involved in IT for more than 20 years. I have experience in MS Windows Servers, VMware , Hyper-V. My daily tasks...

  119. #119 Jose Roberto, Points: 21
    Senior Infrastructure Analyst

  120. #120 Tom McIntyre, Points: 21
    20+ years of experience as an IT Professional, I have had the opportunity to perform many roles and gain many experiences that make me who I am today. In my 20+ years of experience I have a foundational knowledge of the entire...

  121. #121 Hennie van Deursen, Points: 21
    Functional Application Support

  122. #122 Eric Gauthier, Points: 21
    Spent 4 years in the military setting up and tearing down networks in the desert. Transitioned to civilian life helpdesk support, to helpdesk management, and am now working in sysops. Focus is vmware, veeam and server...

  123. #123 Mark, Points: 21
    Software Developer Cybersecurity Consultant  

  124. #124 Eden wheeler, Points: 21
    Eden Wheeler is an IT developer with experience in DevOps. She has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and has been working in the software development industry for over 3 years. She is proficient in multiple programming...

  125. #125 Saki, Points: 21
    IT Support, DevOps, Dev

  126. #126 Lee jisuk, Points: 21
    HW field support enginner who working in KOREA

  127. #127 Katana02, Points: 21
    System Administrator in a Big Company in Germany

  128. #128 Todd Garner, Points: 21
    System Administrator with 14 years of professional experience.  That time has been spent troubleshooting and configuring our end-user experience. Heavy user of SCCM/MECM and providing software updates for 3,000+ client systems...

  129. #129 Rich OConnor, Points: 21
    UC Engineer

  130. #130 Farid, Points: 21
    Systems Administrator for a State entity.

  131. #131 Carol Kang, Points: 21
    Application Systems Analyst, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC. I have over 20 years of IT experience - Training, managing systems, Azure, Intune, Citrix, Exchange 2013, 2016, 365, Mobile Device Management.

  132. #132 Geovanny Cardenas, Points: 21
    Developed Competitive IT Strategic Solutions.DataCenter Consolidation, Server RationalizationDatacenter Migrations, OS and AD Migration, Remote Server ManagementEnterprise Performance monitoring.Delivering in an Onsite Offshore...

  133. #133 Jose I Rivera, Points: 21
    Senior IT and Network Supervisor for State University and USAF Cyber Retired.

  134. #134 German Alberto Mora Quintero, Points: 21
    I have 10 years of experience in which he has managed me as a service desk, on-site technician, administrator and in recent months I have come across powershell (a great tool), in which I have applied it at this time as a...

  135. #135 Van Ly, Points: 21
    IT Sys admin working in O&G industry. 20 yrs of working in the industry and learning and growing with evolving technology.

  136. #136 Firas Mansour, Points: 21
    IT Network and System Administrator

  137. #137 Michael, Points: 21
    Over 30+ years in IT

  138. #138 Duncan Schwartz, Points: 21
    25 years in IT, now in a managing role.

  139. #139 Ameer Hemmida, Points: 21
    A bachelor's degree in Physics - and doing Cybersecurity-Networking now

  140. #140 Kristaps Sams, Points: 21
    Been a coordinator for companies IT technical team in cash register system service field, worked in IT audit for some time in one of the BIG4 companies and currently I'm a Information System Security manager in my countries...

  141. #141 Kiran Babu, Points: 21
    Having Exp in IT field with 8 Years of Exp.

  142. #142 samaco, Points: 21
    I am an IT guy who loves to learn and share info with others.

  143. #143 Paul Masek, Points: 21
    Paul Masek has over 10 years of experience in the IT field, primarily as a systems administrator. In recent years, he has transitioned his career to information security. You can follow Paul on LinkedIn or Twitter.

  144. #144 Tim Tringle, Points: 21
    Have been in IT since 1992 professionally, even earlier if you count personal interest. Have worked for Companies like TBS Broadcast Sales, Schools and Libraries and now Impact Networking.

