The member who receives the most points in particular month will get US$100, the runner-up $50, and the third place finisher $25. The member leaderboard is based on this point system. Please read my introduction to the 4sysops member competition. The member leaderboard of the previous month can be found here, the member leaderboard of the current year is here and the all-time member leaderboard is here.

  1. #1 Surender Kumar, Points: 1,129
    Surender Kumar has more than twelve years of experience in server and network administration. His fields of interest are Windows Servers, Active Directory, PowerShell, web servers, networking, Linux, virtualization, and...

  2. #2 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 739
    IT systems administrator server infrastructures (Windows,VMware)

  3. #3 Brandon Lee, Points: 300
    Brandon Lee has been in the IT industry 15+ years and focuses on networking and virtualization. He contributes to the community through various blog posts and technical documentation primarily at

  4. #4 Michael Pietroforte, Points: 272
    Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor in chief of 4sysops. He has more than 35 years of experience in IT management and system administration.

  5. #5 Wolfgang Sommergut, Points: 240
    Wolfgang Sommergut has over 20 years of experience in IT journalism. He has also worked as a system administrator and as a tech consultant. Today he runs the German publication

  6. #6 Leos Marek, Points: 188
    Leos has started in the IT industry in 1995. For the past 15+ years he focused on Windows Server, VMware administration and security. Recently, Leos is focusing on automation via Ansible. He is also a Certified Ethical Hacker.

  7. #7 David Figueroa, Points: 122
    I've worked on everything from IBM mainframes back in the day to SQL Server to Exchange, etc.  The last 20+ years of my career have been focused primarily on Citrix..

  8. #8 Timothy Warner, Points: 120
    Timothy Warner is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who is based in Nashville, TN. Check out his Azure and Windows Server video training at Pluralsight, and feel free to reach out to...

  9. #9 AlexTLS, Points: 82
    IT operation

  10. #10 bazz, Points: 81

  11. #11 Marcus, Points: 65
    20-year veteran of SQL Server BI.  New to PowerShell.

  12. #12 Edem Afenyo, Points: 61
    Edem works as a consulting sysadmin for SMEs, where he primarily focuses on Windows, Linux, VMware, and KVM virtualization environments. He has experience with Python and the container ecosystem. As a DevSecOps professional,...

  13. #13 Pablo Brincat, Points: 58
    As a technology author and entrepreneur, I've been imparting knowledge and documenting my experiences while also developing software and building tech start-ups. Accumulating 50+ software development and management related...

  14. #14 Symon Michael, Points: 46
    I'm an IT engineer with 23 years of experience in Build Engineering / Release Management / DevOps with a specific focus on automation, reporting and direct customer support.  I'm currently living in Delaware and working in the...

  15. #15 Mike Kanakos, Points: 41
    Mike Kanakos is a Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, tech blogger and PowerShell community leader. He writes about infrastructure management and cloud automation. You can follow Mike on his blog...

  16. #16 Frederico Rodrigues, Points: 41
    Working with Cloud improving security posture

  17. #17 Adam Bertram, Points: 40
    Adam Bertram is a 20-year IT veteran, Microsoft MVP, blogger, and trainer.

  18. #18 Sunny Parmar, Points: 26
    As an IT professional, I have nine years of combined experience in business information technology services. My responsibilities include managing and administering the Global Service Desk, System Administration, Network...

  19. #19 Andrej Radonic, Points: 23
    Andrej is as an IT-Journalist and a board member of the interSales AG. For more than 20 years he focuses IT solutions for medium-sized companies, covering virtualization, open source and e-commerce.

  20. #20 Welf Alberts, Points: 22
    Welf has been working as a system administrator since the year 2000. He focuses on IT security for the Windows platform.

  21. #21 Baki Onur Okutucu, Points: 21
    Onur is a DevOps Engineer and Subject Matter Expert for Azure, and PowerShell. He is the founder of Clouderz Ltd, a cloud consultancy based in London. For 13 years in a row, Microsoft has recognized him as an MVP (Most Valuable...

  22. #22 Robert Pearman, Points: 21
    Robert is a small business specialist from the UK and currently works as a system administrator. He was a Microsoft MVP for eight years and has worked as a technical reviewer for Microsoft Press. You can follow Robert on...

  23. #23 Juna, Points: 21
    Beginner System Administrator

  24. #24 Regan Smith, Points: 21
    I work in cad support group for a government entity. I use PowerShell at work most to query AD. I want to use PowerShell at home to query OMDBAPI,com to get movie and series info.

  25. #25 Michael Rafferty, Points: 20
    Director of Helpdesk - Little River Healthcare Austin, TX 78758 HELPDESK DIRECTOR/ SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR "Michael is one of the most customer-centric persons I have ever worked with." - Allen Alford ...

  26. #26 Vicente Alves, Points: 20
    I've been an IT sysop since 1996. Linux and Windows Servers system administrator Network system administrator Responsible for Cibersecurity.

