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  1. Profile gravatar of Michael Pietroforte

    #1 Michael Pietroforte, Points: 5,178
    Michael Pietroforte is the founder and editor of 4sysops. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with more than 30 years of experience in IT management and system administration.

  2. Profile gravatar of Paolo Maffezzoli

    #2 Paolo Maffezzoli, Points: 4,519
    IT systems administrator server infrastructures (Windows,VMware, Linux)

  3. Profile gravatar of Luc Fullenwarth

    #3 Luc Fullenwarth, Points: 3,586
    Luc is working as a Windows System Administrator since 1999. Information Technologies have always been his passion, especially scripting. Whatever he does, he tries to do it via Powershell, and ISE has become his main working tool.

  4. Profile gravatar of Karim Buzdar

    #4 Karim Buzdar, Points: 2,666

    Karim Buzdar holds a degree in telecommunication engineering and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for Server Infrastructure. As an IT engineer and technical author, he focuses on Microsoft Directory Services and PowerShell. You can reach Karim...

  5. Profile gravatar of Jason Coltrin

    #5 Jason Coltrin, Points: 400
    Jason Coltrin has been working in IT for more than 17 years. He holds an MCSE 2003 Security+ plus various Palo Alto and SonicWall firewall certifications. He also is an avid Linux Administrator and currently works in higher education.

  6. Profile gravatar of Adam Bertram

    #6 Adam Bertram, Points: 347
    Adam is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Profressional (MVP) who specializes in Windows PowerShell. You can reach Adam at or on Twitter at @adbertram.

  7. Profile gravatar of Alex Pazik

    #7 Alex Pazik, Points: 338
    Alexander specializes in Windows deployments and systems management applications such as System Center Configuration Manager and System Center Operations Manager.

  8. Profile gravatar of Kyle Beckman

    #8 Kyle Beckman, Points: 262
    Kyle Beckman works as a systems administrator in Atlanta, GA supporting Office 365 in higher education.  He has 17+ years of systems administration experience. You can follow him on Twitter or his blog,

  9. Profile gravatar of Mauro

    #9 Mauro, Points: 193 

  10. Profile gravatar of Milos Mitic

    #10 Milos Mitic, Points: 191
    Windows server administration and SAN

  11. Profile gravatar of Alex Chaika

    #11 Alex Chaika, Points: 186
    Alex Chaika is a Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE) with more than 15 years of experience in IT systems engineering. He currently focuses on PowerShell and VMware PowerCLI.

  12. Profile gravatar of Preetam Zare

    #12 Preetam Zare, Points: 175
    I'm in IT for last 15 years and regularly blog on I like your concept of sharing ideas. I would be more than happy to contribute as I wish to become MVP after being vExpert (2012-2014) and Nutanix NTC 2017

  13. Profile gravatar of norayellc

    #13 norayellc, Points: 168
    Creates applications designed to address unique IT challenges

  14. Profile gravatar of Paul Schnackenburg

    #14 Paul Schnackenburg, Points: 164
    Paul Schnackenburg works part time as an IT teacher as well as running his own business in Australia. He has MCSE, MCT, MCTS and MCITP certifications. Follow his blog TellITasITis.

  15. Profile gravatar of James Rankin

    #15 James Rankin, Points: 142

    James is a consultant from the UK, specializing mainly in end-user computing, Active Directory and client-side monitoring. When not implementing projects for his company HTG, he can often be found blogging, writing technical articles and speaking at conferences and user...

  16. Profile gravatar of Shan

    #16 Shan, Points: 142
    system Admin based in Asia

  17. Profile gravatar of Nicole Miller

    #17 Nicole Miller, Points: 137

    Let's see. I've been working in IT for around 10 years, starting as a shill in a call center leading up to being a slightly better paid Shill Systems Admin. I work with Windows primarily, though I dabble occasionally in Linux. I enjoy a love/hate relationship with...

  18. Profile gravatar of Joseph Moody

    #18 Joseph Moody, Points: 135
    Joseph Moody is a network admin for a public school system. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management. He blogs at

  19. Profile gravatar of Leos Marek

    #19 Leos Marek, Points: 134

    Im working in IT more than 10 years now. Starting from no-experience basic helpdesk support in small software company thru different positions up to today where I work as System Administrator for shopfloor production systems (automotive).I work mainly with Windows...

  20. Profile gravatar of Vladan Seget

    #20 Vladan Seget, Points: 131
    Vladan Seget is as an independent consultant, professional blogger, vExpert 2009-2016, VCAP5-DCA/DCD, VCP, and MCSA. He has been working for over 15 years as a system engineer.

  21. Profile gravatar of Jörgen Nilsson

    #21 Jörgen Nilsson, Points: 129

    Jörgen is a principal consultant at Onevinn in Sweden. His work focuses on enterprise client management and system management. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Enterprise Mobility. He also speaks at events such as...

  22. Profile gravatar of Yiannos

    #22 Yiannos, Points: 129
    Experienced freelance systems manager in both Windows and Linux systems as well as other larger Unix systems such as AIX.

  23. Profile gravatar of Javier

    #23 Javier, Points: 126
    I´m Windows System Admin since +8 years.

  24. Profile gravatar of Tato

    #24 Tato, Points: 123
    Newbie in Sys Admin

  25. Profile gravatar of Micah Rairdon

    #25 Micah Rairdon, Points: 106
    Live and work in Grand Rapids, MI at Haworth Inc.I work in the most comfy chairs ever... basically.Blog:  | Twitter: @tiberriver256

  26. Profile gravatar of Josh Rickard

    #26 Josh Rickard, Points: 105

    Josh Rickard works as a Manager on the Product Management team for PhishMe, Inc. Josh's primary focus is in Windows security (Blue Team) and PowerShell automation. Prior to joining PhishMe, Josh was a Security Analyst at a large public university where he focused on...

  27. Profile gravatar of Michael Burr

    #27 Michael Burr, Points: 104
    Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand

  28. Profile gravatar of Anil Erduran

    #28 Anil Erduran, Points: 103

    Anil Erduran is a principal consultant and subject matter expert for Hitachi Data Systems EMEA, based in London, UK. He is also a dual category Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Cloud and Datacenter Management and Microsoft Azure. Anil can be found on Twitter...

  29. Profile gravatar of Sponsor

    #29 Sponsor, Points: 98
    4sysops account for sponsor messages

  30. Profile gravatar of Robert Pearman

    #30 Robert Pearman, Points: 97
    Robert is a small business specialist from the UK and currently works as a system administrator for IT Authority. He has been a Microsoft MVP for seven years and has worked as a technical reviewer for Microsoft Press. You can follow Robert on Twitter and in his blog.

  31. Profile gravatar of Ruben

    #31 Ruben, Points: 87
    > 10 Years Windows Server Admin, focus on Automation ( PowerShell, VBS, C# ),  OpsMgr and bit of Linux.

  32. Profile gravatar of Timothy Warner

    #32 Timothy Warner, Points: 85
    Timothy Warner is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who is based in Nashville, TN. Check out his Azure and Windows Server video training at Pluralsight, and feel free to reach out to Tim via Twitter.

  33. Profile gravatar of John Philipson

    #33 John Philipson, Points: 85
    Infrastructure Engineer

  34. Profile gravatar of Dematri .

    #34 Dematri ., Points: 84
    Focus on Office365, SharePoint, Exchange, Networking, Identity Management.

