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      ***copied my own question from https://www.experts-exchange.com/dashboard/#/questions/my/29260167 ***

      Hi AD experts!

      To participate, you should be familiar with “remote credential guard”.


      DCs: Server 2016 1607

      Clients: Win10 22H2, however we are starting to add Win11 22H2 to this mix.

      RDPing from Win10 to Win10, there are no problems, neither from Win11 to Win11.

      However, from Win11 to Win10 or the other way round, we see the following problem:

      As soon as we activate remote credential guard, we have to re-authenticate whenever we try to access file shares from within a remote session.

      We see the same problem when we use RDP from Win11 to Server 2019.

      If we use \\ipaddress\ instead of the name, we don’t have to re-authenticate.

      I can reproduce this problem anywhere, even on clean installations with no software or GPOs on them.

      Now for the interesting part: in my test domain, which already has server vNext (preview) as DC, everything works, which suggests that our DCs are the root problem.

      Since I cannot upgrade these DCs just for a test, I am hoping for confirmation from others that also run server 2016 1607 as DC OS.

      Disclaimer: Folks, I am not looking for explanations or theories. I am just trying to find others with this OS on their DCs that have Win11 and Win10 with remote credential guard active in order to tell me whether they see the same problem or not 🙂

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      Welf Alberts
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      No one?

      In the mean time, I need to correct myself: it happens anywhere, no matter what DC OS.

      What I was observing in my lab was different, because there, I had used Win11 22H1. 22H2 seems to introduce this bug.

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