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  1. Profile gravatar of Luc FULLENWARTH

    #1 Luc FULLENWARTH, Points: 894
    Luc is working as a Windows System Administrator since 1999. Information Technologies have always been his passion, especially scripting. Whatever he does, he tries to do it via Powershell, and ISE has become his main working tool.

  2. Profile gravatar of Paolo Maffezzoli

    #2 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 458
    IT systems administrator server infrastructures (Windows,VMware, Linux)

  3. Profile gravatar of Mauro

    #3 Mauro, Points: 184 

  4. Profile gravatar of Yiannos

    #4 Yiannos, Points: 129
    Experienced freelance systems manager in both Windows and Linux systems as well as other larger Unix systems such as AIX.

  5. Profile gravatar of Adam Bertram

    #5 Adam Bertram, Points: 117
    Adam is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Profressional (MVP) who specializes in Windows PowerShell. You can reach Adam at or on Twitter at @adbertram.

  6. Profile gravatar of Ruben

    #6 Ruben, Points: 86
    > 10 Years Windows Server Admin, focus on Automation ( PowerShell, VBS, C# ),  OpsMgr and bit of Linux.

  7. Profile gravatar of Alex Pazik

    #7 Alex Pazik, Points: 81
    Alexander specializes in Windows deployments and systems management applications such as System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Operations Manager.

  8. Profile gravatar of Josh Rickard

    #8 Josh Rickard, Points: 75

    Josh Rickard works as a Manager on the Product Management team for PhishMe, Inc. Josh's primary focus is in Windows security (Blue Team) and PowerShell automation. Prior to joining PhishMe, Josh was a Security Analyst at a large public university where he focused on...

  9. Profile gravatar of Karim Buzdar

    #9 Karim Buzdar, Points: 71

    Karim Buzdar holds a degree in telecommunication engineering and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for Server Infrastructure. As an IT engineer and technical author, he focuses on Microsoft Directory Services and PowerShell. You can reach Karim...

  10. Profile gravatar of Jörgen Nilsson

    #10 Jörgen Nilsson, Points: 36

    Jörgen is a principal consultant at Onevinn in Sweden. His work focuses on enterprise client management and system management. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise Mobility. He also speaks at events such as...

  11. Profile gravatar of Alex Chaika

    #11 Alex Chaika, Points: 32
    Alex Chaika is a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) with more than 15 years of experience in IT systems engineering. He currently focuses on PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI.

  12. Profile gravatar of Vladan Seget

    #12 Vladan Seget, Points: 27
    Vladan Seget is as an independent consultant, professional blogger, vExpert 2009-2016, VCAP5-DCA/DCD, VCP, and MCSA. He has been working for over 15 years as a system engineer.

  13. Profile gravatar of Micah Rairdon

    #13 Micah Rairdon, Points: 26
    Live and work in Grand Rapids, MI at Haworth Inc.I work in the most comfy chairs ever... basically.Blog:  | Twitter: @tiberriver256

  14. Profile gravatar of Leos Marek

    #14 Leos Marek, Points: 21

    Im working in IT more than 10 years now. Starting from no-experience basic helpdesk support in small software company thru different positions up to today where I work as System Administrator for shopfloor production systems (automotive).I work mainly with Windows...

  15. Profile gravatar of Paul Schnackenburg

    #15 Paul Schnackenburg, Points: 18
    Paul Schnackenburg works part time as an IT teacher as well as running his own business in Australia. He has MCSE, MCT, MCTS and MCITP certifications. Follow his blog TellITasITis.

  16. Profile gravatar of Denywinarto

    #16 Denywinarto, Points: 16
    IT manager at transportation company in Indonesia.

  17. Profile gravatar of Lisandro da Silva

    #17 Lisandro da Silva, Points: 15
    Been in IT for more than 5 years

  18. Profile gravatar of Bo Geizwitz

    #18 Bo Geizwitz, Points: 14
    I have worked in IT for 15 years, and I manage over 400+ virtual servers for my organization. We are a 4-man IT team, but we all love our jobs.I would best describe myself as a jack of all trades, master of none. I am very content with being in this position.

  19. Profile gravatar of Silambarasan

    #19 Silambarasan, Points: 11
    I am Infrastructure engineer over 7 years experience in server, network and security.