  35. Profile gravatar of Dan Franciscus

    #35 Dan Franciscus, Points: 84
    Dan Franciscus is a systems engineer and VMware Certified Professional (VCP) specializing in VMware, PowerShell, and other Microsoft-based technologies. You can reach Dan at his blog or his Twitter at @dan_franciscus.

  36. Profile gravatar of Baki Onur Okutucu

    #36 Baki Onur Okutucu, Points: 78

    Onur is a subject matter expert for Office 365, Azure, and PowerShell technologies. He is the founder of Clouderz Ltd, a cloud consultancy based in London. For eight years in a row, Microsoft has recognized him as a Most Valuable Professional. You can follow Onur on...

  37. Profile gravatar of David Figueroa

    #37 David Figueroa, Points: 66
    I've worked on everything from IBM mainframes back in the day to SQL Server to Exchange, etc.  The last 20+ years of my career have been focused primarily on Citrix..

  38. Profile gravatar of Andre

    #38 Andre, Points: 64
    Still a student..

  39. Profile gravatar of Volker Bachmann

    #39 Volker Bachmann, Points: 60
    IT Leader and SQL Server DBA since 10 Years in Düsseldorf, Germany

  40. Profile gravatar of Ray

    #40 Ray, Points: 50

    I am a System Administrator Coordinator - Virtualization & District Applications Support providing systems administration and support for our virtual environment, SAN and vCenter. I also support district applications, web sites and storage for administrators, teachers...

  41. Profile gravatar of Matthew Swint

    #41 Matthew Swint, Points: 41
    Systems Engineer in Financial Sector

  42. Profile gravatar of Andre Dupre Kuiper

    #42 Andre Dupre Kuiper, Points: 32
    started out in help desk for 7 years, system administration going on 2 with a focus on SCCM. Always interested in learning more especially about security.

  43. Profile gravatar of FrankTuckerCA

    #43 FrankTuckerCA, Points: 32
    Small office support "IT Guy"

  44. Profile gravatar of William Batzle

    #44 William Batzle, Points: 31
    Systems Administrator

  45. Profile gravatar of Bo Geizwitz

    #45 Bo Geizwitz, Points: 30
    I have worked in IT for 15 years, and I manage over 400+ virtual servers for my organization. We are a 4-man IT team, but we all love our jobs.I would best describe myself as a jack of all trades, master of none. I am very content with being in this position.

  46. Profile gravatar of Gordie Cumming

    #46 Gordie Cumming, Points: 27
    IT professional in Central Oregon.  I enjoy server configuration, management and system virtualization.  Helping people understand their technology and how to get the most out of it is rewarding.

  47. Profile gravatar of Elad Cohen

    #47 Elad Cohen, Points: 27
    System Administrator

  48. Profile gravatar of Martijn Bellaard

    #48 Martijn Bellaard, Points: 25
    Teacher IT Infrastructuur @ Hogeschool Utrecht

  49. Profile gravatar of Scott Shelton

    #49 Scott Shelton, Points: 24
    Junior Systems Administrator always chasing greater understanding.

  50. Profile gravatar of Florin

    #50 Florin, Points: 23
    System administrator level 2, experience with Windows Server, Exchange, Lync, SCCM.

  51. Profile gravatar of NewPOSHUser

    #51 NewPOSHUser, Points: 23
    Working as Sys Admin

  52. Profile gravatar of Lily Marano

    #52 Lily Marano, Points: 21

  53. Profile gravatar of hazem elsaeigh

    #53 hazem elsaeigh, Points: 19
    an IT System Admin

  54. Profile gravatar of Thomas Paine

    #54 Thomas Paine, Points: 19
    I have been in IT for policing since 1999. Currently one man show for the St. Thomas Police Service supporting 100 users. Have been learning powershell and found this site is excellent for that.

  55. Profile gravatar of Denywinarto

    #55 Denywinarto, Points: 19
    IT manager at transportation company in Indonesia.

  56. Profile gravatar of John Rispoli

    #56 John Rispoli, Points: 18
    Systems Engineer for Managed I.T. Services Company

  57. Profile gravatar of Ami Casto

    #57 Ami Casto, Points: 18

    Ami Casto, technical evangelist at Adaptiva, is a frequent industry speaker and contributor to the systems management community. Ami is best known for her work as technical editor at Deployment Artist for Windows Operating Systems, Deployment and Systems Management....

  58. Profile gravatar of Ajay Prashar

    #58 Ajay Prashar, Points: 17
    A Senior Systems Administrator for 25+ years. Primarily working with Microsoft server and desktop technologies on Dell, HP, and EMC hardware.

  59. Profile gravatar of Lisandro da Silva

    #59 Lisandro da Silva, Points: 17
    Been in IT for more than 5 years

  60. Profile gravatar of Chris Staten

    #60 Chris Staten, Points: 16
    30 y exp

  61. Profile gravatar of Nicholus

    #61 Nicholus, Points: 15

    BSc Degree in Computer Sciences and Information Technology. I was a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant for a year and 8 months. Currently a system engineer administrating  Microsoft Dynamics CRM, BizTalk and Team Foundation Server. I am a PowerShell user working towards...

  62. Profile gravatar of Bastian A. Wieczorek

    #62 Bastian A. Wieczorek, Points: 15
    Bastian is a senior IT consultant with more than 20 years of experience in IT administration. He focuses on helping organizations plan and operate enterprise collaboration solutions.

  63. Profile gravatar of Mike Taylor

    #63 Mike Taylor, Points: 14
    Mike Taylor has been working in IT for 12 years. He is a Windows administrator, scripter and OS deployment engineer based in London.

  64. Profile gravatar of shashi

    #64 shashi, Points: 13
    i am student,

  65. Profile gravatar of Mehmet Türkölmez

    #65 Mehmet Türkölmez, Points: 13
    Hello Everybody,I'll fill the this section, but first check my Linkedin Bio,My Linkedin BioKindest Regards. Mehmet Türkölmez

  66. Profile gravatar of Eric Kesselring

    #66 Eric Kesselring, Points: 12
    Ancient MCNE and too many M$ to count

  67. Profile gravatar of Larry Vinal

    #67 Larry Vinal, Points: 11
    Information System Support Specialist II in electronic document management.

  68. Profile gravatar of Douglas Camus

    #68 Douglas Camus, Points: 11
    trying to be a sysadmin

  69. Profile gravatar of Silambarasan

    #69 Silambarasan, Points: 11
    I am Infrastructure engineer over 7 years experience in server, network and security.

  70. Profile gravatar of DishaRathod

    #70 DishaRathod, Points: 11
    DevOps Enthusiast

  71. Profile gravatar of Michael Stoica

    #71 Michael Stoica, Points: 10

    I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional and a VMware Certified Professional - Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV).I'm focusing on Microsoft technologies like Hyper-V, Virtual Machine Manager, Azure, Clustering.You can find me on...

  72. Profile gravatar of Theofilos

    #72 Theofilos, Points: 10
    Cisco CCNA R&S / Voice / Security CertifiedMicrosoft MCP

  73. Profile gravatar of Tejaswini

    #73 Tejaswini, Points: 10
    SCCM Engineer and also provides online training classes.