  145. #145 Thebe, Points: 21
    Devops Engineer

  146. #146 john marques, Points: 21
    Systems engineer

  147. #147 system manager, Points: 21
    40+ years into IT

  148. #148 Miguel Barreto, Points: 21
    About 12 years working in support and infrastructure.

  149. #149 Mick Shatswell, Points: 21
    K12 EdTech Engineer

  150. #150 Navin Dabiesingh, Points: 21
    I work in the Sys Admin field for 5 years now. I have experience in Windows server admin, namely AD, DC, GPOs. Also mail servers, and SCCM.

  151. #151 sree, Points: 21
    Junior DevOps Engineer

  152. #152 Hasan, Points: 21
    IT Specialist

  153. #153 Yannis Sintos, Points: 21
    System Administrator at University of Ioannina

  154. #154 Jon Irish, Points: 21
    Intelligence Specialist

  155. #155 Derek Schauland, Points: 20
    Derek Schauland has been working in the information technology industry for over 20 years. For almost as long, he has been authoring technical articles, whitepapers, and other resources to help others learn about new...

  156. #156 Luc Fullenwarth, Points: 20
    Luc is working as a Windows System Administrator since 1999. Information Technologies have always been his passion, especially scripting. Whatever goes through his hands is automated with PowerShell.

  157. #157 Jörgen Nilsson, Points: 20
    Jörgen is a principal consultant at Onevinn in Sweden. His work focuses on enterprise client management and system management. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise...

  158. #158 Steve Buchanan, Points: 20
    Steve Buchanan is a group manager of cloud transformation/DevOps with Avanade/Accenture, a seven-time Microsoft MVP, and author of several technical books focused on cloud and data center management. He has been in IT for 18+...

  159. #159 %user_profile_link%, Points: 20

  160. #160 Paul Schnackenburg, Points: 20
    Paul Schnackenburg works part time as an IT teacher as well as running his own business in Australia. He has MCSE, MCT, MCTS and MCITP certifications. Follow his blog TellITasITis.

  161. #161 Prateek Singh, Points: 20
    Prateek Singh is an infrastructure developer, an avid PowerShell blogger, and a community contributor. In 2017, FeedSpot recognized his blog as among the "Top 50 PowerShell blogs in the world." All of his...

  162. #162 Matthew Narvaez, Points: 20
    Data Center Ops Manager

  163. #163 Junsu, Points: 20
    Cloud System Engineer

  164. #164 Nagy László István, Points: 20
    System Administrator

  165. #165 Bashir Adekunle, Points: 20
    IT Analyst

  166. #166 Tim Buntrock, Points: 20
    Tim Buntrock started his IT career in 2008 with an apprenticeship and became more and more passionate about the IT business during the past years. Just check out his blog , and feel free to reach...

  167. #167 Matt McElreath, Points: 20
    Matt McElreath is a DevOps Engineer concentrating on automating cloud infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Terraform and Terraform Cloud, Azure and more. You can follow Matt on Twitter at @mmcelreath.

  168. #168 Vicente Alves, Points: 20
    I've been an IT sysop since 1996. Linux and Windows Servers system administrator Network system administrator Responsible for Cibersecurity.

  169. #169 Jeffery Hicks, Points: 20
    Jeff Hicks is a long-time Microsoft MVP specializing in PowerShell and automation. He creates PowerShell content for Pluralsight and blogs regularly at Jeff's latest project is a premium content...

  170. #170 James Rankin, Points: 20
    James is a consultant from the UK, specializing mainly in end-user computing, Active Directory and client-side monitoring. When not consulting for, he can often be found blogging, writing technical articles and...

  171. #171 Luis Angel, Points: 20
    I have experience in technical support at the hardware and software level, configuration of business systems, etc.

  172. #172 Brindhadevi Karthik, Points: 20
    i am student

  173. #173 Johannes Muller, Points: 20
    Since 2019 active in the IT and now 3 year working as Solution Architect

  174. #174 Sergio Bueso, Points: 20
    Technical Support Specialist

  175. #175 JC, Points: 20
    I've been working as IT professional for over 17 years.