  20. Profile gravatar of DishaRathod

    #20 DishaRathod, Points: 11
    DevOps Enthusiast

  21. Profile gravatar of Joseph Moody

    #21 Joseph Moody, Points: 11
    Joseph Moody is a network admin for a public school system. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management. He blogs at

  22. Profile gravatar of Dan Franciscus

    #22 Dan Franciscus, Points: 10
    Dan Franciscus is a systems engineer and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) specializing in VMware, PowerShell, and other Microsoft-based technologies. You can reach Dan at his blog or his Twitter at @dan_franciscus.

  23. Profile gravatar of

    #23, Points: 8

  24. Profile gravatar of Bojan Karaman

    #24 Bojan Karaman, Points: 7
    Solutions-focused and technical-minded IT professional with extensive experience in the system configuration, network support and analysis, software management and administrative support.I have 10+ years of experience in system administration.

  25. Profile gravatar of Ray

    #25 Ray, Points: 7

    I am a System Administrator Coordinator - Virtualization & District Applications Support providing systems administration and support for our virtual environment, SAN and vCenter. I also support district applications, web sites and storage for administrators, teachers...

  26. Profile gravatar of Ami Casto

    #26 Ami Casto, Points: 7

    Ami Casto, technical evangelist at Adaptiva, is a frequent industry speaker and contributor to the systems management community. Ami is best known for her work as technical editor at Deployment Artist for Windows Operating Systems, Deployment and Systems Management....

  27. Profile gravatar of Jorge Frias

    #27 Jorge Frias, Points: 5
    System Administrator

  28. Profile gravatar of Theofilos

    #28 Theofilos, Points: 5
    Cisco CCNA R&S / Voice / Security CertifiedMicrosoft MCP

  29. Profile gravatar of R3B00T

    #29 R3B00T, Points: 5
    Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) IT ADMIN

  30. Profile gravatar of David Figueroa

    #30 David Figueroa, Points: 5
    I've worked on everything from IBM mainframes back in the day to SQL Server to Exchange, etc.  The last 20+ years of my career have been focused primarily on Citrix..

  31. Profile gravatar of Srinivas Barathula

    #31 Srinivas Barathula, Points: 4
    i have 3+ years of experience in windows platform and able to analyse and had a better understanding on powershell. i'm able to write some little scripts for daily task automations and i'm curious to develop scripts for daily admin tasks.

  32. Profile gravatar of Jim Williams

    #32 Jim Williams, Points: 4

    After leaving school I worked for 12 years as an aircraft technician in the Royal Air Force. After leaving I did a course in electronics which became me stepping stone to a career in IT support. I got my first IT job after volunteering in my local school, primarily to get...

  33. Profile gravatar of Jason Coltrin

    #33 Jason Coltrin, Points: 4
    Jason Coltrin has been working in IT for more than 17 years. He holds an MCSE 2003 Security+ plus various Palo Alto and SonicWall firewall certifications. He also is an avid Linux Administrator and currently works in higher education.

  34. Profile gravatar of Timothy Warner

    #34 Timothy Warner, Points: 3
    Timothy Warner is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who is based in Nashville, TN. Check out his Azure and Windows Server video training at Pluralsight, and feel free to reach out to Tim via Twitter.

  35. Profile gravatar of Bastian A. Wieczorek

    #35 Bastian A. Wieczorek, Points: 3
    Bastian is a senior IT consultant with more than 20 years of experience in IT administration. He focuses on helping organizations plan and operate enterprise collaboration solutions.

  36. Profile gravatar of Geoff Kendal

    #36 Geoff Kendal, Points: 3
    Geoff Kendal is a Windows/Linux systems administrator, scripter and problem solver, with over 12 years experience, based in Leeds, UK.

  37. Profile gravatar of Jeffery Hicks

    #37 Jeffery Hicks, Points: 3
    Jeffery Hicks is a multi-year Microsoft MVP in Windows PowerShell, Microsoft Certified Professional and an IT veteran with 25 years of experience specializing in automation. He works today as an author, trainer and consultant.

  38. Profile gravatar of Jakub

    #38 Jakub, Points: 3

  39. Profile gravatar of Michael

    #39 Michael, Points: 3
    Server AdministratorHyper -V 2012Exchange 2013Office 365Server 2012 - 2016Minor Linux support - Red Hat - Centos

  40. Profile gravatar of MadisonQuinn

    #40 MadisonQuinn, Points: 3
    Having more than 5 years experience at in IT professional with expertise in providing Enterprise Performance Engineering solutions & Integrated end to end IT monitoring solutions to clients from various industries.