  74. Profile gravatar of Kosala Randika

    #74 Kosala Randika, Points: 9
    I am working IT field and doing (handling) Microsoft and Linux related Operating systems

  75. Profile gravatar of Ionut Constantin

    #75 Ionut Constantin, Points: 8

  76. Profile gravatar of Venkat Sri

    #76 Venkat Sri, Points: 8
    Venkat Sri is a senior Windows system engineer who specialises in PowerShell, Active Directory and virtualization. On 4sysops, he shares useful PowerShell scripts for system administrators.

  77. Profile gravatar of Frank Albanese

    #77 Frank Albanese, Points: 8
    Windows system administrator.  17 years in IT.

  78. Profile gravatar of Glyn

    #78 Glyn, Points: 8
    I am an IT Network Manager in a school. Always looking for better ways to run the network. We currently have 300 + PC's running Windows 7, but I am actively going through our GPO's and trying to get it ready for Windows 10. Hoping to deploy during the summer.

  79. Profile gravatar of

    #79, Points: 8

  80. Profile gravatar of Jorge Frias

    #80 Jorge Frias, Points: 8
    System Administrator

  81. Profile gravatar of Michael Warne

    #81 Michael Warne, Points: 8
    Michael Warne is a tech blogger and IT Certification Trainer at Koenig Solutions. He has an experience of 5 years in the industry, and has worked for top-notch IT companies. He is an IT career consultant for students who pursue various types of IT certifications.

  82. Profile gravatar of Kostiantyn Lavrynenko

    #82 Kostiantyn Lavrynenko, Points: 7
    I'm Senior System Administrator who is interested in Cloud Technologies, DevOps and Automation

  83. Profile gravatar of Daniel Duke

    #83 Daniel Duke, Points: 7
    IT Specialist at Virginia Military Institute

  84. Profile gravatar of Jim Restucci

    #84 Jim Restucci, Points: 7
    Co-Owner and System Administrator of Axcess Internet Services, Inc. in Sunnyside, Washington. Over 30 years in IT experience including 10 years in military IT.

  85. Profile gravatar of Bojan Karaman

    #85 Bojan Karaman, Points: 7
    Solutions-focused and technical-minded IT professional with extensive experience in the system configuration, network support and analysis, software management and administrative support.I have 10+ years of experience in system administration.

  86. Profile gravatar of Wolfgang Sommergut

    #86 Wolfgang Sommergut, Points: 6
    Wolfgang Sommergut has over 20 years of experience in IT journalism. He has also worked as a system administrator and as a tech consultant. Today he runs the German publication

  87. Profile gravatar of Test User

    #87 Test User, Points: 6

  88. Profile gravatar of Tim Buntrock

    #88 Tim Buntrock, Points: 6
    Tim Buntrock is one of three enterprise administrators for the Active Directory service of a "global player" in the contact center business. He is a certified engineer for MCTS, MCITP, MCSA and MCPS.

  89. Profile gravatar of Ian Stewart

    #89 Ian Stewart, Points: 6

    Been in IT for over 30 years, started when a PC was a IBM 5150 with 64mb, dual 5.25" floppy drives and hercules graphics card.I now work in IT department as a Senior Technician, packaging applications, setting up offices across the world for my company and installing...

  90. Profile gravatar of Jim Williams

    #90 Jim Williams, Points: 6

    After leaving school I worked for 12 years as an aircraft technician in the Royal Air Force. After leaving I did a course in electronics which became me stepping stone to a career in IT support. I got my first IT job after volunteering in my local school, primarily to get...

  91. Profile gravatar of Wayne Jones

    #91 Wayne Jones, Points: 6
    IT professional with over 20 years experience.  Currently working with a local IT services company in the position of Senior Network Administrator.LinkedIn Profile

  92. Profile gravatar of Vishal

    #92 Vishal, Points: 6
    I am currently working as a Technology Consultant (Messaging & Mobility Migration) in Hewlett Packard Enterprise.I currently have 2.5 years of experience in IT and my areas of interest are Powershell scripting, MySQL 

  93. Profile gravatar of Frank  Boyle

    #93 Frank Boyle, Points: 6
    I work within a data centre at Fife Council - local authority within a servers & storage team specializing in all aspects of  Windows Server, SQL Server and SAN related solutions.

  94. Profile gravatar of Bryce McDonald

    #94 Bryce McDonald, Points: 6
    Bryce is a Solutions Engineer specializing in Information Security and Automation.  He also has a strong background in software deployment and user management through AD/GP, SCCM, and more.

  95. Profile gravatar of Chad Arterbury

    #95 Chad Arterbury, Points: 6

    Chad Arterbury is a Senior IT Administrator working at multi-national risk company with primary responsibilities of Virtualization and Storage.  His primary focus is building low cost storage platforms that suit the needs of the task at hand with Scaleio being the SDS at...

  96. Profile gravatar of R3B00T

    #96 R3B00T, Points: 6
    Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) IT ADMIN

  97. Profile gravatar of Nayan Chhabhaiya

    #97 Nayan Chhabhaiya, Points: 6
    >Computer Engineer>Associate System Administrator>Want to grow knowledge in field of Administration>Foodie>Feel free to contact me.

  98. Profile gravatar of Huynh Tan Phuong

    #98 Huynh Tan Phuong, Points: 5
    System administrator

  99. Profile gravatar of Paul R

    #99 Paul R, Points: 5
    21 years in IT.  Currently a Network Administrator in San Diego CA working for the same company for 12 years.

  100. Profile gravatar of Jonathan Terry

    #100 Jonathan Terry, Points: 5

    Cisco Certified Network Associate - 2001 Microsoft Certified Professional - 1997 Currently:  Network Administrator - American Lenders Service CompanyPreviously - Director Information Technology, Sherwood Church Of Christ Odessa TexasHave worked in the IT field...

  101. Profile gravatar of Andreas Noble

    #101 Andreas Noble, Points: 5
    Have been working as Support Engineer and onsite support for the last 4 and a bit years. Have come accustomed to Novell Products. Recently started as Remote support and new environments, Windows Servers etc.

  102. Profile gravatar of Jeff Conn

    #102 Jeff Conn, Points: 5

    IT professional since 1989. Have owned an IT consulting firm for 10+ years (Novell, Banyan Vines, then Microsoft Server), worked as an IT Infrastructure Manager at a global electronics manufacturing corporation for 10+ years, and currently focused on IT Security in the...

  103. Profile gravatar of Bruce Gavin

    #103 Bruce Gavin, Points: 5
    Automation System Programmer, Windows SysAdmin, VMware admin, Novell admin.  Fluent in ASM, BASIC, C, C#, Delphi, Powershell, VBscript.Retired after 42 years.  Now doing SOHOs and malware removal on occasional basis.  Still writing code for my own amazement.

  104. Profile gravatar of Karthick

    #104 Karthick, Points: 5
    System Admin

  105. Profile gravatar of steven jos

    #105 steven jos, Points: 5

    My name is Steven and I am a full-stack Web Application Developer and Software Developer, currently living in Philadelphia, PA. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern University, and my primary focus and inspiration for my studies is Web...

  106. Profile gravatar of Kjell

    #106 Kjell, Points: 5
    I'm a system admin who dislikes linux

  107. Profile gravatar of Srinivas Barathula

    #107 Srinivas Barathula, Points: 5
    i have 3+ years of experience in windows platform and able to analyse and had a better understanding on powershell. i'm able to write some little scripts for daily task automations and i'm curious to develop scripts for daily admin tasks.