  27. #27 Mike Vincent, Points: 20
    IT Principal Engineer with more than 20+ years experience covering storage, virtualization, data migration. certified EMC / DELL products.

  28. #28 Tom K, Points: 20
    Developer background IT Infrastructure PowerShell lover

  29. #29 Jeffery Hicks, Points: 20
    Jeff Hicks is a long-time Microsoft MVP specializing in PowerShell and automation. He creates PowerShell content for Pluralsight and blogs regularly at Jeff's latest project is a premium content...

  30. #30 James Rankin, Points: 20
    James is a consultant from the UK, specializing mainly in end-user computing, Active Directory and client-side monitoring. When not consulting for, he can often be found blogging, writing technical articles and...

  31. #31 Matt McElreath, Points: 20
    Matt McElreath is a DevOps Engineer concentrating on automating cloud infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Terraform and Terraform Cloud, Azure and more. You can follow Matt on Twitter at @mmcelreath.

  32. #32 IT Consultant, Points: 8
    I'm VMware engineer

  33. #33 Brendan W, Points: 7
    Microsoft-oriented systems administrator for more than 10 years. Automation enthusiast. Powershell evangelist.

  34. #34 Janos Varga, Points: 6  

  35. #35 thyttih, Points: 6
    I am IT Support

  36. #36 Temitope Odemo, Points: 5
    Temitope has over 10 years' experience as a system administrator and currently works as a QA Engineer. He focuses on software quality assurance, software testing, security, and network management.

  37. #37 Ramakant Thorat, Points: 5
    Working as System Administrator from last 5 Years. PowerShell, Windows Server, Azure are my area of interest. My day to day IT operations include System Administration, Server Administration, Vendor communication, Hardware, and...

  38. #38 Harald Thees, Points: 5
    IT-Admin seit 18 Jahren

  39. #39 salutsn, Points: 5
    keep learning

  40. #40 Dan O'Brien, Points: 4
    IT Manager

  41. #41 Mohamed Taoufik TEKAYA, Points: 4
    Hello, I am a software engineer who is passionate by the digital arts, the "2d-3d" animation process and the audio-visual special effects "VFX" for the media and the video game industries. Regards.

  42. #42 Tochukwu Okoroafor, Points: 4
    I have been in IT for three years, Teams Administrator.

  43. #43 Mike Taylor, Points: 4
    Mike has been working in IT for 20+ years. He is a Windows Endpoint engineer turned cloud consultant, scripter and OS deployment engineer based in the UK. He has a special interest in automation, security and PowerShell.

  44. #44 Gilvan Souza, Points: 4
    Suporte em TI

  45. #45 Dariusz Bartoszewicz, Points: 3
    25 years in IT.  Specializing in Windows products and HPE server hardware.

  46. #46 Gino Romano, Points: 3
    IT graduate with an emphasis on system administration and information security

  47. #47 KayEss, Points: 3

  48. #48 Nicholas Batte, Points: 3
    Enthusiastic practitioner with demonstrated 20 years’ experience in IT Data Center infrastructure planning and operations; on-premises, Cloud, Systems and Network Infrastructure Design, Implementation, Administration,...

  49. #49 William Schutt, Points: 3
    William Schutt works for a medium size specialty medical practice as their Systems Administrator.  As such I have a 'many hat' role here running Windows Linux and Vmware servers alongside coding in a proprietary medical...

  50. #50 Greg Altman, Points: 3
    I've been in IT since the late 20th century, specializing in problem-solving, moving forward, and optimizing  IT via automation.

  51. #51 Daniel Picard, Points: 3
    Several Powershell training (CBT nuggets, Learning tree, LinkedIN...) Windows and Server training CCNA (without the certification) Electronic engineering background with 10 years in IT now

  52. #52 Oscar Hellman, Points: 3
    Just a little fellow who likes to learn

  53. #53 Ashish Roe, Points: 2
    I am a developer, learning new programming languages to push my career. I have 2 years of experience as a Java developer. I also have a decent knowledge of iOS app development.

  54. #54 John Carr, Points: 2
    Network Administrator for States Attorneys Office for Baltimore City

  55. #55 Leon Tetruashvili, Points: 2

  56. #56 dave, Points: 2
    System Admin

  57. #57 Richard, Points: 1
    Experience in software development, data warehousing and DevOps across multiple vendor stacks.

  58. #58 Enrico, Points: 1
    PC Technician IT 1st level Graduation Help Desk ( I- II level) DB. SysAdmin & NetAdmin

  59. #59 Vladan Seget, Points: 1
    Vladan Seget is an independent consultant, professional blogger, vExpert 2009-2019, VCAP-DCA/DCD and MCSA. He has been working for over 20 years as a system engineer.

  60. #60 Shmuel Hamerman, Points: 1
    Currently an IT Manager at FinTech firm. Previous 15 years experience includes Sr. Systems Administrator, Helpdesk Engineer & Computer Support Specialist.

