The member leaderboard is based on this point system. Please read my introduction to the 4sysops member competition. The member who receives the most points in particular month will get US$100, the runner-up $50, and the third place finisher $25. The member leaderboard of the current month can be found here, the member leaderboard of the current year is here and the all-time member leaderboard is here.

  1. #1 Surender Kumar, Points: 1,143
    Surender Kumar has more than twelve years of experience in server and network administration. His fields of interest are Windows Servers, Active Directory, PowerShell, web servers, networking, Linux, virtualization, and...

  2. #2 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 724
    IT systems administrator server infrastructures (Windows,VMware)

  3. #3 Wolfgang Sommergut, Points: 164
    Wolfgang Sommergut has over 20 years of experience in IT journalism. He has also worked as a system administrator and as a tech consultant. Today he runs the German publication

  4. #4 Brandon Lee, Points: 120
    Brandon Lee has been in the IT industry 15+ years and focuses on networking and virtualization. He contributes to the community through various blog posts and technical documentation primarily at

  5. #5 Michael Pietroforte, Points: 90
    Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor in chief of 4sysops. He has more than 35 years of experience in IT management and system administration.

  6. #6 David Figueroa, Points: 73
    I've worked on everything from IBM mainframes back in the day to SQL Server to Exchange, etc.  The last 20+ years of my career have been focused primarily on Citrix..

  7. #7 Evi Vanoost, Points: 61
    Director of IT Infrastructure for the Office of Research at the University of Rochester. I deal with all the weird stuff that isn't "classical" desktop or server support, whether that is large commercial storage clusters or...

  8. #8 Mike Kanakos, Points: 42
    Mike Kanakos is a Cloud and Datacenter Microsoft MVP, tech blogger and PowerShell community leader. He writes about infrastructure management and cloud automation. You can follow Mike on his blog...

  9. #9 Hitesh Jethva, Points: 41
    Hitesh is a technical writer and DevOps engineer with more than 15 years of experience in IT. He focuses on cloud computing, DevOps, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, security, and databases.

  10. #10 NaingLinTun, Points: 40
    System Engineer at ISP.

  11. #11 Avi, Points: 40
    Avi is a tech enthusiast with expertise in trending technologies, such as DevOps, cloud computing, and big data. He is passionate about learning cutting-edge technologies and sharing his knowledge with others.

  12. #12 Alexandru Gherasimov, Points: 23
    System administrator

  13. #13 Kristjan Soodla, Points: 22

  14. #14 mozaffari, Points: 22
    pejemoza in desinger or networking

  15. #15 Yash Bansal, Points: 21

  16. #16 Larry, Points: 21
    Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification | Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) | Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) CompTIA A+ | CompTIA Security+ |...

  17. #17 Nick Allred, Points: 21
    Network Spec. Worked at Help Desk for 2 years, now working in Networking.

  18. #18 Paul Bastien, Points: 21
    Slowly Travailing this IT landscape.

  19. #19 Maxi, Points: 21

  20. #20 OsyOsu, Points: 21
    SysOps, DevOps, SysAdmin

  21. #21 Larry, Points: 21
    Windows Administrator Location Oak Ridge, TN 2 years experience

  22. #22 Victor, Points: 21
    Over 20 years experience in IT. Main areas of focus is Infrastructure. Experienced in the AWS and Azure Cloud services. Not great in PowerShell though. Just learning to pick that up.

  23. #23 PowerMe!, Points: 21
    I am a scripting enthusiast specializing in Network Security and automated System Administration. BASH, PowerShell, Python and PHP-MySQL based Web Development are some of my favorites. When I get lazy, I scribble VBA scripts to...

  24. #24 Raj Shah, Points: 21
    I have spent 40+ tears in Tech  Consultancy roles in Messaging and  System Design. I have a Masters in Computer Science and actively  update my skills. Roles were at GSK, BBC, Dun & Bradstreet and variuos other...

  25. #25 Jasmin Kahriman, Points: 20
    Jasmin Kahriman is an IT Pro with 15 years of experience. He is deep into data center monitoring, product and customer advocacy, training, and blogging. Check out his blog, and feel free to connect with...

  26. #26 kquraishii, Points: 20
    I am IT Engineer with more than 12 + experience. Currently working in Qatar. I want to join this community for my knowledge.

  27. #27 Darryl Baker, Points: 20
    12 years army vet turned systems administrator. About 2 years ago, I transitioned into cybersecurity specializing in Active Directory security.

  28. #28 Tony Franks, Points: 20
    I am an experienced, versatile, and highly skilled IT Support and Telecommunications Test Engineer.  I am reliable, flexible, and customer-focused; methodical and accurate in all the work I complete.  I have a wealth of...

  29. #29 Paul Mann, Points: 20
    PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Architect, implement, and installed multi-server clusters for the purposes of Web Server, Domain Name Servers for Active Directory implementation, Enterprise printing solutions, Exchange e-mail servers,...

  30. #30 Saki, Points: 20
    IT Support, DevOps, Dev

  31. #31 Paul Jebastin A, Points: 20
    Infrastructure Engineer

  32. #32 Russell, Points: 20
    IT Pro/Editor

  33. #33 Balaji, Points: 20
    Working as Azure administrator. Looking for PowerShell commands to automate day to day activities.