  108. Profile gravatar of Jim Jones

    #108 Jim Jones, Points: 4
    Jim Jones has been a "Hyperconverged Administrator" for 15 years and currently works as a Sr. Network Administrator in West Virginia, USA. Honored to be elected a vExpert and Veeam Vanguard, Jim can be found on Twitter @k00laidIT and at his personal site,

  109. Profile gravatar of Rob Briggs

    #109 Rob Briggs, Points: 4
    I work in IT for a small community bank in New Mexico. I've been doing this for almost 10 years.

  110. Profile gravatar of Craig Kennedy

    #110 Craig Kennedy, Points: 4
    SysAdmin for Exterity ltd. 15 years of working in varied IT roles from 1st line up.

  111. Profile gravatar of Les Lewis

    #111 Les Lewis, Points: 4
    I have been an IT professional since '85 (yes, very old school). I am currently an IT manger for a major engineering firm.

  112. Profile gravatar of Stéphane van Gulick

    #112 Stéphane van Gulick, Points: 4
    Stéphane is an IT engineer from Switzerland, a PowerShell Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and coorganizer of the French PowerShell User Group. He blogs at

  113. Profile gravatar of Jeremiah Mast

    #113 Jeremiah Mast, Points: 4
    Support Desk Technician

  114. Profile gravatar of Philip Mann

    #114 Philip Mann, Points: 4
    working in IT since redundancy from BT.

  115. Profile gravatar of Artur Debski

    #115 Artur Debski, Points: 4
    Systems Administrator

  116. Profile gravatar of Public Bulletins

    #116 Public Bulletins, Points: 4
    IT Newbie

  117. Profile gravatar of

    #117, Points: 4
    IT Executive

  118. Profile gravatar of Rick Marks

    #118 Rick Marks, Points: 4
    Tech Director for the Granton School District.

  119. Profile gravatar of Chris Moore

    #119 Chris Moore, Points: 4

    I have been working in hardware / software support since 1997.  I was initially interested in computers all the way back in the early '80s when the Apple IIe came on the scene.  That was the first computer that I had any serious involvement with.  That was still the...

  120. Profile gravatar of A.K.

    #120 A.K., Points: 4

  121. Profile gravatar of Salim Hurjuk

    #121 Salim Hurjuk, Points: 4
    Citrix Administrator

  122. Profile gravatar of Megan Wills

    #122 Megan Wills, Points: 4
    Windows Systems Administrator. Primary focus is on end-user computing, some VDI, some ThinApp, now mostly SCCM and AD GPO.

  123. Profile gravatar of Tomaž

    #123 Tomaž, Points: 4
    Systems administrator in Bisnode Slovenia

  124. Profile gravatar of govinda Gajula

    #124 govinda Gajula, Points: 4
    12+ years experienace with Unix/linux systems analyst and admin, virtualization expert.

  125. Profile gravatar of Guest Author

    #125 Guest Author, Points: 3
    If you want to write a guest post on 4sysops contact us.

  126. Profile gravatar of Geoff Kendal

    #126 Geoff Kendal, Points: 3
    Geoff Kendal is a Windows/Linux systems administrator, scripter and problem solver, with over 12 years experience, based in Leeds, UK.

  127. Profile gravatar of Sitaram Pamarthi

    #127 Sitaram Pamarthi, Points: 3
    Sitaram Pamarthi is working as a Windows Engineer and his special fields of interest are PowerShell, Active Directory, Exchange, and virtualization.

  128. Profile gravatar of Sander Berkouwer

    #128 Sander Berkouwer, Points: 3
    Sander Berkouwer is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with over a decade of experience in IT.

  129. Profile gravatar of Andrew Jacops

    #129 Andrew Jacops, Points: 3
    Andrew Jacops is a system/network administrator with over ten years experience managing Windows environments and the network infrastructures they run on.

  130. Profile gravatar of Jeffery Hicks

    #130 Jeffery Hicks, Points: 3
    Jeffery Hicks is a multi-year Microsoft MVP in Windows PowerShell, Microsoft Certified Professional and an IT veteran with 25 years of experience specializing in automation. He works today as an author, trainer and consultant.

  131. Profile gravatar of Sredden

    #131 Sredden, Points: 3

    Position with Brazos Group Sam is the Senior Vice President of Technology at Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation. Professional Communication Expertise Sam’s expertise is in the area of departmental management, business processes, change management controls,...

  132. Profile gravatar of Ken Thompson

    #132 Ken Thompson, Points: 3
    Former programmer

  133. Profile gravatar of Husam Ahmad

    #133 Husam Ahmad, Points: 3
    Data Center Section Head

  134. Profile gravatar of I Dolan

    #134 I Dolan, Points: 3
    Just started learning Powershelgl for my job

  135. Profile gravatar of Igal

    #135 Igal, Points: 3
    I Worked for years as a system & storage admin.Currently doing Interop at INFINIDAT , the best storage array ever created up till now.

  136. Profile gravatar of Toofanian, Sotoodeh

    #136 Toofanian, Sotoodeh, Points: 3
    IT Pro in VMware Virtualization

  137. Profile gravatar of Gabs

    #137 Gabs, Points: 3
    Infrastructure Consultant

  138. Profile gravatar of Fernando

    #138 Fernando, Points: 3

    Expert consultant with wide experience in Operating Systems, Networking and Data Storage. IT Department Manager and particularly interested in network design and integration, as well as comunication systems. Continious interest in projects regarding implementation,...

  139. Profile gravatar of Austin Miller

    #139 Austin Miller, Points: 3
    General IT Guy

  140. Profile gravatar of Mohammed, Zyara

    #140 Mohammed, Zyara, Points: 3

    Mohammed Zyara is an IT Infrastructure Admin for Oil & Energy Company , I’m working with on a daily basis: " Windows Server Operating Systems,Windows Client Operating Systems,System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Active Directory, SQL...

  141. Profile gravatar of Frans Koren

    #141 Frans Koren, Points: 3
    SysAdmin Windows Server, Windows Client, System Center

  142. Profile gravatar of cshaun

    #142 cshaun, Points: 3
    A disabled in programming

  143. Profile gravatar of Philip Tishberg

    #143 Philip Tishberg, Points: 3

    PHILIP TISHBERG                   2017 Technical Skills Set ProfileA non-linear-time-ordered collection of technical skills and abilities sorted categorically by Network Platforms and Protocols with expertise stated; Includes Fortune 1000 Finance-Specific...

  144. Profile gravatar of Margaret Decker

    #144 Margaret Decker, Points: 3
    Worked in IT since 2001.  Mainly Windows sys admin.

  145. Profile gravatar of Fel

    #145 Fel, Points: 3
    IT Consultant

  146. Profile gravatar of GN Jha

    #146 GN Jha, Points: 3
    I am working as a Technical Support Executive for supporting Windows, Networking & Internet issue. 

  147. Profile gravatar of Jim

    #147 Jim, Points: 3
    Information Technology specialist

  148. Profile gravatar of Edgar

    #148 Edgar, Points: 3
    Azure Support Engineer on Microsoft

  149. Profile gravatar of Steve Malcolm

    #149 Steve Malcolm, Points: 3
    Have worked in a random array of worlds.  Started out as a VoIP engineer with Mitel, Avaya & Cisco, did a bit of networking, moved to IT and started in Desktop support moving into IT Infrastructure.  Now an IT Contractor working in the Infrastructure/Cloud space.