  176. #176 Ruby Sidhu, Points: 20
    Ruby Sidhu B.SC Computer Sciences, Physics and Maths Network Co-Ordinator

  177. #177 Sitaram Pamarthi, Points: 20
    Sitaram Pamarthi is working as a Windows Engineer and his special fields of interest are PowerShell, Active Directory, Exchange, and virtualization.

  178. #178 Jason, Points: 20
    Sys admin in healthcare

  179. #179 Stephen Hyde, Points: 20
    Senior technical analyst for local council in education. Responsible for 60 servers on sites and Mecm distribution points also looking after data center servers. Mecm build for various teachers and pupil devices for team...

  180. #180 %user_profile_link%, Points: 20

  181. #181 Steve, Points: 20
    Recovering IT Pro, now Cyber Sec addict

  182. #182 Kolawole Akeredolu, Points: 20
    IT Operations senior System Analyst supporting Infrastruture.

  183. #183 Netword-Admin, Points: 20

  184. #184 Andrew Fitzgerald, Points: 20
    Andrew Fitzgerald (MCSE, MCSA,CCNA,VCP,SNIA) has worked as an Infrastructure Consultant for 20 years for some of the biggest firms in London. Follow his blog Cloud Infrastructure Services.

  185. #185 Jason B, Points: 20
    IATCO, Systems Admin

  186. #186 Richard Jackman, Points: 20
    Sysadmin and web developer for over 25 years. Currently working in devops.  

  187. #187 Farhan Qasim, Points: 20
    Experienced Systems Engineer specializing in Microsoft Intune, Azure, Active Directory, and Group Policy, with a deep understanding of modern workplace technologies. Offering hands-on experience in MEMCM/MEMMI/MECM/MEM, Modern...

  188. #188 Samy Lemal, Points: 20
    IT administrator System Engineering Security analyst

  189. #189 Emmanuel Moses, Points: 20
    System Administrator

  190. #190 Graham Beer, Points: 20
    Graham is an experienced IT professional with excellent PowerShell skills and a flair for automation with Microsoft and AWS products. Recently had a chapter published in The PowerShell Conference Book about extending Type Data....

  191. #191 Stephen, Points: 13
    Network & System

  192. #192 Brendan W, Points: 13
    Microsoft-oriented systems administrator for more than 10 years. Automation enthusiast. Powershell evangelist.

  193. #193 Jeff Tanner, Points: 12
    I've been working in IT for the last 20 years! omg can't believe i just said that. Anyways seen alot still learn alot.

  194. #194 William Schutt, Points: 9
    William Schutt works for a medium size specialty medical practice as their Systems Administrator.  As such I have a 'many hat' role here running Windows Linux and Vmware servers alongside coding in a proprietary medical...

  195. #195 Oscar Hellman, Points: 8
    Just a little fellow who likes to learn

  196. #196 Tochukwu Okoroafor, Points: 8
    I have been in IT for three years, Teams Administrator.

  197. #197 Leon Tetruashvili, Points: 7

  198. #198 Tom Siemers, Points: 6
    User System Consultant III Topeka, KS

  199. #199 Ramakant Thorat, Points: 6
    Working as System Administrator from last 5 Years. PowerShell, Windows Server, Azure are my area of interest. My day to day IT operations include System Administration, Server Administration, Vendor communication, Hardware, and...

  200. #200 Janos Varga, Points: 6  

  201. #201 thyttih, Points: 6
    I am IT Support

  202. #202 Harald Thees, Points: 6
    IT-Admin seit 18 Jahren

  203. #203 Florin G, Points: 6
    Experienced IT Specialist

  204. #204 Kaung Htet Aung, Points: 6
    Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

  205. #205 Tom Strader, Points: 5
    Senior Infrastructure Engineer with 30 years experience utilizing Microsoft and "Nix" systems.

