Search GPO .xml file for drive node properties associated with group name?

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      Jim Bendtsen
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      The company I’m working for has a GPO which maps drives for users who are members of certain groups to letters and paths. We’re converting these GPOs to a new system which dynamically maps users using a logon script which looks for users in groups with a standard naming convention and in a certain OU and maps them to the path in the group description field. The migration process sometimes has errors, and I’d like to write a script to double check the process used by another group. I saw a posting by Tobias Weltner which looked like it would be a good start:

      What I’m trying to do is look in every

      where the $ -matches a group name entered in read-host or a gui menu.

      Everything I’ve tried results in ALL of the paths, letters, or group names being returned, not just the ones associated with the group name entered.



      Below is an example of one drive node:

      I’m trying to produce output like: Groupname   Driveletter   Path

      for every drive letter and path for each group.

      I’ll keep trying, but if someone has a solution or can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it.

      I know about select-xml, but have had less luck trying to use it.

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      David Figueroa
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      Is that the full output?  It seems really badly formed?

      David F.

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