  150. Profile gravatar of Randy Naughton

    #150 Randy Naughton, Points: 3
    IT Manager

  151. Profile gravatar of Einer

    #151 Einer, Points: 3
    Jr System Admin

  152. Profile gravatar of Gerardo Piermattei

    #152 Gerardo Piermattei, Points: 3
    Telecommunications Engineer working for Ascentio Technologies SA  in mission critical designs with more than 4 years of experience in aerospace field.

  153. Profile gravatar of Vdmeulenz

    #153 Vdmeulenz, Points: 3
    Windows 10 insider

  154. Profile gravatar of Simon

    #154 Simon, Points: 3
    I am an IT person working for a small it house supporting 7 clients totaling 50 users

  155. Profile gravatar of Gary Calvert

    #155 Gary Calvert, Points: 3
    Windows System Administrator for a North American Aerospace company.

  156. Profile gravatar of Jakub

    #156 Jakub, Points: 3

  157. Profile gravatar of Andre

    #157 Andre, Points: 3
    Wintel Technical Specialist in implementing Citrix and SCCM.

  158. Profile gravatar of Michael

    #158 Michael, Points: 3
    Server AdministratorHyper -V 2012Exchange 2013Office 365Server 2012 - 2016Minor Linux support - Red Hat - Centos

  159. Profile gravatar of Mitch Summerlin

    #159 Mitch Summerlin, Points: 3
    Sr System Analyst - SQL

  160. Profile gravatar of gokulnath aravind

    #160 gokulnath aravind, Points: 3
    I am strong experience on SCCM

  161. Profile gravatar of Brandon Lee

    #161 Brandon Lee, Points: 3
    Brandon Lee has been in the IT industry 15+ years and focuses on networking and virtualization. He contributes to the community through various blog posts and technical documentation primarily at

  162. Profile gravatar of Naveen

    #162 Naveen, Points: 3
    IT Guy

  163. Profile gravatar of Jan Willem Tak

    #163 Jan Willem Tak, Points: 3

  164. Profile gravatar of mshiels70

    #164 mshiels70, Points: 3
    System Admin with SQL server Database admin experience based in London UK

  165. Profile gravatar of Ash Tiwari

    #165 Ash Tiwari, Points: 3

    I have been working in IT for last 14 years. I currently work as a Systems Engineer in a Government organisation.I mainly work on systems and storage implementation and administration. I am MCSA,MCTS(SCOM),VCP-4,5,6 and Commvault Ceritfied professional with Master's...

  166. Profile gravatar of Sergei

    #166 Sergei, Points: 2
    I have more 8 years experience in windows administration, network and cloud computing.

  167. Profile gravatar of James

    #167 James, Points: 2
    IT Specialist - Virginia Beach, VA 

  168. Profile gravatar of Amarnadh Janaswamy

    #168 Amarnadh Janaswamy, Points: 2
    I believe in diversified thinking(design thinking) to achieve a good idea.. Yes we do ideation without our knowledge, but if we are conscious while ideating, we may get great ideas.

  169. Profile gravatar of Steve

    #169 Steve, Points: 2
    I am an engineering consultant for an IT consulting firm.  I have more than 25 years experience in IT ranging across multiple industries and practices.

  170. Profile gravatar of Robert P

    #170 Robert P, Points: 2
    Configuration Manager/Systems Administrator

  171. Profile gravatar of George

    #171 George, Points: 2
    Working in IT!

  172. Profile gravatar of Jmorales

    #172 Jmorales, Points: 2
    Project Manager Coordinator

  173. Profile gravatar of James T.

    #173 James T., Points: 2
    Sysadmin; environment includes Windows, Linux, and Novell;I am also an iOS Developer.

  174. Profile gravatar of Dale Virgin

    #174 Dale Virgin, Points: 2

    I have been in the IT world for over 25 years. Started off as an IT Admin for an Auto Parts Store with 12 stores and 3 warehouses in the state of NH. I'm now working for myself as a MSP and also part time for a Health Services Agency looking after their network and...

  175. Profile gravatar of Tiju George

    #175 Tiju George, Points: 2

     ·         Extensive knowledge / experience of windows operating systems including windows XP, Vista, Windows  7, 8 ,10 ,2003/2008,2012 Server ·         Experience in LAN support environment including knowledge of Leased Line ,Wi-max (UBR)...

  176. Profile gravatar of Ananthakrishnan V

    #176 Ananthakrishnan V, Points: 2
    Over 15 years of experience in IT in software marketing and documentation

  177. Profile gravatar of Tammy L. Pritcher

    #177 Tammy L. Pritcher, Points: 2

      As the Lowcountry Regional IT Manager, I am responsible for all IT related initiatives in SC DHEC's Lowcountry Region, I travel extensively to ensure all 25 sites (sites: Health Departments, Clinics, EQC and OCRM) spanning 11 counties are fully operational and...

  178. Profile gravatar of Nicholas Shell

    #178 Nicholas Shell, Points: 2

    Nicholas Shell has been a windows admin since 2007. He has specialized in Network Administration throughout his education and career. He holds the CompTia Security+ and CompTia Advanced Security Practitioner certifications.See Nicholas' LinkedIn profile for further...

  179. Profile gravatar of Ron

    #179 Ron, Points: 2
    End-user advocate eliminating frustration through appropriate and timely solutions Experienced Microsoft Certified Professional IT Operations including project implementation and vendor relationship management Seasoned local area network troubleshooter 

  180. Profile gravatar of Rob

    #180 Rob, Points: 2
    Sys engineer

  181. Profile gravatar of Wilson

    #181 Wilson, Points: 2
    I have been working with computers since 1995. If I had to call it work, I would do something else.... That's how much I enjoy what I do.

  182. Profile gravatar of RajAdepu

    #182 RajAdepu, Points: 2
    IT operations analyst with 10+ years experience in Technical Support of Windows Technologies and Backup and Recovery Solutions.

  183. Profile gravatar of cramesh

    #183 cramesh, Points: 2
    Principle Infrastructure Engineer,

  184. Profile gravatar of Vincent Stewart

    #184 Vincent Stewart, Points: 2
    In IT since 1995 at Comcast thru 2011 ending as a server and VMWare administrator.2011 - 2016 Datacenter Migration Specialist with EMC2017 Going back into server administration thus the need to be a part of a vibrant community like this one.

  185. Profile gravatar of Pierre BASSET

    #185 Pierre BASSET, Points: 2
    sys admin

  186. Profile gravatar of Adrian R G Deacon

    #186 Adrian R G Deacon, Points: 2

    Adrian Deacon has a Brunel Degree in Computer Engineering BSc (Hons) and has been developing his expertise in the arena of IT Technology for over 28 years. During this time he has immersed himself in a number of technological areas surrounding computer development which...

  187. Profile gravatar of Jozef Ivanic

    #187 Jozef Ivanic, Points: 2
    IT Administrator

  188. Profile gravatar of Mohamed BEN SASSI

    #188 Mohamed BEN SASSI, Points: 2
    Solution Architect

  189. Profile gravatar of Henrik Bulie

    #189 Henrik Bulie, Points: 2
    System Center, PowerShell, and generally automation stuff

  190. Profile gravatar of Matt

    #190 Matt, Points: 2
    Computer Technician

  191. Profile gravatar of Josh K

    #191 Josh K, Points: 2
    14 years in IT

  192. Profile gravatar of Krishna Chalise

    #192 Krishna Chalise, Points: 2
    An automation lover and linux enthussiast who as working as an Associate System Admin

  193. Profile gravatar of Richard Bailey

    #193 Richard Bailey, Points: 2
    Over 20 years as an IT pro in various industries.  Currently hold position as VP of IT for a regional health-care provider.

