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      M Fix
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      Just to let you know I am kind for new (newbie) to PowerShell scripting.  I have put together this script below to retrieve data from Active Directory (Name, OperatingSystem, IPV4, Last Login, & calculate and output Days Since Last Logon).  That being said, it does exactly what I initially built it to do.  Since I originally wrote this we have grown a bit and I need to make a couple of changes that I am not sure how to complete.

      First I would like to make the “Retrieve AD Data” into a function so that I apply requests for multiple locations (i.e. San Diego, San Antonio, Charlotte)

      Second I would like to group each location by

      – (i.e. San Diego’s – SD02, SD03, SD04)

      – (i.e. San Antonio’s – SA01, SA03, SA04, SA05)

      – (i.e. Charlotte’s – CL01, CL02)

      So the output that I would like is

      A. One report that outputs each: (preferred)

      – Grouped by: San Diego, San Antonio, & Charlotte
      – Grouped by: Server Groupings
      – Sorted by: Days Since Last Logon


      B. Separate reports for each (may be easier)
      – Grouped by: Server Groupings
      – Sorted by: Days Since Last Logon

      Attempt to Resolve
      I did make an attempt to user Group-Object (probably incorrectly) and while it did group them, it ended up adding a lot of extraneous information to the right of the “Name” column (pushing it all the way to the right) and excluding all previous columns to the right that was previously there (Shown below).

      Current Script

      Attempt to use Group-Object:

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      M Fix
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      I appreciate any assistance you all can give.

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      Michael Pietroforte
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      Functions are important in any programming language. Without functions you won’t get far with your scripting efforts. I suggest you first read this and then give it a try. If you then run into specific problems, you can ask here in the forum.

      As to Group-Object, it would be helpful, if you post the command you used.

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