  206. #206 Gabriel Ciurescu, Points: 5
    Worked in telecommunications ( fiber optics, microwave links, cellular networks for 20 years, then in Physical Security Systems ( Access Control, Surveillance, Video Analytics ) for about 10 years. Still in same industry, but...

  207. #207 Temitope Odemo, Points: 5
    Temitope has over 10 years' experience as a system administrator and currently works as a QA Engineer. He focuses on software quality assurance, software testing, security, and network management.

  208. #208 Ashish Roe, Points: 4
    I am a developer, learning new programming languages to push my career. I have 2 years of experience as a Java developer. I also have a decent knowledge of iOS app development.

  209. #209 Peter Vella, Points: 4
    I am and IT Manager working in Fire & Rescue NSW. I am interested in learning more about powershell scripting as it makes my work so much easier. I deal with basic domain issues such as adding PC's to domains, moving...

  210. #210 Dariusz Bartoszewicz, Points: 4
    25 years in IT.  Specializing in Windows products and HPE server hardware.

  211. #211 Enrico, Points: 4
    PC Technician IT 1st level Graduation Help Desk ( I- II level) DB. SysAdmin & NetAdmin

  212. #212 John Duncan, Points: 4
    Windows System Admin, Citrix Admin

  213. #213 Mike Taylor, Points: 4
    Mike has been working in IT for 20+ years. He is a Windows Endpoint engineer turned cloud consultant, scripter and OS deployment engineer based in the UK. He has a special interest in automation, security and PowerShell.

  214. #214 Mohamed Taoufik TEKAYA, Points: 4
    Hello, I am a software engineer who is passionate by the digital arts, the "2d-3d" animation process and the audio-visual special effects "VFX" for the media and the video game industries. Regards.

  215. #215 Richard Horvath, Points: 3
    I've worked in IT for ~7 years for a manufacturing company. I am currently an IT Coordinator.

  216. #216 dave, Points: 3
    System Admin

  217. #217 Shmuel Hamerman, Points: 3
    Currently an IT Manager at FinTech firm. Previous 15 years experience includes Sr. Systems Administrator, Helpdesk Engineer & Computer Support Specialist.

  218. #218 System admin, Points: 3
    System admin

  219. #219 Daniel Picard, Points: 3
    Several Powershell training (CBT nuggets, Learning tree, LinkedIN...) Windows and Server training CCNA (without the certification) Electronic engineering background with 10 years in IT now

  220. #220 Nicholas Batte, Points: 3
    Enthusiastic practitioner with demonstrated 20 years’ experience in IT Data Center infrastructure planning and operations; on-premises, Cloud, Systems and Network Infrastructure Design, Implementation, Administration,...

  221. #221 Gino Romano, Points: 3
    IT graduate with an emphasis on system administration and information security

  222. #222 Wangu Thupa, Points: 3
    I am just a simple IT guy , not really sure about my path. At the moment i am working as an IT support Supervisor

  223. #223 Paris Paraskeva, Points: 3
    IT admin in restaurant business.

  224. #224 Vibhu Bhatnagar, Points: 2
    I'm an ITManager with 15 years of experience ITPro I like to read articles and forums Love fixing issues with Sysinternals and I'm crazy about Powershell, looking forward to learning more from this awesome Platform.

  225. #225 Rob Best, Points: 2
    Just an IT Geek

  226. #226 Bill Kindle, Points: 2
    Bill is a former career systems administrator turned IT security engineer with more than 20 years' experience. He has worked for both small businesses and large multinational enterprises. Bill has been an author and editor for...

  227. #227 Randy Naughton, Points: 2
    IT Manager

  228. #228 Mykl Sandusky, Points: 2
    25+ in IT field as engineer, architect, and manager.

  229. #229 Michael Horan, Points: 2
    Forward-thinking, hands-on technical professional and project leader with 30+ years technical support, implementation, solution engineering, and IT management in the financial, manufacturing and manage service industries is...

