Books about PowerShell Core 6.0?

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      I am currently trying to find a book about PowerShell Core 6.0 and I am somewhat surprised that even though PowerShell 6 is already available for a while there is only little literature available. I am mostly interested in books that at least tackle the multi-platform approach.

      I only found two books about PowerShell 6:

      Windows PowerShell 6

      Windows PowerShell 6: Essentials for Administration

      What I found disturbing are the book titles. There is not such thing as “Windows PowerShell 6” because Microsoft changed the name in version 6 from “Windows PowerShell” to “PowerShell Core.” How much can you expect of a book if the book title already contains an error? I skimmed through the table of contents of both books and it appears the paradigm change in PowerShell is no topic. It guess many IT pros out there still don’t believe in Microsoft’s new multi-platform approach.

      Does anyone know about a book that specifically covers PowerShell Core 6.0? Maybe a book that will be published soon?

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      Tim Buntrock
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      Check out this book:

      What You Will Learn:

      – Get to grips with Powershell Core 6.0
      – Explore basic and advanced PowerShell scripting techniques
      – Get to grips with Windows PowerShell Security
      – Work with centralization and DevOps with PowerShell
      – Implement PowerShell in your organization through real-life examples
      – Learn to create GUIs and use DSC in production



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      Michael Pietroforte
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      Oh finally, there is one. Looks quite expensive. Did you buy it?

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