  61. #61 Baki Dayi, Points: 1
    DevOps / SysOps Engineer - Automation Powershell, Microsoft Azure

  62. #62 Blake Ashwell, Points: 1
    I have worked as a System Administration in Windows environments for 5 years. I am looking to further my skill set by gaining scripting knowledge. I also have a great background in Desktop Support particularly Windows 7 and 10....

  63. #63 System admin, Points: 1
    System admin

  64. #64 Peter Vella, Points: 1
    I am and IT Manager working in Fire & Rescue NSW. I am interested in learning more about powershell scripting as it makes my work so much easier. I deal with basic domain issues such as adding PC's to domains, moving...

  65. #65 saad, Points: 1

  66. #66 Brian King, Points: 1

  67. #67 Tom Strader, Points: 1
    Senior Infrastructure Engineer with 30 years experience utilizing Microsoft and "Nix" systems.

  68. #68 John Duncan, Points: 1
    Windows System Admin, Citrix Admin

  69. #69 Sponsor, Points: 1
    Want to become a 4sysops sponsor? Please contact us for more information.

  70. #70 Tom Siemers, Points: 1
    User System Consultant III Topeka, KS

  71. #71 Dakota Smith, Points: 1
    Hey Everyone! My name is Dakota and I am an IT associate with a small firm based out of the Midwest. I have been working in IT for about 5 years now, but am just moving into a role where enhancing my scripting/programming...

  72. #72 John Kull, Points: 1
    "Seasoned" Sysop/netadmin/telecom admin

  73. #73 Jeff Tanner, Points: 1
    System Admin

  74. #74 Patrick Thompson, Points: 1
    My name is Patrick Thompson. I am an IT Professional at a Governmet Financial institution. I have been involved in IT for more than 20 years. I have experience in MS Windows Servers, VMware , Hyper-V. My daily tasks...

  75. #75 Mark, Points: 1
    DevOps System Engineer - VMware Workspace One (UEM & Access) On-Premise environment - On-Premise Active Directory - Azure connected

  76. #76 Alberto Castro, Points: 1
    I am just starting a new job as technology support associate and looking for and to help where I can.

  77. #77 B, Points: 1
    I am working as internal IT, help desk support, DevOps engineer.

  78. #78 okolosov, Points: 1
    Writing about software and system administration.

  79. #79 Gunnar Haslinger, Points: 1

  80. #80 Richard Horvath, Points: 1
    I've worked in IT for ~7 years for a manufacturing company. I am currently an IT Coordinator.

  81. #81 Austin Joy, Points: 1
    I am Senior technical consultant at leading USA-based MicroSoft Gold Partner company, Bitscape. With Such Highly Visionary brand, I have unified experience in designing the existing technological structure with more value...

  82. #82 Brian Henderson, Points: 1
    Graduated with a degree in AAAS PC Support and Networking in 2009. I have 25 Years in the IT field.

  83. #83 Kalle, Points: 1
    System administrator

  84. #84 Slaw, Points: 1
    I am an administrator of IT systems in a large hospital, I am glad that I am a member of a team of people who, thanks to their work, improve the standard of living

  85. #85 Chuck Ostlie, Points: 1
    Worked mostly in gaming industry. Been in IT for over 25yrs, working at every level from entry to management. Currently working mostly in DevOps.

  86. #86 Kathiramalainathan, Points: 1
    I have been working in IT Environment since 1998. right now working as a Storage Administrator in Germany

  87. #87 Man Tran, Points: 1
    Just started sys admin job.

  88. #88 Nicholas Kulkarni, Points: 1
    From Green Screen Standalone with a Floppy and a dial up modem to LAN, WAN and Virtualised Servers over four Decades. Began coding in BASIC as a hobby in 1980 using rented time on a CBM green screen with two floppy disk...

  89. #89 Timothy Stewart, Points: 1
    Information Security Engineer

  90. #90 Mike Douglas, Points: 1
    I've been in IT in some form of systems administration role for approximately 30 years. I'm a write once and never do it again scripting/automation guy that started with BAT files, GW-BASIC executables, VBScript and now almost...

  91. #91 Eric R., Points: 1
    IT experience since 1999. A Systems guy in a wide variety of experiences of administering, managing and implementing servers running on a mixed platform of Windows, Linux, Virtualization & Cloud computing. Specialized in...

  92. #92 Emanuel da Silva, Points: 1
    CGi, MillenniumBCP, IBM, Oni @ Sys Adm

  93. #93 Ruben Zimmermann, Points: 0
    Ruben is an infrastructure specialist who specializes in Active Directory, public key infrastructure (PKI), and System Center Operations Manager. He automates in VBS, PowerShell and C#. Ruben lives in Suzhou, China, and you can...

  94. #94 A1blogger, Points: -19

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