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      Ramon Tan
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      I am beginning to use VS Code (in conjunction with Powershell 1.9.0 extension).

      I also installed Powershell Core 6.1 — on the understanding (please correct if

      this is wrong!) that VS Code will use Powershell Core 6.1 by default.

      In Powershell ISE, I had a simple “Login script” file named:


      which automatically runs a few lines of PS code such as Set-Location,

      Set-RemoteExecutonPolicy, Get-content env:Psmodulepath, etc.. for my “environment”.

      My question is:

      Where would I put such a Login script in the VS Code/Powershell 1.9.0?

      I notice that Vs Code created two separate folders in my Documents folder:

      .\VS Code Powershell and .\VS Code Javascript.

      And what file name should I use?

      Would be grateful for any advice, tips or references.  Thanks in advance.

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      Luc Fullenwarth
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      Hi Ramon,

      Whichever console you use, just type the following inside it,
      and you will get the path to all profile files.

      $Profile | Get-Member -MemberType NoteProperty


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        Ramon Tan
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        Much appreciated, Mr Fullenwarth.

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      PowerShell ISE has its own profiles because it comes with an independent PowerShell host. On the other hand, Visual Code does not have its own host and can work with all PowerShell hosts that are available on your computer. I described in detail how PowerShell profiles work.

      If you installed PowerShell Core 6.1. then you can use VSCode as a console. You can also work with Windows PowerShell 5.1. I wrote about the topic here and here.

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        Ramon Tan
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        Many thanks Mr Pietroforte, your earlier article on using VS Code with multiple shells was very informative and helpful.  Best,

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