  230. #230 Timothy Stewart, Points: 2
    Information Security Engineer

  231. #231 John Carr, Points: 2
    Network Administrator for States Attorneys Office for Baltimore City

  232. #232 Kathiramalainathan, Points: 2
    I have been working in IT Environment since 1998. right now working as a Storage Administrator in Germany

  233. #233 Darrell Bradley, Points: 2
    IT Manager

  234. #234 Gil Blumberg, Points: 1
    Sysadmin for a private company with focus on fully virtualised infrastructure using VMware

  235. #235 Candra Brunson, Points: 1

  236. #236 Marcos Aguilar, Points: 1 Computer Engineer. 15 years working at Mavitec. Technological Spànish company specialized in the CLOUD (AMAZON, AZURE, GOOGLE CLOUD) Specialties: IT project...

  237. #237 Anil, Points: 1
    System Administrator

  238. #238 Paul R, Points: 1
    27 years in IT.  Currently a Systems Administrator in San Diego CA working for the same company for 19 years.

  239. #239 Millie, Points: 1
    I'm an upcoming sysops engineer looking to learn more about powershell

  240. #240 David Atkin, Points: 1
    IT Engineer based in the UK

  241. #241 Lynwen Williams, Points: 1
    Cloud Engineer

  242. #242 Joe Curtis, Points: 1
    We have been providing Managed IT and Managed print services to our customers since '86

  243. #243 Claus Jensen, Points: 1
    IT Support and Operations since 2000. Been working with Microsoft technology and network since windows95 Works as IT Operations manager in Danish High-Tech company In love with technology 🙂  

  244. #244 brian mogaka, Points: 1
    VoIP Analyst

  245. #245 Preston Bowen, Points: 1
    Systems Administrator - Try to be as well-rounded of an IT Technician as possible...

  246. #246 Gordie Cumming, Points: 1
    IT professional in Central Oregon.  I enjoy server configuration, management and system virtualization.  Helping people understand their technology and how to get the most out of it is rewarding.

  247. #247 Kim Vogel, Points: 1
    Level 1 Systems administrator

  248. #248 Dave Sokalski, Points: 1
    24 years experience in IT. Last 14 years as a Senior Technical Analyst in my current position

  249. #249 Michael Morten Sonne, Points: 1
    Im strong in Microsoft, VMware and "univarsal" stuff, work at GlobalConnect in Denmark as "Managed Service Specialist" in your Outsoursing department there is focused in VMware (vCloud etc.), Hyper-V, Azure and soon AWS. See...

  250. #250 Ronaldo Afonso, Points: 1
    I am passionate about Linux and computer networks. I have been in the computer field for more than twenty-five years and during all this time I have already done programming, network administration, system administration and...

  251. #251 David Johnson, Points: 1
    Microsoft MVP 2002-Present

  252. #252 Marc McKnight, Points: 1
    20+ year IT veteran. Primarily self taught who continues to learn all possible

  253. #253 Ryan, Points: 1
    University of Washington - Finance Sr. Systems Administrator (2018-Present) University of Washington - CISO Information Security Analyst (2017-2018)

  254. #254 Randy Allen, Points: 1
    Randy's been working for TSYS as a configuration manager for 10 years in their distributed applications division. He's been trying to automate himself out of a job that entire time!

  255. #255 Sikandar, Points: 1
    I work as an IT Specialist in one of the law firms. My daily duties are working on:- Exchange Online Microsoft Teams VMware

  256. #256 Joe Bertoncin, Points: 1
    Beginner in PowerShell. Familiar with a few scripting languages, pro at none. IT background spanning 20+ years, mostly in Windows client management and support.

  257. #257 Mark Lawrence, Points: 1
    I am a 18 year IT professional working as a Systems Engineer in Nashville, Tn. Currently working with VMWare, Netapp, UCS. We are trying to utilize AWS and whatever other cloud technologies we can to reduce cost and improve on...

  258. #258 Eugene, Points: 1
    Network engineer. It is a nice resource.

  259. #259 Abid, Points: 1
    Systems engineer

  260. #260 Ajay Prashar, Points: 1
    A Senior Systems Administrator for 25+ years. Primarily working with Microsoft server and desktop technologies on Dell, HP, and EMC hardware.

