Create a user on remote server by verifying a list of passwords in a text file


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      How to create a user on a remote machine by verifying the list of passwords in a text file ?

      The script validates the username and password of the remote server, logs in with those credentials and creates user on that account.

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      I am unsure if I understand what you want to do. What do you mean by verifying a list of passwords and validating usernames and passwords? You want to iterate through a list of credentials and see if you can login with them on a remote machine? Sounds like a hacker project.

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      Leos Marek
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      By default, Powershell supports only Kerberos authentication. That means if you want to do anything on a remote machine, you have to run the script under domain account that already has privileges on the remote server.

      Do you mean to have a table containing: server name/user name/password? And for each server create that local account with specified password?

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