  34. #34 Brindhadevi Karthik, Points: 20
    i am student

  35. #35 Sugandha Sharma, Points: 20
    IT analyst

  36. #36 Michael, Points: 20
    In IT since 95.  Mostly a Microsoft guy.  Exchange SME.

  37. #37 Corey Preman, Points: 20
    Systems Administrator Generalist  

  38. #38 Sunny Parmar, Points: 20
    As an IT professional, I have nine years of combined experience in business information technology services. My responsibilities include managing and administering the Global Service Desk, System Administration, Network...

  39. #39 Miguel Barreto, Points: 20
    About 12 years working in support and infrastructure.

  40. #40 Kiran Babu, Points: 20
    Having Exp in IT field with 8 Years of Exp.

  41. #41 Haritha Kasturoji, Points: 20
    I'm a sophomore IT student interested in Robotics.

  42. #42 Ashish Roe, Points: 20
    I am a developer, learning new programming languages to push my career. I have 2 years of experience as a Java developer. I also have a decent knowledge of iOS app development.

  43. #43 Ajay menon, Points: 20
    I am an Azure Data Engineer with hands-on experience in Azure Data Factory, LogicApps, Synapse, Azure Databases, Azure DataBricks and Azure Functions

  44. #44 Ruby Sidhu, Points: 20
    Ruby Sidhu B.SC Computer Sciences, Physics and Maths Network Co-Ordinator

  45. #45 Nikhil Sharma, Points: 20
    I am a developer and trainer, helping people learn advanced technologies and programming languages. I have 5 years of experience as a developer. Right from cyber security training consulting to learning, I have helped many...

  46. #46 Brian Brown, Points: 20
    Brian is highly skilled in programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++, and is proficient in various frameworks and technologies, including React, Angular, and Node.js. He is passionate about staying up-to-date with the...

  47. #47 Chris Jensen, Points: 20
    I have been in IT for 40+ years, starting in mainframe applications with DB2, creating and maintaining client-server apps, desktop apps, and assorted other roles. Currently, I am a SQL Server DBA, and I use Powershell for task...

  48. #48 Man Tran, Points: 20
    Just started sys admin job.

  49. #49 Michael Thompson, Points: 20
    Casual worker on windows platform.  SCCM, Intune, tenant admin.  Application/OS image packaging and deployment, some PowerShell scripting and automation.

  50. #50 Rick Womack, Points: 20
    3 years in k12 IT

  51. #51 David Richter, Points: 20
    Worked as a .NET developer,  I spent years as an electro- meraechanical operator and  in quality control. I am currently studying  AI, ML, and DL for security tool with more effective power. In scanning,  network traffic...

  52. #52 Ratnam, Points: 20
    Server Admin

  53. #53 Jason B, Points: 20
    IATCO, Systems Admin

  54. #54 Whoami Tom3, Points: 20
    As a learner I want to join a community where likeminded people discuss and find solutions to IT issues and develop strategies to develop our organization's IT strategies.

  55. #55 Siva Kumar, Points: 20
    Microsoft Cloud Consultant

  56. #56 Marco, Points: 20
    I am a Sr. SysAdmin with more than 25+ years of experience

  57. #57 Shane, Points: 20
    ICT Manager at a K-12 educational institution in Australia; servicing several schools of varying student population sizes.

  58. #58 Justin Ryan, Points: 20
    Former sysadmin, left due to it all becoming a little dull with bureaucracy. Miss my toys though, so keeping my hand in by home labbing.  

  59. #59 Raheen Brooks, Points: 20
    Database Administrator

  60. #60 Sean, Points: 20
    Cybersecurity Analyst Systems Administrator

  61. #61 Jose, Points: 20
    System administrator

  62. #62 Joao Muchanga, Points: 20
    IT Professional, since 1996, C++ Professional, Active Directory & Exchange Administrator.

  63. #63 Roberto Marcelino Machado, Points: 20

  64. #64 Mayank Agarwal, Points: 20
    Software Engineer having 10+ year of IT experience, passion to automate day to day IT activities using powershell. Please visit my blog for some useful powershell scripts.

  65. #65 Suzanne Fisher, Points: 20
    With Over 30 years of IT related endeavor covering aspects from mainframe to PC/Servers/switches. Software, hardware, peripherals and networking equipment installation and troubleshooting. Network monitoring and...

  66. #66 Cary Wagner, Points: 20
    45+ year in Tech & IT...

  67. #67 MoMo, Points: 20
    IT Professional in the IT and Cyber field for 20 years. Currently an analyst in the private sector.

  68. #68 James Taylor, Points: 20
    Programed in Fortran, PASCAL, Assembly,V Basic, Python since 1979.

  69. #69 Aaron, Points: 20
    I've had nearly 30 years of experience in various IT support functions including solder level bench work/assembly, 1-3 level phone support for large catalog houses covering a broad range of consumer/professional hardware and...