  261. #261 Balwant Chandel, Points: 1
    Balwant is an integration engineer who focuses on Windows servers, cloud computing, identity management and security.

  262. #262 Kiran Sharma, Points: 1
    Windows System Administrator Level 2

  263. #263 Conley Damron, Points: 1
    Server Administrator.

  264. #264 Faisal, Points: 1
    Azure and Windows Server Administrator. Hybrid Azure Administrator. Hybrid Windows Administrator.

  265. #265 Jai Corthals, Points: 1
    IT Manager and Systems Administrator, which works for an MSP is Cortech Systems on the Gold Coast, Australia.

  266. #266 Toofanian, Sotoodeh, Points: 1
    IT Pro in VMware Virtualization Technology.

  267. #267 Jim Williamson, Points: 1
    Global Team Lead | Azure/Citrix/VMware/Windows ADM

  268. #268 Nafees Khan, Points: 1
    Novice sysops, learning my way through all the perks

  269. #269 Test User, Points: 1

  270. #270 Luis Vidal, Points: 1
    Current Job: Tech Support Analyst

  271. #271 Alexander Pazik, Points: 1
    Alexander is a Systems Engineer and IT Project Manager with a strong background in Active Directory, PowerShell, System Center, and VMware. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and learn more about the services offered by his...

  272. #272 Gideon Kay, Points: 1
    Computer programmer at county government. PC networking support and troubleshooting.

  273. #273 Jim Lovejoy, Points: 1
    Information Technology Architecture Professional spanning 30+ years of IT Delivery experience. Primary focus for the past ~20 years has been dedicated around full end-to-end design and engineering lifecycles of technologies...

  274. #274 Franky, Points: 1
    System engineer @ Az Alma

  275. #275 Ed Moradkhani, Points: 1
    CNSS over 22 years

  276. #276 Karl Aube, Points: 1
    Karl Aube, Aka Kark! (Thanks to a simple typo and a group of fun loving of co-workers). Currently a Professional Services Architect at True North ITG. I design, build, migrate, troubleshoot and support our client's hosted...

  277. #277 Gerhard Schweinschwaller, Points: 1

  278. #278 Alan Weitzsacker, Points: 1
    Started in a local HMO in 1983-84, as paid internship before earning associates in data processing. HMO work: saves on IBM S/34, work on migration to new system on VAX 11/780, wiring building, managing Tellabs mux's. Moved to...

  279. #279 Nicholas Kulkarni, Points: 1
    From Green Screen Standalone with a Floppy and a dial up modem to LAN, WAN and Virtualised Servers over four Decades. Began coding in BASIC as a hobby in 1980 using rented time on a CBM green screen with two floppy disk...

  280. #280 Brian King, Points: 1

  281. #281 Blake Ashwell, Points: 1
    I have worked as a System Administration in Windows environments for 5 years. I am looking to further my skill set by gaining scripting knowledge. I also have a great background in Desktop Support particularly Windows 7 and 10....

  282. #282 Alberto Castro, Points: 1
    I am just starting a new job as technology support associate and looking for and to help where I can.

  283. #283 Mark, Points: 1
    DevOps System Engineer - VMware Workspace One (UEM & Access) On-Premise environment - On-Premise Active Directory - Azure connected

  284. #284 B, Points: 1
    I am working as internal IT, help desk support, DevOps engineer.

  285. #285 Gunnar Haslinger, Points: 1

  286. #286 Kalle, Points: 1
    System administrator

  287. #287 Mike Douglas, Points: 1
    I've been in IT in some form of systems administration role for approximately 30 years. I'm a write once and never do it again scripting/automation guy that started with BAT files, GW-BASIC executables, VBScript and now almost...

  288. #288 Emanuel da Silva, Points: 1
    CGi, MillenniumBCP, IBM, Oni @ Sys Adm

  289. #289 A1blogger, Points: 1

  290. #290 Richard, Points: 1
    Experience in software development, data warehousing and DevOps across multiple vendor stacks.

