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  1. Profile gravatar of Paolo Maffezzoli

    #1 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 451
    IT systems administrator server infrastructures (Windows,VMware, Linux)

  2. Profile gravatar of Karim Buzdar

    #2 Karim Buzdar, Points: 354

    Karim Buzdar holds a degree in telecommunication engineering and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for Server Infrastructure. As an IT engineer and technical author, he focuses on Microsoft Directory Services and PowerShell. You can reach Karim...

  3. Profile gravatar of Milos Mitic

    #3 Milos Mitic, Points: 126
    Windows server administration and SAN

  4. Profile gravatar of Tato

    #4 Tato, Points: 105
    Newbie in Sys Admin

  5. Profile gravatar of Leos Marek

    #5 Leos Marek, Points: 40

    Im working in IT more than 10 years now. Starting from no-experience basic helpdesk support in small software company thru different positions up to today where I work as System Administrator for shopfloor production systems (automotive).I work mainly with Windows...

  6. Profile gravatar of Adam Bertram

    #6 Adam Bertram, Points: 38
    Adam is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Profressional (MVP) who specializes in Windows PowerShell. You can reach Adam at or on Twitter at @adbertram.

  7. Profile gravatar of Jason Coltrin

    #7 Jason Coltrin, Points: 35
    Jason Coltrin has been working in IT for more than 17 years. He holds an MCSE 2003 Security+ plus various Palo Alto and SonicWall firewall certifications. He also is an avid Linux Administrator and currently works in higher education.

  8. Profile gravatar of Vladan Seget

    #8 Vladan Seget, Points: 30
    Vladan Seget is as an independent consultant, professional blogger, vExpert 2009-2016, VCAP5-DCA/DCD, VCP, and MCSA. He has been working for over 15 years as a system engineer.

  9. Profile gravatar of Lily Marano

    #9 Lily Marano, Points: 21

  10. Profile gravatar of Alex Chaika

    #10 Alex Chaika, Points: 19
    Alex Chaika is a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) with more than 15 years of experience in IT systems engineering. He currently focuses on PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI.

  11. Profile gravatar of Mike Taylor

    #11 Mike Taylor, Points: 12
    Mike Taylor has been working in IT for 12 years. He is a Windows administrator, scripter and OS deployment engineer based in London.

  12. Profile gravatar of Douglas Camus

    #12 Douglas Camus, Points: 11
    trying to be a sysadmin

  13. Profile gravatar of Paul Schnackenburg

    #13 Paul Schnackenburg, Points: 11
    Paul Schnackenburg works part time as an IT teacher as well as running his own business in Australia. He has MCSE, MCT, MCTS and MCITP certifications. Follow his blog TellITasITis.

  14. Profile gravatar of Dan Franciscus

    #14 Dan Franciscus, Points: 9
    Dan Franciscus is a systems engineer and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) specializing in VMware, PowerShell, and other Microsoft-based technologies. You can reach Dan at his blog or his Twitter at @dan_franciscus.

  15. Profile gravatar of Glyn

    #15 Glyn, Points: 6
    I am an IT Network Manager in a school. Always looking for better ways to run the network. We currently have 300 + PC's running Windows 7, but I am actively going through our GPO's and trying to get it ready for Windows 10. Hoping to deploy during the summer.

  16. Profile gravatar of Alex Pazik

    #16 Alex Pazik, Points: 5
    Alexander specializes in Windows deployments and systems management applications such as System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Operations Manager.

  17. Profile gravatar of Mauro

    #17 Mauro, Points: 4 

  18. Profile gravatar of Chris Staten

    #18 Chris Staten, Points: 4
    30 y exp

  19. Profile gravatar of Megan Wills

    #19 Megan Wills, Points: 4
    Windows Systems Administrator. Primary focus is on end-user computing, some VDI, some ThinApp, now mostly SCCM and AD GPO.

  20. Profile gravatar of Florin

    #20 Florin, Points: 4
    System administrator level 2, experience with Windows Server, Exchange, Lync, SCCM.

  21. Profile gravatar of Jim Restucci

    #21 Jim Restucci, Points: 4
    Co-Owner and System Administrator of Axcess Internet Services, Inc. in Sunnyside, Washington. Over 30 years in IT experience including 10 years in military IT.

  22. Profile gravatar of Einer

    #22 Einer, Points: 3
    Jr System Admin

  23. Profile gravatar of Nicholus

    #23 Nicholus, Points: 3

    BSc Degree in Computer Sciences and Information Technology. I was a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for a year and 8 months. Currently a system engineer administrating  Microsoft Dynamics CRM, BizTalk and Team Foundation Server. I am a PowerShell user working towards...

  24. Profile gravatar of Chad Arterbury

    #24 Chad Arterbury, Points: 3

    Chad Arterbury is a Senior IT Administrator working at multi-national risk company with primary responsibilities of Virtualization and Storage.  His primary focus is building low cost storage platforms that suit the needs of the task at hand with Scaleio being the SDS at...