  70. #70 Anthony Hamilton, Points: 20
    I've been a Sysadmin for many years with a small law firm in the Caribbean. My career is predicated on a need to know base where I base my education and work projects on best practices in the industry and trends that make sense...

  71. #71 Mohammed Kaif Joey, Points: 17
    Mohammed Kaif is an MCSE®, Microsoft 365, and Azure Cloud Certified IT Consultant with over 17 years of experience in enterprise client management. He is currently working as a Technical Architect, providing modern workplace...

  72. #72 Sponsor, Points: 7
    Want to become a 4sysops sponsor? Please contact us for more information.

  73. #73 Donald Hursh, Points: 3
    CloudFellow, LLC, Owner Founder, Apr 2011 – Present ProSource USA, IT Manager and Syspro ERP Consultant, Jan 2009 - Feb 2012 nFocus Technologies, IT Technician and Syspro Consultant, Feb 2005 - Jan 2009 Computer Task...

  74. #74 Kwal, Points: 2
    1988: Atari 2600 Jr. 1990: Commodore 64C + 1541-II floppy disk drive 1991: Nintendo Game Boy 1992: AMD Am386DX @ 40Mhz + 4MB RAM 1993: Sega Master System II 1996: Sony PlayStation 1997: AMD K6 @ 233Mhz +...

  75. #75 Tomasz, Points: 2
    System Windows Administrator - printer authorization systems

  76. #76 G.K., Points: 2
    Providing design,implementation and support of IT infrastructure for small/medium size businesses.Many years experience on Microsoft operating systems, commercial programs by SingularLogic SA and Panasonic PBX.

  77. #77 Stas Graff, Points: 1
    Microsoft Systems Engineer, Working in IT industry since 2006. Currently Working for financial organization as Sysops engineer in Winnipeg MB Canada.

  78. #78 Latax, Points: 1
    MikroTik Network Engineer & Linux System Administrator

  79. #79 Eric Gauthier, Points: 1
    Spent 4 years in the military setting up and tearing down networks in the desert. Transitioned to civilian life helpdesk support, to helpdesk management, and am now working in sysops. Focus is vmware, veeam and server...

  80. #80 Jeffrey Ferrand, Points: 1
    Systems Engineer for over 8 yrs.

  81. #81 William Schutt, Points: 1
    William Schutt works for a medium size specialty medical practice as their Systems Administrator.  As such I have a 'many hat' role here running Windows Linux and Vmware servers alongside coding in a proprietary medical...

  82. #82 Matthew Dowst, Points: 1
    I am a Principal Consultant for Quisitive (formerly Catapult Systems), and the lead architect for our managed automation solutions. I am passionate about DevOps and automation, utilizing multiple different technologies,...

  83. #83 Dilemma, Points: 1
    Senior engineer

  84. #84 Joshua Lambert, Points: 1
    Josh Lambert is a senior system administrator with experience in manufacturing systems and IT infrastructure in both the public and private sectors. His current work focuses on security and compliance, risk management, and...

  85. #85 Welf Alberts, Points: 1
    Welf has been working as a system administrator since the year 2000. He focuses on IT security for the Windows platform.

  86. #86 Peter Vella, Points: 1
    I am and IT Manager working in Fire & Rescue NSW. I am interested in learning more about powershell scripting as it makes my work so much easier. I deal with basic domain issues such as adding PC's to domains, moving...

  87. #87 Andrii, Points: 1
    IT pro

  88. #88 John Hartley, Points: 1
    10 years Local Government I.T Director 13 years own/operate I.T. Support company

  89. #89 Gideon Kay, Points: 1
    Computer programmer at county government. PC networking support and troubleshooting.

  90. #90 Abdurrahman Ali, Points: 1
    7 years' experience implementing and administering network services and clustered environments running on Windows based systems.

  91. #91 Dileep, Points: 1
    Masters in Telecommunication and Network Engineer Currently working as Desktop Engineer.

  92. #92 Luca Rikken, Points: 1

  93. #93 RamyN, Points: 1
    Senior System & network admin since 2013

  94. #94 JeanTohme, Points: 1
    DevOps Lead - CKA & CKAD certified - Cyber Security Developer (Mostly Python and Bash) - Worked with ESXi, VMware WorkStation, VirtualBox, LXD virtualisation - Configured VMs to run applications/DBs/scripts/platforms,...

  95. #95 A.A.Ron, Points: 1
    <Good time in IT

  96. #96 Chris Hill, Points: 1
    I work as the IT Security Officer for MAF International, an aviation charity. I have previously worked in the education field as well as other campaigning nonprofit organisations.

  97. #97 Tom Siemers, Points: 1
    User System Consultant III Topeka, KS

  98. #98 Jeff Thompson, Points: 1
    Network Engineer at a small hospital system in Ohio.

  99. #99 Graham Beer, Points: 1
    Graham is an experienced IT professional with excellent PowerShell skills and a flair for automation with Microsoft and AWS products. Recently had a chapter published in The PowerShell Conference Book about extending Type Data....

  100. #100 Gunnar Haslinger, Points: 1

  101. #101 dave, Points: 1
    System Admin

  102. #102 Eric Angelucci, Points: 1
    25+ Years, working on becoming proficient in Powershell.

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