  194. Profile gravatar of Carlos

    #194 Carlos, Points: 2
    App Security engineer

  195. Profile gravatar of Robert Authement

    #195 Robert Authement, Points: 2
    I study security in a virtual sandbox environment before bringing the zero day into the field for deployment.

  196. Profile gravatar of Matt Wilson

    #196 Matt Wilson, Points: 2
    Not really a professional but a keenly interested amateur. Have completed CCNA a few years ago and love reading and experimenting with Cisco networking gear.

  197. Profile gravatar of Gigi

    #197 Gigi, Points: 2
    Windows System Administrator

  198. Profile gravatar of imran

    #198 imran, Points: 2
    Learner ( Student)

  199. Profile gravatar of Steven_Markos

    #199 Steven_Markos, Points: 2
    Mobi Tech specialist

  200. Profile gravatar of Seema

    #200 Seema, Points: 2
    System Admin

  201. Profile gravatar of Manny Arevalo

    #201 Manny Arevalo, Points: 2
    Assistent Networking administrator\System Analysist

  202. Profile gravatar of Vanes

    #202 Vanes, Points: 2
    30+ years IT professional: software development, project management. Now I'd like to deepen my knowledge in systems administration

  203. Profile gravatar of pete

    #203 pete, Points: 2

  204. Profile gravatar of Justin Gallagher

    #204 Justin Gallagher, Points: 2

    Justin "Thurston" Gallagher is a full time college student who started with Ashton as a summer intern, and now works as many hours as his busy schedule allows. He brings a great deal of knowledge on scripting and automation, loves solving problems when working on the help...

  205. Profile gravatar of Harris Kinyanjui

    #205 Harris Kinyanjui, Points: 2
    I am currently a Systems Administrator for AccessOne located in Fort Mill, SC.

  206. Profile gravatar of Kwal

    #206 Kwal, Points: 2
    1988: Atari 2600 Jr. 1990: Commodore 64C + 1541-II floppy disk drive 1992: AMD Am386DX-40 + 4MB RAM

  207. Profile gravatar of BIRY DOMINIQUE

    #207 BIRY DOMINIQUE, Points: 2
    I am a technician in computing

  208. Profile gravatar of Premnath

    #208 Premnath, Points: 2
    Working in IBM as SCCM SME

  209. Profile gravatar of Jeffrey DeMarie

    #209 Jeffrey DeMarie, Points: 2
    Twenty-three (23) years in IT for the Commonwealth of Mass. Every aspect of IT including coding of agency wide client database, deployment, training and support. Desktop acquisition, imaging and deployment. Four (4) as a private contractor with a state university.

  210. Profile gravatar of Paulo Hecko

    #210 Paulo Hecko, Points: 2
    20 years experience in IT Services.

  211. Profile gravatar of Pawel Waluszko

    #211 Pawel Waluszko, Points: 2
    4 years Senior IT Manager (Berkeley, US) 2 years IT Consultant (Moscow, Russia) 1 year IT/Tech Consultant (Warsaw, Poland)

  212. Profile gravatar of bantoilatoi

    #212 bantoilatoi, Points: 2
    Web Backend Developer

  213. Profile gravatar of Patrick

    #213 Patrick, Points: 2

    Ive worked in IT for over 8 years now in education and higher education environments. I am an Desktop Infrastructure Engineer at Deakin University in Melbourne AustraliaPrimary responsibilities and skills include:Software Packaging and automationBuilding...

  214. Profile gravatar of

    #214, Points: 1
    Sysadmin at Ace Hardware corp.

  215. Profile gravatar of Terence Lau

    #215 Terence Lau, Points: 1
    Systems Engineer

  216. Profile gravatar of Lauren Creech

    #216 Lauren Creech, Points: 1
    Independent IT consultant, HIPAA Compliance

  217. Profile gravatar of Stephan Klein

    #217 Stephan Klein, Points: 1
    IT Pro for 25 years now. Microsoft fanboy. Server etc.

  218. Profile gravatar of John Strode

    #218 John Strode, Points: 1
    Help Desk (and whatever my boss asks me). A+, Network+, Security+, Project+, and MCTS: Microsoft Windows 7, Configuration

  219. Profile gravatar of Peter Hale

    #219 Peter Hale, Points: 1
    sometime Admin , CRM Dynamics Admin/developer , sometime SharePoint Admin

  220. Profile gravatar of Frank Ketelsen

    #220 Frank Ketelsen, Points: 1
    30years in IT-Business. MCT/MCITP/MCSE/MCTS/MCSA/Network+/Security+Pentesting with Metasploit, Kali-Linux. System Center 2012 MCSE and so on...

  221. Profile gravatar of Marc Mitchell

    #221 Marc Mitchell, Points: 1
    Sr. Network and System administrator for Prime Holdings Insurance services.

  222. Profile gravatar of Jeff Hatchett

    #222 Jeff Hatchett, Points: 1
    Male in the US, recent graduate from Western Governors University earning BSIT during a graduation rate of 17 percent from the university with a GPA of 3.26. 19 years experience of deskside support at Level III position.

  223. Profile gravatar of Michael Devlin

    #223 Michael Devlin, Points: 1
    Albemarle, NC Sr Support Analyst City of Albemarle

  224. Profile gravatar of chris Roode

    #224 chris Roode, Points: 1
    MSCE2003 +messeging,MCITP 2008, CNNA. System enigineer for 10 years

  225. Profile gravatar of Paul Kitchen

    #225 Paul Kitchen, Points: 1
    Just a guy who works in IT

  226. Profile gravatar of I T

    #226 I T, Points: 1
    IT consultant for 30+ years. SBS has done all the heavy lifting for me for years... now I've cut the umbilical chord and am working through all the details of a real DC.

  227. Profile gravatar of John Hawklyn

    #227 John Hawklyn, Points: 1
    18 Years in the private sector with a then major software tool developer company. Managed the Tech Support knowledge base system, and the international support ticket system. Currently employed by the government in an IT capacity, since 2006.

  228. Profile gravatar of Alex soosai

    #228 Alex soosai, Points: 1
    Alexsander Soosai

  229. Profile gravatar of Manfred B. Zysk

    #229 Manfred B. Zysk, Points: 1
    Senior Network and Systems Administrator

  230. Profile gravatar of Resa Reynolds

    #230 Resa Reynolds, Points: 1
    I have been supporting IT for 30+ years and currently support HPC researchers at Cornell University.

  231. Profile gravatar of Nestor Valente

    #231 Nestor Valente, Points: 1
    Pursuing a career in System/Network Administration

  232. Profile gravatar of Mohamed Hany

    #232 Mohamed Hany, Points: 1
    Working Hard to get Best Results 🙂

  233. Profile gravatar of Emil Bogopolskiy

    #233 Emil Bogopolskiy, Points: 1
    In hardware/ software field for more than 20 years. lately has been involved with SCCM and Powershell in the large enterprise environment.