  25. Profile gravatar of Jörgen Nilsson

    #25 Jörgen Nilsson, Points: 3

    Jörgen is a principal consultant at Onevinn in Sweden. His work focuses on enterprise client management and system management. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise Mobility. He also speaks at events such as...

  26. Profile gravatar of Joseph Moody

    #26 Joseph Moody, Points: 3
    Joseph Moody is a network admin for a public school system. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management. He blogs at

  27. Profile gravatar of Gerardo Piermattei

    #27 Gerardo Piermattei, Points: 3
    Telecommunications Engineer working for Ascentio Technologies SA  in mission critical designs with more than 4 years of experience in aerospace field.

  28. Profile gravatar of Kyle Beckman

    #28 Kyle Beckman, Points: 3
    Kyle Beckman works as a systems administrator in Atlanta, GA supporting Office 365 in higher education.  He has 17+ years of systems administration experience. You can follow him on Twitter or his blog,

  29. Profile gravatar of Vdmeulenz

    #29 Vdmeulenz, Points: 3
    Windows 10 insider

  30. Profile gravatar of Matthew Swint

    #30 Matthew Swint, Points: 3
    Systems Engineer in Financial Sector

  31. Profile gravatar of Wayne Jones

    #31 Wayne Jones, Points: 2
    IT professional with over 20 years experience.  Currently working with a local IT services company in the position of Senior Network Administrator.LinkedIn Profile

  32. Profile gravatar of Randy Naughton

    #32 Randy Naughton, Points: 2
    IT Manager

  33. Profile gravatar of Jim

    #33 Jim, Points: 2
    Information Technology specialist

  34. Profile gravatar of Ami Casto

    #34 Ami Casto, Points: 2

    Ami Casto, technical evangelist at Adaptiva, is a frequent industry speaker and contributor to the systems management community. Ami is best known for her work as technical editor at Deployment Artist for Windows Operating Systems, Deployment and Systems Management....

  35. Profile gravatar of John Rispoli

    #35 John Rispoli, Points: 2
    Systems Engineer for Managed I.T. Services Company

  36. Profile gravatar of Krishna Chalise

    #36 Krishna Chalise, Points: 1
    An automation lover and linux enthussiast who as working as an Associate System Admin

  37. Profile gravatar of Baumann

    #37 Baumann, Points: 1
    SystemAdmin in German authority ITZBund

  38. Profile gravatar of Robert

    #38 Robert, Points: 1

    1997-2003 IBM printing systems: analyst 2003 assisted ten wks in NYC Botanical Gardens IT Dept. 2005 Attanasio & Associates, Inc. incorporate assistive technology for ESL NYC BOE sys. 2001-present ; chief cook and bottle washer at Isha EnterprisesLLC dba...

  39. Profile gravatar of BOUADOU

    #39 BOUADOU, Points: 1
    Network administrator

  40. Profile gravatar of Tim Martins

    #40 Tim Martins, Points: 1
    I have been in IT since 2009, I have been responsible for everything from the fingertips to the routers.  Currently I am an INFOSEC professional.

  41. Profile gravatar of Micah Rairdon

    #41 Micah Rairdon, Points: 1
    Live and work in Grand Rapids, MI at Haworth Inc.I work in the most comfy chairs ever... basically.Blog:  | Twitter: @tiberriver256

  42. Profile gravatar of William Batzle

    #42 William Batzle, Points: 1
    Systems Administrator

  43. Profile gravatar of Henry Ng

    #43 Henry Ng, Points: 1
    18 working IT experience. Hold MCSA and VCP5-DCV certificate

  44. Profile gravatar of Fernando

    #44 Fernando, Points: 1

    Expert consultant with wide experience in Operating Systems, Networking and Data Storage. IT Department Manager and particularly interested in network design and integration, as well as comunication systems. Continious interest in projects regarding implementation,...

  45. Profile gravatar of Richard Bailey

    #45 Richard Bailey, Points: 1
    Over 20 years as an IT pro in various industries.  Currently hold position as VP of IT for a regional health-care provider.

  46. Profile gravatar of Frans Koren

    #46 Frans Koren, Points: 1
    SysAdmin Windows Server, Windows Client, System Center

  47. Profile gravatar of Josh K

    #47 Josh K, Points: 1
    14 years in IT

  48. Profile gravatar of Louis-Simon Binette

    #48 Louis-Simon Binette, Points: 1
    IT Analyst Commission scolaire de Portneuf

  49. Profile gravatar of Salim Hurjuk

    #49 Salim Hurjuk, Points: 1
    Citrix Administrator

  50. Profile gravatar of John Strode

    #50 John Strode, Points: 1
    Help Desk (and whatever my boss asks me). A+, Network+, Security+, Project+, and MCTS: Microsoft Windows 7, Configuration

  51. Profile gravatar of Mohamed Mokhtar

    #51 Mohamed Mokhtar, Points: 1

    Senior System and Network Engineer with +13 years of increasing responsibilities in technical leadership, computer technology, and business-critical management. Expertise in networking concepts, TCP/IP protocol, and network security; knowledge of firewall setup and...

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