DSC and scripting Hyper-V test lab

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      Miguel Gonzalez
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      I am trying to set up a virtual lab in my laptop with Hyper-V. After googling around and read many documentation I see that Microsoft has a tool called DSC to align installs of Windows Server.

      I have found many tools built on top of DSC (AutomatedLab, Ps-Auto-Lab) which are powershell modules that work fine in English evaluation ISOs but not with Spanish ones. In the end I decided to learn how to use DSC without any extra tool and define my MOF files but I have a hard time to:

      • Find any examples of how to inject MOF files for creating virtual machines automatically.
      • Find any example of how to retrieve easily just one time the configuration from an existing server so I can have a MOF file to start with and not to start from scratch.

      Any guidance?

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      Leos Marek
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      What do you need DSC for in a LAB? I would go a more simple way which is a configuration script that you just run once after VM deployment.

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      Miguel Gonzalez
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      Because I thought that it was a way to standardize all environments (testing on my laptop, preproduction and production) so I would have everything aligned.

      I thought of going closer to the new devops trends and although I consider Ansible, Puppet or Chef, I found out that DSC might be a good choice.

      If you have other suggestions or any reason why I shouldn´t use DSC, I am all ears 🙂

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