  291. #291 John Kull, Points: 1
    "Seasoned" Sysop/netadmin/telecom admin

  292. #292 Andre Siedentopf, Points: 1
    I work on the instructional side of the IT department at Santa Rosa Junior Colleges in California. We are just setting up MECM for deployment as opposed to using Ghost. Very excited so far.

  293. #293 Richard Moesbergen, Points: 1
    Application Support and Development Officer (SysAdmin) Local Government

  294. #294 Christoph Jandek, Points: 1
    since 1997 Sysadmin at Allweiler GmbH SAP Systemadminstration Hyper-V VMware Windows Server

  295. #295 BGONLINES, Points: 1
    I want use powershell for my network of company.

  296. #296 Cary Wagner, Points: 1
    45+ year in Tech & IT...

  297. #297 Angela Rittenhouse, Points: 1
    I am currently an IT Help Desk Administrator and would like to learn PowerShell from ground up. My goals someday I will be able to master powershell with full confidence. I have created a home computer lab, plan to take MCSA...

  298. #298 Tony Frutchey, Points: 1
    IT Manager with over 20 years Windows Administration experience.  Support MS365, Exchange, SQL Server, Azure, Teams, Sharepoint.  Always on the lookout for better ways to do things.  The more I can automate the better.

  299. #299 Bojan Karaman, Points: 1
    Solutions-focused and technical-minded IT professional with extensive experience in the system configuration, network support and analysis, software management and administrative support. I have 10+ years of experience in...

  300. #300 cvbob3789, Points: 1

  301. #301 ROB SMITH, Points: 1
    Software Development & Engineering at Comcast in Philadelphia

  302. #302 Sanam Pakuwal, Points: 1
    IT Pro

  303. #303 Josh Neagle, Points: 1
    Have worked in IT since 1999, starting from a know-nothing 18 year old to a still learning 37 year old sysadmin. All 19 years have been in education, half K-12 and half higher ed.

  304. #304 Dan Greenhaus, Points: 1
    Dan is a Senior Enterprise Applications Analyst for a midsize financial company, where he manages server-based applications both on-prem and in the cloud. His primary area of interest is Active Directory administration and the...

  305. #305 Mitch Duncan, Points: 1
    Azure Cloud Engineer

  306. #306 Husam Ahmad, Points: 1
    Data Center Section Head

  307. #307 Terry Kirschner, Points: 1
    Over 25 years as a system administrator, developer, project manager, senior tech, and system manager.  

  308. #308 Chris Higgins, Points: 1
    Tech consultant who specialises in creating complete system builds utilizing powershell.

  309. #309 ijskristallen, Points: 1
    support system engineer

  310. #310 Ben Norcutt, Points: 1
    Ben Norcutt is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) with 13 years experience in IT administration in educational establishments.

  311. #311 Christian Heredia, Points: 1
    Been working as a sys-admin since 2008.

  312. #312 Carl Simon, Points: 1
    Interests: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 services, PowerShell scripting, studying for & passing IT certs without cheating.

  313. #313 Travis Farrell, Points: 1
    I'm a very seasoned IT professional with over 30+ years of amateur (5 years) and professional (28 years) IT experience.  My professional career started at the help desk and I am now the Director of Infrastructure for a large...

  314. #314 Glyn, Points: 1
    Been working in IT since 2000 as a Network Manager. Using Computers since mid 80's

  315. #315 Philip Pooke, Points: 1
    Worked in IT for a number of years

  316. #316 DaVinci, Points: 1
    Cloud Architect with 20+ years experience in everything IT.

  317. #317 Andrew, Points: 1
    It support lvl 1

  318. #318 Dileep, Points: 1
    Masters in Telecommunication and Network Engineer Currently working as Desktop Engineer.

  319. #319 tom tanner, Points: 1
    System Adminwork primarily with Windows

  320. #320 okolosov, Points: -3
    Writing about software and system administration.

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