  41. Profile gravatar of Michael Burr

    #41 Michael Burr, Points: 3
    Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand

  42. Profile gravatar of Andre

    #42 Andre, Points: 3
    Wintel Technical Specialist in implementing Citrix and SCCM.

  43. Profile gravatar of Kyle Beckman

    #43 Kyle Beckman, Points: 3
    Kyle Beckman works as a systems administrator in Atlanta, GA supporting Office 365 in higher education.  He has 17+ years of systems administration experience. You can follow him on Twitter or his blog,

  44. Profile gravatar of Gary Calvert

    #44 Gary Calvert, Points: 3
    Windows System Administrator for a North American Aerospace company.

  45. Profile gravatar of Matt Wilson

    #45 Matt Wilson, Points: 2
    Not really a professional but a keenly interested amateur. Have completed CCNA a few years ago and love reading and experimenting with Cisco networking gear.

  46. Profile gravatar of Seema

    #46 Seema, Points: 2
    System Admin

  47. Profile gravatar of I Dolan

    #47 I Dolan, Points: 2
    Just started learning Powershelgl for my job

  48. Profile gravatar of Mitch Summerlin

    #48 Mitch Summerlin, Points: 2
    Sr System Analyst - SQL

  49. Profile gravatar of Steven_Markos

    #49 Steven_Markos, Points: 2
    Mobi Tech specialist

  50. Profile gravatar of Jim Restucci

    #50 Jim Restucci, Points: 2
    Co-Owner and System Administrator of Axcess Internet Services, Inc. in Sunnyside, Washington. Over 30 years in IT experience including 10 years in military IT.

  51. Profile gravatar of Jozef Ivanic

    #51 Jozef Ivanic, Points: 2
    IT Administrator

  52. Profile gravatar of Simon

    #52 Simon, Points: 2
    I am an IT person working for a small it house supporting 7 clients totaling 50 users

  53. Profile gravatar of Gigi

    #53 Gigi, Points: 2
    Windows System Administrator

  54. Profile gravatar of imran

    #54 imran, Points: 2
    Learner ( Student)

  55. Profile gravatar of Antoine

    #55 Antoine, Points: 1
    Never ending search for knowledge.

  56. Profile gravatar of Robert Authement

    #56 Robert Authement, Points: 1
    I study security in a virtual sandbox environment before bringing the zero day into the field for deployment.

  57. Profile gravatar of Robert

    #57 Robert, Points: 1
    IT Security officer for 2 years now.

  58. Profile gravatar of Max

    #58 Max, Points: 1 

  59. Profile gravatar of John

    #59 John, Points: 1
    Active Directory System Administrator

  60. Profile gravatar of Ashwin Ram R

    #60 Ashwin Ram R, Points: 1

    Ashwin is an ITSM best practice consultant and has 3 years of experience writing blogs, IT success stories, and easy tips and tricks for IT technicians and IT admins. Ashwin has made presentations and speeches on ITSM best practices at events like HDI conference &...

  61. Profile gravatar of Stéphane van Gulick

    #61 Stéphane van Gulick, Points: 1
    Stéphane is an IT engineer from Switzerland, a PowerShell Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and coorganizer of the French PowerShell User Group. He blogs at

  62. Profile gravatar of Larry Vinal

    #62 Larry Vinal, Points: 1
    Information System Support Specialist II in electronic document management.

  63. Profile gravatar of Magnus

    #63 Magnus, Points: 1
    Virtualization, Remote Access and Citrix VDI and XenApp Engineering and architecture

  64. Profile gravatar of Richard Bailey

    #64 Richard Bailey, Points: 1
    Over 20 years as an IT pro in various industries.  Currently hold position as VP of IT for a regional health-care provider.

  65. Profile gravatar of Ryan Wickwire

    #65 Ryan Wickwire, Points: 1
    System Administrator at a satellite communication company.

  66. Profile gravatar of Chris Staten

    #66 Chris Staten, Points: 1
    30 y exp

  67. Profile gravatar of Ryan

    #67 Ryan, Points: 1
    AD Admin

  68. Profile gravatar of Wolfgang Sommergut

    #68 Wolfgang Sommergut, Points: 0
    Wolfgang Sommergut has over 20 years of experience in IT journalism. He has also worked as a system administrator and as a tech consultant. Today he runs the German publication

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