  234. Profile gravatar of Joel Thibeault

    #234 Joel Thibeault, Points: 1
    Automation enthusiast. Anything Virtual or standardized quick devop kind of thing from AD to registry or PowerShell.

  235. Profile gravatar of Eelco van Houttum

    #235 Eelco van Houttum, Points: 1
    IT Manager

  236. Profile gravatar of Antonio Sigala

    #236 Antonio Sigala, Points: 1
    SC Sys Admin

  237. Profile gravatar of Ali Asghar Kayani

    #237 Ali Asghar Kayani, Points: 1
    Sr. System Engineer Windows

  238. Profile gravatar of MohanReddy Katari

    #238 MohanReddy Katari, Points: 1
    Working as a Project Trainee in Symphony Summit.

  239. Profile gravatar of Kristján Leifsson

    #239 Kristján Leifsson, Points: 1
    Accomplished system administrator with many years of experience 

  240. Profile gravatar of Albert

    #240 Albert, Points: 1
    Systems Administrator

  241. Profile gravatar of Tayfun Deger

    #241 Tayfun Deger, Points: 1

    ’m in this sector for almost 6 years now. People who’s been in this sector for a long time has different life stories, so I want to tell mine briefly. I met Windows 95 first. Thanks to the NT server in our school, I got more interest in this sector. In those times,...

  242. Profile gravatar of mohd javeed

    #242 mohd javeed, Points: 1
    System Administrator

  243. Profile gravatar of Tyler D. Balsinger

    #243 Tyler D. Balsinger, Points: 1
    I am just beginning to study the IT feild, so this site and it's wealth of knowledge will be very handy for me.Thanks,Tyler B

  244. Profile gravatar of Joseph Sauber

    #244 Joseph Sauber, Points: 1
    Network Administrator

  245. Profile gravatar of Alex

    #245 Alex, Points: 1
    Ex: Pentester, security analyst, head of security, sysadmin, developer

  246. Profile gravatar of Andrew Brown

    #246 Andrew Brown, Points: 1

  247. Profile gravatar of Michael J Mahoney

    #247 Michael J Mahoney, Points: 1
    Systems Administrator with 15 years’ experience in the planning, design, and implementation of network technologies. 

  248. Profile gravatar of Enrique Gonzales

    #248 Enrique Gonzales, Points: 1
    IT Network Administrator with 4 years of experience

  249. Profile gravatar of Rick Martin

    #249 Rick Martin, Points: 1
    Accidental administrator. Have been working with computer system and servers since 1990. Being the CAD administrator at most of the companies I have worked at, accidentally migrated me into the full time job of I.T. manager at my current company 8 years ago.

  250. Profile gravatar of Devi

    #250 Devi, Points: 1

  251. Profile gravatar of zalibera

    #251 zalibera, Points: 1
    System Adminsitrator and IT Support Specialist 

  252. Profile gravatar of Robert Balm

    #252 Robert Balm, Points: 1
    PowerShell, VirtualizationInterim & Network ConsultantE=MC²

  253. Profile gravatar of KK

    #253 KK, Points: 1
    I have 8+ year of experience in IT field, Now i'm working on GPO & AD.

  254. Profile gravatar of Daniel Sidler

    #254 Daniel Sidler, Points: 1

    IT Pro for 25 years. Strange encounters of the Novell NetWare on ARCNET kind in 1991. Background in electronics engineering but infesting the financial industry for the last 2 decades. Mainly navigating the MSFT universe (AD, Exchange, SfB, Desktops), seasoned to taste...

  255. Profile gravatar of Harald Niehus

    #255 Harald Niehus, Points: 1
    Bachelors degree - Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering.Working as SysOps for international wind turbine manufacturer.Follow me on LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  256. Profile gravatar of Randy Gifford

    #256 Randy Gifford, Points: 1
    After over 20 years in IT support, I have recently decided to learn more programming and scripting languages.  I have taken classes in Java and Java script.  I am now trying to learn Power Shell through resources freely available on the internet.

  257. Profile gravatar of Darrell Hester

    #257 Darrell Hester, Points: 1
    I've worked in IT since 1984 as both a Systems Engineer and DBA in the medical and financial industries.

  258. Profile gravatar of ebrahim jabbari

    #258 ebrahim jabbari, Points: 1
    I work in internet service provider in urmia andI  have diploma in mtcna and mtcwa

  259. Profile gravatar of David Halstead

    #259 David Halstead, Points: 1
    Manager of Mac system integrated with AD.

  260. Profile gravatar of Allan Thompson

    #260 Allan Thompson, Points: 1
    Over 25 years experience in IT operations and software development. Current focus is development of applications using Microsoft tool, especially MS Access and SQL Server.

  261. Profile gravatar of aylar ayylyn

    #261 aylar ayylyn, Points: 1
    Internet Service Provider

  262. Profile gravatar of Radjin Sardjoe Missier

    #262 Radjin Sardjoe Missier, Points: 1
    Working in IT in various roles for over 25 years. Experience: Windows support & developement, Application support, SQL, VMware, ....

  263. Profile gravatar of Julio Espinoza

    #263 Julio Espinoza, Points: 1
    Sys Admin with a little bit of experience working on Windows Server and Active Directory Services.

  264. Profile gravatar of Massimo Ferrarini

    #264 Massimo Ferrarini, Points: 1
    SharePoint Site Manager

  265. Profile gravatar of MattMontana

    #265 MattMontana, Points: 1

    I have six years experience in the System Center Suite. Mainly focusing on SCSM and Orchestrator, I have worked with several state government agencies to streamline and improve business processes. I am currently studying for my MCSA. My degree is in computer programming...

  266. Profile gravatar of Charles Vandevoir

    #266 Charles Vandevoir, Points: 1
    Been a software engineer going on 30 years now. I have evolved as the IT world has evolved. 

  267. Profile gravatar of Hilton Travis

    #267 Hilton Travis, Points: 1

    I've been in IT since DOS was a boy.I've worked in enterprise and education fields in the past, but have been concentrating on the SMB IT field for the past 20 years or so.  Working with the Hyper-V platform since it was released, VMWare before that, and working...

  268. Profile gravatar of Tanveer Alam

    #268 Tanveer Alam, Points: 1
    I joined Tata Consultancy Service Limited in january 2017.

  269. Profile gravatar of Jerimiah Duncan

    #269 Jerimiah Duncan, Points: 1

  270. Profile gravatar of Vik

    #270 Vik, Points: 1
    IT Administrator

  271. Profile gravatar of Jean

    #271 Jean, Points: 1
    Experienced programmer and developer available for anything you need.

  272. Profile gravatar of Cosmin

    #272 Cosmin, Points: 1

  273. Profile gravatar of Sean Mellor

    #273 Sean Mellor, Points: 1
    Senior Analyst in a canadian health region, with emphasis on the senior.  I manage about 80 servers.

  274. Profile gravatar of Razvan Grigorescu

    #274 Razvan Grigorescu, Points: 1
    Network analisys

  275. Profile gravatar of Kelvin Galabuzi

    #275 Kelvin Galabuzi, Points: 1
    Jr.Systems Administrator

  276. Profile gravatar of Dee Dee

    #276 Dee Dee, Points: 1
    EMR HIPAA Security MU Medical Lab LSO

  277. Profile gravatar of Tej Pratap Shukla

    #277 Tej Pratap Shukla, Points: 1

    Tej is a Server Administrator in his Company. His role is to Manage Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Server. He is an Office 365 geek who loves to explore more about this technology.He is also a contributor to the various websites...

  278. Profile gravatar of Markus Frinkel

    #278 Markus Frinkel, Points: 1
    Linux NerdWindows Admin (forced to be) 

  279. Profile gravatar of Hemant Goel

    #279 Hemant Goel, Points: 1
    Cloud Automation

  280. Profile gravatar of Michael Keevil

    #280 Michael Keevil, Points: 1
    Responsibility of IT Management & Technical Administration of PC's & Server Systems. Team Line Management.

  281. Profile gravatar of Mohamed Mokhtar

    #281 Mohamed Mokhtar, Points: 1

    Senior System and Network Engineer with +13 years of increasing responsibilities in technical leadership, computer technology, and business-critical management. Expertise in networking concepts, TCP/IP protocol, and network security; knowledge of firewall setup and...

  282. Profile gravatar of Henry Ng

    #282 Henry Ng, Points: 1
    18 working IT experience. Hold MCSA and VCP5-DCV certificate

  283. Profile gravatar of Tim Martins

    #283 Tim Martins, Points: 1
    I have been in IT since 2009, I have been responsible for everything from the fingertips to the routers.  Currently I am an INFOSEC professional.

  284. Profile gravatar of Baumann

    #284 Baumann, Points: 1
    SystemAdmin in German authority ITZBund

  285. Profile gravatar of Louis-Simon Binette

    #285 Louis-Simon Binette, Points: 1
    IT Analyst Commission scolaire de Portneuf

  286. Profile gravatar of BOUADOU

    #286 BOUADOU, Points: 1
    Network administrator

  287. Profile gravatar of Robert

    #287 Robert, Points: 1

    1997-2003 IBM printing systems: analyst 2003 assisted ten wks in NYC Botanical Gardens IT Dept. 2005 Attanasio & Associates, Inc. incorporate assistive technology for ESL NYC BOE sys. 2001-present ; chief cook and bottle washer at Isha EnterprisesLLC dba...

  288. Profile gravatar of prakash shukla

    #288 prakash shukla, Points: 1
    IT sys admin

  289. Profile gravatar of Leonard Granston

    #289 Leonard Granston, Points: 1

    I have been working in IT for almost 15 years, initially as a desktop support technician. Starting working in a dual role as Network Technician, Helpdesk Technician for a university in Jamaica. moved to the US and worked in similar position as well as in a support role on...

  290. Profile gravatar of Eric Kristof

    #290 Eric Kristof, Points: 1

    IT Professional since 1991.  Former employers: Boeing, Microsoft, SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories (Quest), DSC Communications, Alcatel, Verizon, Kristof Multimedia LLC and others.   Unix/Linux/Windows Systems Administrator.  Transitioned to Healthcare in...

  291. Profile gravatar of Max

    #291 Max, Points: 1 

  292. Profile gravatar of Robert

    #292 Robert, Points: 1
    IT Security officer for 2 years now.

  293. Profile gravatar of John

    #293 John, Points: 1
    Active Directory System Administrator

  294. Profile gravatar of Ryan

    #294 Ryan, Points: 1
    AD Admin

  295. Profile gravatar of Magnus

    #295 Magnus, Points: 1
    Virtualization, Remote Access and Citrix VDI and XenApp Engineering and architecture

  296. Profile gravatar of Antoine

    #296 Antoine, Points: 1
    Never ending search for knowledge.

  297. Profile gravatar of Ashwin Ram R

    #297 Ashwin Ram R, Points: 1

    Ashwin is an ITSM best practice consultant and has 3 years of experience writing blogs, IT success stories, and easy tips and tricks for IT technicians and IT admins. Ashwin has made presentations and speeches on ITSM best practices at events like HDI conference &...

  298. Profile gravatar of Ryan Wickwire

    #298 Ryan Wickwire, Points: 1
    System Administrator at a satellite communication company.

  299. Profile gravatar of Hemant G

    #299 Hemant G, Points: 1
    Currently working as Technology Leader on Microsoft Azure.More than 6 Years in Support and working on Technologies like, Windows Server 2003, 2K8, R2, 2K12, 2k12 R2, AD, VMWare, Antivirus and private cloud.

  300. Profile gravatar of dery

    #300 dery, Points: 1
    Commissioning engineer

  301. Profile gravatar of parkwayma

    #301 parkwayma, Points: 1

  302. Profile gravatar of b.fadam

    #302 b.fadam, Points: 1
    Senior SQL Server DBA

  303. Profile gravatar of Cvrcek

    #303 Cvrcek, Points: 1

    Dan Cvrcek is a security architect and engineer learning how to run his start-up Enigma Bridge. He has extensive experience with large banking systems from operational procedures to system architectures: Swift, card payment processing, UK Faster Payments, large key...

  304. Profile gravatar of yetkin

    #304 yetkin, Points: 1
    system administrator

  305. Profile gravatar of azelaso

    #305 azelaso, Points: 1

  306. Profile gravatar of Eli Zilberman

    #306 Eli Zilberman, Points: 1
    I'm since 1998 withe computermade all the way from technician to SYS Admin at FCDHL ISRAEL

  307. Profile gravatar of Denis FROIDEFOND

    #307 Denis FROIDEFOND, Points: 1
    Account manager

  308. Profile gravatar of Somenath Patra

    #308 Somenath Patra, Points: 1

    DNS server administration and maintenance  Maintenance Active directory domain services envroment  Web server administration and maintenance  FTP server administration and maintenance  File Server administration and maintenance  Data Server...

  309. Profile gravatar of Douglas

    #309 Douglas, Points: 1
    Deskside support- jack of all trades

  310. Profile gravatar of David Johnson

    #310 David Johnson, Points: 1
    Microsoft MVP 2002-Present

  311. Profile gravatar of John

    #311 John, Points: 1

    20+ years as a SysAdmin with experience in Windows Server, Linux, SharePoint, Exchange, IIS, SQL Server, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Avamar, VSphere, WSUS, etc.Expeerience with many other smaller 3rd party application and servicesI also have experience with...

  312. Profile gravatar of Stanislav Dubrovskiy

    #312 Stanislav Dubrovskiy, Points: 1
    Freelance Network and System Administrator

  313. Profile gravatar of Hussein Muslmani

    #313 Hussein Muslmani, Points: 1
    Solutions Architect adept at designing and implementing effective technical business solutions. Advanced levels of technical knowledge combined with sound business vision and very strong IT infrastructure and process knowledge.

  314. Profile gravatar of ibidapo ibrahim

    #314 ibidapo ibrahim, Points: 1

    System Administrator and IT Support Specialist offering over 5 years of undergraduate experience as an IT Support Consultant and over 3 years post graduate experience as a System Administrator/IT administrator managing servers, CCTV, networks, virtual machines, service...

  315. Profile gravatar of Chellye

    #315 Chellye, Points: 1
    Computer Systems Engineer

  316. Profile gravatar of Kevin Swanepoel

    #316 Kevin Swanepoel, Points: 1
    Kevin has been working in IT since 1996 and is currently working as a Systems Administrator. He loves working with new technology and security implementation.

  317. Profile gravatar of Pradeep Kodithuwakku

    #317 Pradeep Kodithuwakku, Points: 1
    IT Infrastructure Architect

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